Thoth as Ashoka – and the Nine Unknown Men


Some years ago, my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa revealed to me that he had been incarnated as a walk-in to the Indian King Ashoka. I more recently wrote an article on this site about Ashoka The Great, in which I wrote:

According to what I have received, as Ashoka, Thoth established an inner circle of priests to whom he entrusted “Sacred Utterances” of his visions. These were actually originally given by him to a priest/priestesshood in MU (Lemuria) when he was the “Lord Melchizedek.” Now as Ashoka, he presented several “books” of the Melchizedekean Sacred Utterances to his Indian priests. Shortly after this, Ashoka / Thoth departed the form. He had intended that these priests pass the “Sacred Utterances” on to select schools of chanters…for these Utterances were to heal and restore living things (actually transforming the DNA). However, only a few schools were created, and due to an epidemic, the original priests died and the schools came to an abrupt end.

Now, at the time I wrote this I had never heard of the “legend” that Ashoka had created an academic group of nine men known as the “Nine Unknown Men.”

The “legend” tells us that:

H.G. Wells, in his abridged version of his _Outline Of World History_ wrote: “Among the tens of thousands of names of monarchs accumulated in the files of history, the name of Asoka shines almost alone, like a star.” It is said that the Emperor Asoka, aware of the horrors of war, wished to forbid men ever to put their intelligence to evil uses. During his reign natural science, past and present, was vowed to secrecy. Henceforward, and for the next 2,000 years, all researches, ranging from the structure of matter to the techniques employed in collective psychology, were to be hidden behind the mystical mask of a people commonly believed to be exclusively concerned with ecstasy and supernatural phenomena. Asoka founded the most powerful secret society on earth: that of the Nine Unknown Men. It is still thought that the great men responsible fro the destiny of modern India, and scientists like Bose and Ram believe in the existence of the Nine, and even receive advice and messages from them. One can imagine the extraordinary importance of secret knowledge in the hands of nine men benefiting directly from experiments, studies and documents accumulated over a period of more than 2,000 years. What can have been the aim of these men? Not to allow methods of destruction to fall into the hands of unqualified persons and to pursue knowledge which would benefit mankind. Their numbers would be renewed by co-option, so as to preserve the secrecy of techniques handed down from ancient times. Examples of the Nine Unknown Men making contact with the outer world are rare.

It was not until the nineteenth century that this mystery was referred to again in the works of the French writer Jacolliot. Jacolliot was French Consul at Calcutta under the Second Empire. He wrote some quite important prophetic works, comparable, if not superior to those of Jules Verne. He also left several books dealing with the great secrets of the human race. A great many occult writers, prophets and miracle-workers have borrowed from his writings which, completely neglected in France, are well known in Russia. Jacolliot states categorically that the Society of Nine did actually exist. And, to make it all the more intriguing, he refers in the this connection to certain techniques, unimaginable in 1860, such as, for example, the liberation of energy, sterilization by radiation and psychological warfare. Yersin, one of Pasteur and de Roux’s closest collaborators, was entrusted, it seems, with certain biological secrets when he visited Madras in 1890, and following the instructions he received was able to prepare a serum against cholera and the plague. The story of the Nine Unknown Men was popularized for the first time in 1927 in a book by Talbot Mundy who for twenty-five years was a member of the British police force in India. His book is half-fiction, half scientific inquiry. The Nine apparently employed a synthetic language, and each of them was in possession of a book that was constantly being rewritten and containing a detailed account of some science.  –web source

So I now take this to Thoth. His response  is that indeed he – as Ashoka – established a Secret Academy, headed by nine persons…one was a woman. Each of these persons gathered information on a particular science. It was not only written down, but passed on to future “Nine” for several centuries. The “Nine” was revived more in theory than in practice, in Europe for a time, based on some Indian texts discovered by one. But as a true Academy, it ended in ancient India.

I asked him if this Secret Academy had anything to do with the inner circle he “entrusted with the ‘Sacred Utterances” of his visions.” he stated that this was a part of his Academy at large, but not the “of the Nine.” So Ashoka had a broader teaching Academy…within which, the Secrets were kept by the Nine.

more interesting information the the Legend of the Nine Unknown Men


In researching the Nine, it brought me to articles on the famous Vimanas of the Vedas. These were obvious space craft that wared in the ancient skies over India. Thoth mentioned to me years ago, about the Nephilimic Wars. The technology passed on into the hands of the Vedic Priests – how to construct a Vimana – was vital part of what the Nine concealed from the world, as into the wrong hands it would have been a terrible knowledge.

 There has been a story circulating on the internet for some time, concerning the find of a working Vimana in a cave in Afghanistan:

The discovery cavity in the rock would be at least 5.000 years old and inside of it was discovered  a vimana still up and running. Some of the military would try to remove it from the quarry, disappearing without a trace.

Besides the vimana, other objects were found and among them a text attributing to Zoroaster the property of this aircraft.

A prove that this event is true, seems to be a special intelligence report prepared for the then Russian prime minister Putin, saying that many Western politicians have visited the site. The report says that what caused the sudden rush of the most powerful leaders of the Western world, has been longing to see for themselves the discovery made by US Army scientists, described as a vimana trapped in a time capsule that has already caused the death of at least 8 American soldiers which have tried to remove it from the cave. – web source

This of course, could easily be a made-up story, but…

What really caught my eye on this is the mention of Zoroaster. In the 1990’s Thoth had a lot to say about the Zoroaster-Zarathustra figure.

In my Archives, from issue 3-90 of Temple Doors:

The Book of Zarathustrian Lords, given through the man Zarathustra, via his multi-entity being, by the Archangel Samael, is both a text of revelations and prophecy and a Doctrine of Angelic Magic.  Angelic Magic differs from Earth Magic in that it contains the asterisms of the Creative Logos which organize to form the aggregation of  both Spirit and Matter in the Universes.  This could be compared to the zeros and ones that, in specific sequences, transfer music to a laser disc through a digitalized beam of light.  While the asterisms of Angelic Magic are far more complex and infinitely greater in profundity, this is a simplistic comparison.

C.H. (now Maia):  Please define  asterisms.

THOTH:  The higher definition of Light particles within the atomic consciousness which acts as a bridge, linking the atomic level with the super atomic or sublime states.  The Hebrew Yod flames which form their sacred alphabet stem from the asterismic conjunctos, or rather, alchemical unity of the atomic particles with Divine Reason, All-Knowing, Divine Mind, etc.  When the first atomic bomb was exploded, this created a new branch of asterisims, mutants, more ors less, of the originals.  These mutants formed windows in the astral plane thorough which a greater acceleration of Earth consciousness toward the center of the Universe is manifested.  This is much like a spiritual seeker taking Peyote to receive his visions of ultimate spiritual conjuncto.  It is not a product of the gradual awakening through one’s own spiritual entity, but an artificial response to matter-stimulus.  Thus, it impedes the true purpose of the initial seeking.  The craving of drugs by many individuals at this time is a direct result of karma colliding headlong with these accelerating windows.

I do believe that the story of the find in Afghanistan may be valid, although some of the follow-up on it may be off a bit. Thoth is showing me that these vimana are not just “space craft.” Some of them were, to be sure. But the vimana often referred to in the Vedic texts are time capsules! Hmmm, that is an investigation for another time.

NOTE: For more of  the article on the Zarathustrian Lords, you can find this issue and all the others in my KyiRa Portal. Kyi’Ra Portal members can read / download the 1990 – 03 (Zarathustrian Lords) issue HERE (this is a “raw” unedited file).


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