Remember MU

Mount Wai'ale'ale - on Kaua'i. the remnants of MU (art by Maia)
Mount Wai’ale’ale – on Kaua’i. the remnants of MU (art by Maia)

MU or as it was later called, Lemuria came back to my attention when I was guided by my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa to create the video The Priestesses of MU – the second video in my Goddess Among Us series for the Kyi’Ra Portal.

This morning, this caused me to look back into my material and remember MU . . .

When I was 17 years old I wrote a manuscript called Under the Grey Moon, about a people in Canada who had survived a catastrophic event, causing the moon to turn grey.  They had originated from a land in the Pacific. I thought it was fictional but I began to realize that it was not. Then my mother found a book by James Churchward – one of many he wrote on the lost continent of MU in the Pacific Ocean. He had researched ancient Tibetan and Mayan texts and created a list of vocables he believed to form the language of MU. Many of these vocables we found (my mother and I) made up the names of people and places in my Grey Moon book! Further, they made sense. For instance a city high upon a mountain was named (translated from Churchward’s vocables) “a high place.”

It was this experience that caused me to seek an understanding as to how I could know such things…leading me to Edgar Cayce books and others on the Akashic. So MU plays a large role in placing me on the path of what has been my life’s dedication and work.

I have listed below some of my articles concerning MU which might be of interest to those who also Remember MU.

First, from my old Pihanakalani website, which is no longer active: The Ten Kings of MU / Children of the Rainbow / The E’mu

From Spirit Mythos: Lemuria and the Pacific Region / The Lemurian Dolphin Temples / The Twelve Lemurian Scrolls of Aka Terma

Also of interest is this article (not mine) on

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