Armughi – Soul Externals

My inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa recently mentioned something I had not heard of before, that I found fascinating, so I requested that he give me more information about it. The transmission is as follows:

Maia: Thoth, will you please tell me about the “soul externals”?

Thoth: These are the Armughi. First, there is a need to understand basically, how the soul interacts with universal consciousness. As we have stated before, ALL is ONE and ONE is ALL. Thus, every soul has access to all that is in the Greater Consciousness. However, there are many filters which have been developed by the soul as it moves through experience – both in incarnation and outside of that envelope. These filters help the soul navigate through the myriad worlds of experience. They are like specifically designed pathways…the soul says “now I am focusing here…so I shut off certain other inputs that may confuse or distract my course.” The more refined pathways allow for more information and less need to create filters. The denser realities, such as incarnation, require more filters; and of course depending on the incarnating vehicle and environment, the filtering may become even more restricting. Yet these filters are not solid doors. Souls can certainly experience energies and consciousness outside the filtered zone. This occurs when that soul reaches for it in a balanced, heart-coherent manner. It is not quite that simple, perhaps, but that is the core working involved.

There are also times when a soul is strongly connected to a higher streaming coming from a sourcing realm that is far more advanced than the soul’s current experience. In these instances, the soul and the “streaming” (guided by a being or beings operating within that advanced streaming) will create an external operative for the soul…like an external drive on a computer. The soul can then access this information in increments (compartments) that are switched on and off by the synergistic relationship between the soul and the advanced format guides (beings who operate the system).

In this way, the soul is not imploded by too much information and experience beyond their scope of direct assimilation…yet they are still able to perform functions of that advanced matrix, which feed back into the streaming of the matrix.

Maia: Is this was is called “channeling”?

Thoth: The word “channeling” is not correct for the process of Armughi. There are some who think of themselves as “channels” who are operating through Armughi, so we would not define them as channels…for the soul external process is more multi-dimensional. Then there are others who are receiving one-on-one with a Being’s energy stream. That would be more suitable to call channeling. One is not more developed than another…simply different vehicles. In fact, there are those who access both systems.

At this time in Earth’s movement toward the New Earth Consciousness, more and more soul externalizing is occurring, in order for greater degrees of information to be processed into the Earth’s Mind Pool. This information is not random or highly intellectual. It is heart-coherent referencing and associated with Higher Wisdom.

Understand that there is much more inner-planes activity with Earth souls now…many groups forming to work under the guidance of Illumined and Ultras. This requires access to more Light engendered information.

Be reminded that “there is nothing new under the sun.” All that is “invented” is simply brought forth from the unconscious streaming. As souls become more active in the Unconscious via the inner-planes, so they create that template in some form, within their conscious world. The internet, and it’s minions such as networking platforms (Face Book, Second Life, etc) all come from the Inner activity. These Outer forms are poor replicas of the Inner at this time, but it is a developing process. You might say that humanity is “test driving” the merkabahs for future assimilation into Real World constructs.


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One thought on “Armughi – Soul Externals

  1. I highly resonate with what Thoth explains and fits very much with thoughts and deeds of mine of lately. THANK YOU, dear Maia, for bringing it forth. It’s clarifying. ANU KA, SISTAR!

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