A Shambala Journey

Maia Kyi'Ra as Owl Guardian
Maia Kyi’Ra as Owl Guardian

Shambala or Shambahala is supposedly an etheric city of grace and splendor. Some say in the Inner Earth others simply in another dimension (however, the Inner Earth is in a slightly removed dimension). Thoth speaks of Shambala as a gate…a passage into the dimensional “future” of the New Earth Star. It is a movement, a zone, a moment, that transcends this world and connect us specifically to the brighter Light of our future Being. Of course, “future” is merely a developed term for as yet not experienced by our conscious senses.

Each of us takes this journey into and through Shambala individually but we also have touch-points of this experience collectively as well. it is a very Existential experience that becomes more shared as one progresses toward the source…the Shambala state of awareness.

Before I continue further on the topic of A Shambala Journey . . .

Some of you reading this know about my involvement in the virtual world of Second Life (SL), but for those who do not..

It is a digital world accessed via the internet where many thousands of people share experience together in their avatar bodies. Like any world, much goes on within it, since all but the environment and land (simulated land) is created by those participating within it. So there is everything from Roller Derby and horseback riding to universities having a presence in SL, where one can take courses and receive actual degrees within specific subjects. NASA is also in SL as well as many large corporations, as it has been proven to be a far more productive platform for doing business globally…more so than Skyping or conference calls, and certainly less expensive and time-consuming than traveling to other countries.

There is a phycology deep within the human mainframe that tells us having a “body” present in interactions with others makes it more “real” and therefore effective in communicating the nuances we wish to express to one another. The avatar bodies in SL are very sophisticated and realistic. They breath, blink, walk and can be given specific gestures that make it “you.” All avatars are not the same, anymore than are all human forms. One can speak, text, stream music and videos “in-world.”

The spiritual communities of SL has a strong presence and are growing. I have been very active in Second Life for over six years now. I consider it to have saved my life, as I was very ill at the time, weighing only 69 pounds. When I came into SL and had a healthy body, could ride horses, dance and develop close friendships with people all over the world…I began to come out of that dark hole. My mind believed what it could see – a happy world filled with healthy, beautiful people…and I was one of them. Yes, one can take such an experience too far and disapear from the Outer…but that could be said of meditation as well. Most people use it to give them hope and a sense of well-being in their daily lives. In SL judgement from others is far less. The extent of creativity even a physically challenged person can display is amazing in-world.

Today I animated Sacred Dance at the Etheric Living Light Center above the land of Creations Park, which is a non-profit focused on Parkinson’s Disease research and a place where those afflicted can come in their avatar bodies not only for support groups but to dance and do many things their physical bodies will no longer allow them to do. One of the women at the dance is blind…totally blind. She has a special viewer that helps her to experience SL.

I am writing about all this as I wish to impart to you the power of this virtual world for spiritual communion, healing and life-giving. Science shows that those active in the Virtual while electrodes are attached to the brain, are firing the same synapses they would if they were physically doing these things.

Now I return to A Shambala Journey . . .

I have a friend in SL whose name there is Shambala Kimono. Every Sunday morning (for me) she holds a sacred dance and ceremony on her “sim” (simulated land) – The Shambala Sanctuary. It lasts for an hour and there are usually 10 or more people in attendance. She begins with setting the scene…opening the Four Directions. This is in Voice. Then in text, she continues guiding the journey to Shambala as we dance. Yet we are all also responsive to what she saying and asking of us. In text (so the music can be clearly heard) we speak our feelings briefly as the process continues. It is really a marvelous experience! I have so wished to video it all. But there are just too many technical problems in doing that with so many avatars present. All has to be rendered so one can see it on the screen. When the camera software meetings the huge render cost of all those avatars dancing…the filming comes out somewhat like the Walking Dead – grey zombie forms going in all different directions…very slowly lol.

Yet I was not to be daunted. I have created a short video that gives a taste of this Journey I think you will enjoy. I Skype-taped Shambala speaking the intro with stills of the dance except for the very end. There, I got a few of us together with Shambala at her Sanctuary where the Journey is performed and we danced for the video camera. The movements are a little slow, but with so few avatars I think it came out well.

So without further ado, I present Journey to Shambala . . .


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