New Birth – A Personal Insight

With my wolf in Crestone 19 years ago - me now
With my wolf in Crestone 19 years ago – me now


On March 10th, 2017 I will be 68 years old. On my 67th birthday I had just moved from one house to another on Kauai. I was still in a lot of pain from from the nerve neuralgia left over from an awful bout of Shingles. I could then never have imagined that my NEXT birthday would be spent in my new home, back in Crestone, Colorado!

For about 7 years I had been feeling like my life was winding down. I felt more inspired than ever with my spiritual connection and work, but the body ailments which I have had in one form or another, were really pulling on me. I rarely saw anyone in person or left my house (especially after I broke my hip in 2012). In short, I didn’t feel like there were anymore “new horizons” for me and I was creeping along into my latter days in this incarnation.

Then in September of 2016 the “Call” to return to Crestone kept haunting me. I have always felt Crestone to be my true home on the planet, but at this stage of my life it might as well have been located on the Moon. Return? A task beyond me entirely! Or so I  firmly believed. But the Call…the CALL told me otherwise. It would not let me go. It wasn’t just about bringing my new Templar Priory of the White Stone into the forming major Templar stronghold of Crestone. It was not about Orders, but about me…my soul purpose and a sense of creating a new time line for myself.

When I felt into staying on Kauai…there was nothing. Just a void. Placing myself in the streaming of returning to Crestone generated a bright LIGHT. When I asked my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa, why I felt this draw, this Light, he replied that I was being called to “fulfill the prophecy.” This is something I still do not understand, but can feel it inside me.

I must acknowledge that I could never had made my return a reality without several dear souls who helped me every step of the way. Packing all my things when I could not even stoop over, arranging travel schedules that met my health needs, travelling with me, UNpacking basic stuff and having it ready for me when I walked through the door of my new home. Funding the expense of transporting my two cats – and other donations along the way.

So now here I sit in my Crestone home, where I can look out upon the Crest In The Stone mountain (Challenger) wherein rests the Sacred An Ark and Hermes (Thoth) Retreat.



The other day, I was on an outing with two Sistar Sholars and dear helpmate Patricia Faust. SUCH a change for me and I was so enjoying it. We went to several Temples nearby, and as we were driving down the mountain, with the view of the San Luis Valley in my sight, I had this strong knowing come over me that I had been born here – in this Crestone-Baca Grande area of the Valley. Well, of course I had not been. I was born in Venezuela, where my father was working at the time. Then yesterday (the day after my outing) Dear Sistar Unity Grace was visiting me in my home, with two of her friends. I had told her nothing about this “birth knowing” – I had indeed forgotten about it. I did tell her I had felt that by moving back to Crestone, I was creating a new time line for myself. At that point she said that she received I was actually having a new birth. She didn’t know my birthday would be just four days away! It was then I remembered the knowing I had received the day before – that Crestone was my place of birth. NOW it made sense…on the new time line, my new birth will take place HERE in Crestone!

Unity continued that she felt my new birth sign would be Aquarius, as I would be moving from the Piscean (March) old teachings to the new ascension codes of Aquarius.


He showed me that the Old Mazzaroth (12 zodiacal signs) are receiving an overlay that at this time from the Mazaloth (13 Heavens). This overlay creates upgrades of our current signs, and can you might say, “mix and match” for individuals, so that for instance, I am a Piscean who through embracing a New Earth time line can now be “reborn” on a higher level as a New Era Aquarius. I say “New Era” as it is not the old Aquarius – but coming from a more refined system of celestial energetics. I still AM the Pisces I was born into 68 years ago, but I am ARISING as a New Era Aquarius. So I am….a Pisces-NE (new era) Aquarian!

Whereas in the past, we were consigned to ONE Sun Sign path, now we are interacting with the New Earth sun as well – and when ready to receive, can open to more dimensional cosmic solar incarnational expression and service.

I asked Thoth a name for this new astrological mix. He gave me ASTROMERGENCE. So I would call it New Earth Astromergence.



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One thought on “New Birth – A Personal Insight

  1. look what the wind blew in … a fan tail visited me today it carried a vision of you, I thought I would fly by and say hello.. and as it go’s …a ‘Happy Birthday’ Great Move for you (Crestone). “peace comes from the inner knowing especially when it is with love from the heart to the mind” that’s what your heart song is telling me – ‘Beautiful Peace’
    You made me smile about those “Templar Vision” I had strong references to them in my own vision quest, inter connected we all are. More importantly. Thank you my ‘Spirit Sister’ I will away remember you in this life and the next especially for all the help you have given me.

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