Christic Celebration

I'shoa - art by Maia
I’shoa – art by Maia

note concerning the art above: while I’shoa was of a Hebraic linage, it was the Celtic Hebrew. Ref: The Holy Land of Scotland.

According to my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa, I’soha (Jesus) was born in April, but nonetheless “Christmas” is the focal point of celebration of his birth to Christians around the world, so it carrie a powerful charge of what has come to mean “Peace & Goodwill toward Mankind.”

Most know now that December 25th was marked as Christ’s Birth by the Roman Catholic Church in hopes of converting pagans – placing His birthdate around the same time as Winter Solstice. Yet nothing happens by accident, and thus it creates an especially powerful charge in the world for upliftment and new beginnings, with focus toward the coming year.

From the Akashic Record of Thoth (yes, he has his own “bookmarks” in there lol), much is revealed concerning the entry of the Christic Archangel into I’shoa at his time of Baptism. The short version of this story is that the Illumined Master I’shoa was received by the Presence of this Angelic Christic Host at that time, and for the remainder of his life on Earth. Yet, it is important to understand several things . . .

1) I’shoa spoke to the People: “All this you can do and more if you but believe it.” (Thoth adds the word “it” – not believe in I’shoa, but believe these things are possible for everyone to accomplish all the “miracles” he performed.)

2) It was not I’shoa’s command or wish that a religion be created around him as the central figure.

I’shoa brought the Christic Ray to Earth and embedded it into the central sun atoma of the planet. This was his mission….indeed, his “God Job,” just as Buddha’s mission was to exemplify Holy Presence as a Silent Space in the vastness of “Now.” Both these Masters did not live as a “look at me” kind of thing, but “this is the Way for you to experience the Divinity and Peace that is your Soul-Right.”

So what is the Christic Ray and the Christic Archangel?

In order to truly understand the answers, we must step outside of any religious framework. “Christ” in the true sense belongs to all living things…is part of their universal experience. Thoth traces the world back to the MU’ruvian Krynus, meaning “Living Flame.” He shows me how in what we are calling quantum physics, there is a receptor in the center of the heart that receives a pulse from the center of the universe – and beyond – to what we might call the “Heart of God.” This pulse, keeps everything biological ticking…on track, in rhythm and sync with the universal beat. It is all wired together, so to speak, as one giant acoustic system, playing the same sacred sound. This “sacred sound” is defined by what we are calling the “Christic Ray” – a single pathing directly from (to keep it simple) the Heart of God to the heart of you’n’me – to the cat, the rat and the butterfly.

So if the Christ was already here then why did the Archangel enter I’shoa to bring it here?

The Archangel brought it (through I’shoa) to “realize it” within the Earth holo-field and anchor it as a realization into the center of the planet. You can be in the room with a person and not realize who they are, until something or someone opens your eyes and heart to it. Realization is quickening, awakening. Once you are awakened, you realize your world as it truly is!

Angels, Archangels are what Thoth calls “Living Lights” which emanate and dwell within the star-suns of our universe. He often uses that term interchangeably with the star-suns themselves, indicating that both are essentially the same (or share parts of the same).

So for me, when I celebrate Christmas in my heart, I am celebrating a quantum experience of a supreme realization of the universal song we all share at the center of our beating hearts, with the “Heart of God” (or Source of the universal hologram).

My Christmas “card” to all of you reading this, is a video I made a few months ago of Jackie Evancho’s angelic voice sing Dorma Jesu. She was 13 when she recorded it early in 2014. I don’t know latin, so have no idea what the words mean except “Jesu,” but the beauty of her soaring voice and true spirit is the greater message…it carries for me, the sacred sound of the Living Flame.

When one enters the cathedrals of the world, there is a definite Presence there (for those who are open to receiving it) of that Living Flame. No matter the dogma of belief that crafted it – there was a more ancient Craft in the making…one dating back to the true Master Builders; and it is this Craft that brought the Flame to rest within these “sacred” places.

(you will need this password: DJ4444 – that is capital “J”)


12 thoughts on “Christic Celebration

  1. Dearest Maia,
    I am, as usual, deeply grateful for the heart-imbued information you put forward. Thank you for your dedication and your talent. May this season bless you abundantly.

  2. I am grateful Maia for your article, I am pleased to share with you the beautiful mission of master Jésus, that goes well beyond the erasure of our “sins”. See also Christ in full glory and not crucified makes me warm in the heart.

  3. Greetings Maia! Very helpful commentary… The Living Flame, Heart of God “pulse”, et al…. a good description of the SHAMIR and “God-Spark” dynamics we are presently trying to define but the definitions keep expanding. This info is in the Ball-Park and well-put but the Park keeps getting bigger!

  4. Mia, hello
    Thank You.. We will be celebrating together then….[oneness] in the One Heart, One Love.
    Gratitude, Peace, Light, Love my flaming heart wishes for you. That we stand together in the Christic, Buddhic, I AM, in harmony in Song.


  5. Greetings Maia, So grateful and uplifted by your creations. I thank you for sharing this beautiful and heart opening video and message. I am moved to tears. May this season of Love bring you much joy and laughter.

    There, deep in my heart, is inscribed a permanent space of gratitude, appreciation and wonder for all your work in bringing into light so many expressions of Truth and Love. It’s so fine to share also this one lifetime with YOU…! I LOVE YOU. ❤

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