New Earth Star-Ascension FYI


Here are links to at least some my main information on the New Earth Star / Blue Star Rigel-Orion  and Ascension Dynamics.

New Earth Star (brief basic definition)

Orion and the Two Suns

The New World

Full NES Ascension Program (as I currently understand it)

Dynamics of the 44:44 Stargate (condensed version of the FULL NES Ascension page)

Creational Life Forms of the New Earth Star

My Blue Star Story

Ascension (brief basic definition)

The Heart Ascension

Ascension 101 – The Merkabah Unplugged

The ISIS Eye and the New Earth

Ascension Lotus Loci Frequency Matrix

The Ascension Temple Gates

 Auriiel’Ohim of the Seraphim

Exploring the Electromagnetic Zones

The Osiris Fire Star Kachina Dance

 Activational Art for Ascension Dynamics



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