The definition of Spiritual Ascension which I receive from my inner-plane mentor, ThothHorRa’s record of the Akasha is the quantum burst of LIGHT being activated through the Quantum Cube, or holographic intelligence field within the DNA. This ‘burst’  is ignited in the heart, which is the actual Seat of the holographic intelligence field (the DNA being it’s ‘workforce’). Only through the principle of DIVINE LOVE can we become the ascended being. Planetary ascension, which translates living beings and earth to another vibratory world dimension is only an offshoot the true ascension of the heart.

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Maia Kyi’Ra Nartoomid





2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Maia, hi
    You’ve been busy. Beautiful expression ( for this time ) re the above and page Art work. Heart felt :- Thank you !
    As you say ..the principle of Divine Love… & the principle of Divine GRACE..
    re your “Quantum cube” reference …Perhaps this is the quantum version of a ‘Coat of Many Colors’. It is so.

    Thank you



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