My Letter to the Universe

Maia at age six
Maia at age six


Rev. Maia Kyi’Ra Nartoomid
New Earth Star Inner Academy

Dear Universe, Friends, and followers of my spiritual work,

I have reached a point in my life and circumstances at this time, when I am being called to step forward and make a declaration and request…to call forth the POWER, PRESENCE, and DIVINE AUTHORITY within me to SPEAK, ACT and most importantly to LIVE my fullest potential and wholeness now.

First, I wish to state my current situation…

While I have lived with chronic debilitating conditions all my life, and had ups and downs with them (some serious downs) many times, now in my 65th year I am facing once again, a serious “down.”

My chronic long-term conditions have been scoliosis of the spine, colitis, adrenal malfunction causing hypoglycemia and chronic fatigue. About a year and a half ago, I broke my hip and now have two pins. Nearly a year ago I started drinking only Kangen Water and my colon has been greatly helped by this. However, about 8 months ago, I noticed that my head felt pulled toward the floor like a strange form of Vertigo and my legs were like walking in mud. This condition was slight at first…and given that I am always dealing with the adrenals and chronic fatigue, I did not pay too much attention to it. My colon was so much better and actually my adrenals were beginning to get a little better as well.

Shortly after my 65th birthday this March, I really went downhill with adrenals and the “new” symptoms with head and legs became much worse. I believe that these new symptoms and the increase in the adrenal problem is being caused retro-actively from the fall that broke my hip. I also hit my head then, but told the Drs it was okay so they only x-rayed my hip. Just before my current major collapse, I was digging around in my boxes…I think this was the trigger to worsening it.

It has reached a point where I am barely able to walk. My friend drives me to town and I manage to do the shopping with her by my side, feeling all the while that I will go through the floor any minute (like being pulled by gravity) or my legs will simply fail me.

My chronic fatigue often causes me to feel many times during the day that I might have to call 911 as I am surely dieing.

It is difficult for me to think straight and I experience despondency. I live alone with my 3 cats I must care for (but would be really lost without them). The bathroom is upstairs (I live downstairs but allowed the bathroom upstairs). I eat simply and not really healthy, as since I cannot stand a long time to prepare food. My food is mostly what I can freeze as I can only go down the mountain to town with my friend once every two weeks.

There are many stresses in my life (as we all have), but in my condition molehills become mountains. Other than the health concerns and suffering, my biggest stress is finances. Despite my best efforts, I have not been able to make a living. I am existing mostly off of a dwindling savings. When this is gone…not long from now, if I still am not been able to turn the tide in order to pay rent, etc. I will have no place to go. I have no children or other family. I cannot live on a beach or in a tree.

It also costs to supply my services to the world. The list I send through, the websites I maintain, the merchant account, etc. Many of you write to me wonderfully supportive emails concerning my life’s work – now over 45 years, and counting. I am deeply, deeply appreciative of this. Yet, I am calling upon the Universe, my friends and those who truly appreciate my work, to support me and what I do, more fully in a real, tangible way – so that I may have some peace and comfort in my last years among you in this incarnation, and an environment with less stress to continue my work.

Amazingly, my source translations, visionary experiences, etc are more powerful that they have ever been….and I and others who write to me, feel they are even more pertinent to many people now. It is as if the time has come for my life’s work to really mean something to a larger number of persons “out there” and yet I face this difficult time physically.

So now, Universe, friends and those others who may be reading this with their hearts; I declare my needs…

A place …preferably on this island of Kauai (but not limiting it to that) – to live in relative comfort and cleanliness, rent-free.

A person or persons to help me in a part-time capacity as caregiver.

A basic, financial sustenance – not sporadic, but something that is continual.


I am open for the Universe to provide them. I do not wish to limit how it all may happen. However, to those reading this, one way you can help if you feel so guided, is to commit to a monthly subscription to my Kyi’Ra Portal. Most of what I put out into the world can be accessed freely. But please understand, that subscriptions to my Portal allow me to give this access to all the rest, which is considerable.

I do also invite you to be creative in seeing how you may help in other ways as well. I am open to all possibilities, but of course I must use my own inner guidance in choosing from among those possibles what I feel is right for me. I am doing things for my health…just not detailing them here. But expense is a limiting factor.

Thank you all for listening!

P.S. As I began this letter, my inner-planes Mentor, ThothHorRa suggested the title “New Earth Star Inner Academy.” I have a wealth of work…and still producing. Surely somehow this work and my incarnation, can be supported to it’s conclusion.

11 thoughts on “My Letter to the Universe

  1. Dear Maia, your present situation is very pathetic – what a contract!!!
    I don`t follow your blog as such but strange enough you Guides insisted I read this one; and I guess for the simple reason that I just sent out a desperate message (contract derogation/cancellation) to the Universe this morning. I live abroad and would love to send you what is left in my gratitude basket.
    Blessings. divsy

  2. Maia,


    1. Thank you for your magnificence.

    2. I came across this Application for Funding – Golden Age Project Funds

    3. Myself – I have been out of work for 2 + years now {wife and daughter with me] no savings. [ this of course is the only reason why I have not purchased your services to date – ]

    So, I to have somewhat of an understanding of what it takes.



  3. Helo Maia, my name is Vicki and I get some of your posts sporatically but most of the time they are decoded and I can not read them, but someohow this one came through.. I am a healer in New York and I am willing to help you remotely on your journey to health. I feel spirit has asked me to help you.
    Please contact me if you would like my help.

    1. I will do that Vicki…thank you! Fyi: when you get one of those unreadables from my site, just click on the link and you can come up to see what it is saying….or if you can’t see the link, keep the site bookmarked and you can take a quick look that way 🙂

  4. dear Maia,
    I just read your letter, I hope your condition is a bit better now ? I4m living in Belgium, a long way from your beloved island, maybe you remember me of former contacts and mails ?
    I was triggered by your New Earth Star Inner Academy : please can we exchange a mail in more detail about this ? I’m having already a long time an idea about an Academy…

      1. hello Maia,
        I sent you an answer as suggested by you via contact, did you receive it ?
        best regards !

    1. No worries 😉 I experienced that this happens more, it has to do something maybe with the connection between EU and USA ? I’ll try again, I explained my plans for expanding …

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