Recently I was discussing some things with friends, and the Oracles of Delphi came up in the conversation. I then began to relate what I had received many years ago concerning the Oracle Cassandra. This peaked my curiosity as it had been so many years since I had even read what I wrote about this memory-vision-akashic investigation. 

Here I present to you this rather epic journey…

[“Isis Templars” were then what would now be “Sholar” – NESIA’s Inner Circle]


Excerpts from Temple Doors 1-2 1993

THOTH guided our Isis Templars to work in one session with Mithras, saying that we were ‘Sun Priestesses’, having incarnated more-or-less together many times in that capacity. (He indicated that there were also “Sun Priests’ involved, although at that session no men were present.) We usually incarnated in those lives in the same sex. He stated that the Sun Priestesses (and priests who worked with them) were not patriarchal, nor were they solely matriarchal, but bringing together both the God and the Goddess in their work. In that session, we worked with uniting the God/Goddess in the Mithric ‘Golden Child’ of the World.

Several weeks later at night, I was awakened by TH who informed me that I was being ‘invaded’ and that I needed to summon the ‘Sun Circle’. I looked to my left, and saw a dark male figure moving around my room. At that point I went into a deep state and saw my room lit with a warm glow. The Sun Priestesses and Priests assembled in my room (including the Isis Templars) and we were told to being the ‘Mystery Play’. We were all dressed in Greek-type togas and robes. We joined hands to form a circle, where we sang and danced. Then, into our midst came a young boy who appeared to be around 16 years of age. He, too, was wearing a toga. He was fair of face, with shoulder length blonde hair. He wore a golden wreath on his head and had penetrating blue eyes. We were told to let him into the center of the circle as he was playing the role of Apollo/St. Michael (an archetypal composite). I do not remember anymore, except that one of the Isis Templars had short hair which surprised me, as in real life her hair was much longer. I thought, ‘Oh, she cut her hair!” It was a brief human moment among the pageant of the Gods. Later, when I was speaking to her on the phone and told her this she gasped and relayed to me excitedly that since I had seen her last (in the flesh) , she had cut her hair very short!

(Later) I received a strong vision of myself in a past life with three of the current Isis Templars. We were sealed away in a cave in a sacred mountain, being sacrificed to that ‘Mountain God’, whom I believe was Zeus. We wore Greek attire and a previous image which had flashed in my mind of a serpent-like dragon carved in stone, re-appeared in this cave.

I knew that there had been a war which our people lost. They were angry with us, blaming our mixing of God-Goddess in the Sun Temple. However, we were able to find a way down through the cavern into a labyrinth which lead to a beautiful vaulted chamber, lit by a mysterious light that seemed to come from the walls itself. In this room were many beautiful things, golden tablets, singing bowls, and a full length mirror that seemed to be like liquid mercury. When you looked into it you saw your image change into images of your former lives. There were other chambers in which we entered, including one containing sealed sarcophagi. Finally we found a passage to the outside world. We contacted our sister priestesses (all the priests had been killed in the initial invasion) and they came with us into the mountain Temple. We had a young boy whom we protected. He was the representation of the “Sun King”. After a period of time, I felt that we dispersed from this place, going our separate ways. I do not know what became of the boy. During our time in the mountain, we were initiated into the most Inner Mysteries of the Serpent. There was a High Priestess who had instructed us secretly during our days in the Sun Temple above. She was a very tall, striking woman. When we found ourselves in the Inner Temple of the shining walls, she came to us again. We were surprised. How could she have known where to find us? She smiled and explained that it was our destiny to come into the Inner Temple. Here she instructed us for a period of time before we were sent out into the world again. Some of us were killed very soon afterward. Others were captured and went into slavery, yet a few managed to continue the work in other lands.

At some point in all of this, (not during the original vision), I realized we had been Trojans. After the siege of Troy, the remaining people turned on us, as they felt we had defiled the Temple of Apollo with his enemy, the Serpent Mother. This unraveling story began to suddenly become more real to me, as nearly 15 years ago, I had seen myself as a woman of Troy, but I was in warrior dress riding a white horse. I was at the time puzzled, as I did not think that women were warriors in Troy. Then also around that time, I came across a brief passage mentioning, “Cassandra, a prophetess of Troy”. It gave no other information but that, I felt strongly pulled toward that identity, feeling deep inside that I had been Cassandra. I had never read any of the literature on Troy, so was not familiar with her role in the “Myth”. At the time, I became frustrated with these feelings, as I could not logically reconcile my strong image of being a warrior (not very appealing to me) with a prophetess. But in 1993, it was all beginning to come together for me. As a result of my cavern vision, I researched Troy and Cassandra. I then read Marion Zimmerman Bradley’s The Firebrand, a novel on Cassandra. It is fictional, but as is the case with all of Ms. Bradley’s works, (such as The Mists of Avalon), there is a great deal of truth within it.

The following information from The Firebrand I believe to be truth: Cassandra was sent at a young age to be raised by her aunt who was an Amazon warrior (the original Amazons, not the later ones in South America). When she returned to Troy, she became a sun priestess of Apollo. But, during her time with the Amazons she had also been initiated into the domain of the ‘Serpent Mother’. In the Temple of Apollo she worked with and cared for the temple serpents. It was thought in that age that Apollo had defeated the Serpent Mother, and that they were mortal enemies. This of course, was not true, only a myth of the patriarchs. Much of the tale of Cassandra in the novel I felt was not actually as it happened, but the basic story rang as authentic to me, and very personal. Was I really Cassandra of Troy? I feel now that I was, but what does that really mean? Was my soul the soul that inhabited Cassandra’s body, or was I a soul that connected archetypically to her life experience? I have come to believe that either way, we are those identities our souls karmically experience. There is no division of time; if I was Cassandra, I am still Cassandra. Maybe through this understanding there are several Cassandras.

One of the Isis Templars had taken a book out of the library previous to my telling them of the Troy/cavern experience. Later, after she knew about the vision, she began to read the book, entitled Stroking the Python, women’s Psychic Lives by Diane Stein. To her amazement, she read the following telling passages in the first few pages: In the legends of Troy and the Trojan women, Cassandra, daughter of Hecuba, was gifted with prophecy. She gained her gift as a child at Delphi when she stroked the Pythons of Gaea’s temple, accepted the meaning and responsibility of being a psychic, clairvoyant and priestess. Gaea, the Python, was the Goddess of oracles and mother/creator of the Earth. Her priestesses were highly honored. When Greece defeated Troy and Cassandra was taken from her once matriarchal homeland, her clairvoyance remained, but none would believe her prophecies. Delphi means womb, the womb of Gaea, Mother of Creation, Goddess who formed the Earth and universe. In the first and second millennium B.C. Greece, the Goddess’ oracle priestesses held the name of Delphyne or Pythia, the python, the Snake Goddess. Cassandra in her story became a priestess and oracle of Delphi – one who spoke prophecy, a psychic channel –when the shrine’s snakes licked her ears as a young child. While Cassandra was not believed by the patriarchs and their following in Troy, I do feel that she came into her destiny more fully as an oracle at Delphi after the siege and her Inner Temple initiations. It was to Delphi that she journeyed from there….

When I told the Isis Templars about my initial vision of us being sacrificed to the Mountain God, sealed away in His chamber, and then descending to the womb of the Goddess through the labyrinth, one of our women exclaimed that she had recently seen some cavern excavation on TV (she did not remember where) that had unearthed the bones of one of four women who had been sealed in a cave. The sign of the serpent-dragon had been on this cave. As she saw this, she began to ‘trip-out’ as it were, and saw that somewhere this had happened before, but the women she saw had not died in the cave, but had taken a labyrinth journey to chambers deep inside the mountain, where they came into a marvelous room with shining walls! She even saw these women finding an exit passage from the mountain. Her vision and mine were almost identical. Another of the Templars told me that in the paper that very morning an article had appeared on Troy which stated that archaeologists were finding much more to the ancient city than they had previously uncovered. It was now beginning to resemble the glorious city of Legend, whereas before, it has been thought that the myth had greatly exaggerated the fact. At that point, it was as if I could see Troy rising like an earth-bound Atlantis upon the horizon.

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Temple Doors 1 -1996

The oracle approached the tripod of Pythius with slow, measured steps. Her crimson hair was as a flame upon the candle of her slender white robed body. Her bearing was regal, yet carried also a humility born of service. As an oracle priestess of Delphi, Cassandra was not lured by the elaborate ceremonial proceedings to believe she was anything but what she was, a servant of the Goddess. She served the Great Mother, who pressed Her whispering lips against Cassandra’s heart and psalmed Her inviolate song into the priestess’ most inner spaces.

But in the age that was upon Greece in Cassandra’s day, there were those of high rank in the Temple, who under pressure from men of prestige and power had displaced the true emphasis of the Goddess at Delphi. Instead they brought to the fore her consort, the Sun God Apollo, as designate for the fountain of Light residing within this holy and most ancient place. Cassandra’s walk to the tripod was a path of sorrows, as she knew she would be asked questions fastened boldly to her own destiny. Men with power over her mortality would have her proclaim the answers they wished to hear. If she succumbed to their jaded demands, Cassandra knew she would forever reside as a false oracle of smoke and mirrors. Should she blanch at such sacrilege, her soul would be preserved, though her body would surely perish before the morrow. This oracle priestess had met a similar crisis before in a distant land, where she proclaimed a prophecy upon a people who wished not to hear what their own folly was about to place before them. By the rites of war, she should not have survived to prophecy again. Her beloved Troy was no more, it had lain upon its own sword in the dying fields, where none shall rise again. Yet Cassandra, of flesh and blood, breathed now the pungent air of the cavern fumes and felt her life surge evermore within her. It was an eternal streaming of her true nature, which was above all else, to be a mouthpiece of the Sacred Knowledge Eternal. As she positioned herself upon the Pythian tripod, the Trojan felt within her breast the rapid beating of a dove in flight, pounding for release from a gilded cage, to soar free once again. Cassandra knew what her choice must be. The dove must rise above the sun.



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