The Cross of Quetzalcoatl

The Quetzalcoatl Cross Medallion
The Quetzalcoatl Cross Medallion

This article was first released in 2006 in my on-line Numis’OM publication. I was reading it just now again, and that the result of this dynamic being set in place in 2006 are quite evident in the condition of the mass consciousness now. So I have re-printed it here.

Thoth from 11/23/06 Global Link article: “When we say that the burst of light on 11/23/06 ‘carries the birthing power of the Cross of Quetzalcoatl’ we mean that individual souls incarnate now on earth will have the opportunity to activate the ‘cross’in their own Divine light body. This activation does not mean instant godhood, but it does open a creative channel to the Cross at the center of the galaxy. Through this channel one may become ‘reborn’ to the deeper pulse of the galactic wave-form Serpent.”

Thoth, how may we really understand what we are calling here the “Cross of Quetzalcoatl”?

Thoth: Visualize a PRESENCE beyond what you understand as “energy” – yet the organizer, the divining rod of all energy within it’s field of resonance as it radiates its immaculate being from the center of the galaxy and into the waiting vessels of spirit that open to it’s effulgent pulse. All galaxies contain this PRESENCE, thus they are all One in the ultimate sense, moving in rapture together from the center of the universe. . . yet the universe has no “center” in space or time. We use the term here metaphorically.

As the “Cross” of the galaxy streams forth its pulsing wave into the depth of a planet it begins to connect to other planets and stellar systems that resonate within the scheme of perfect balance. It is a “connect the dots” type of function. I stated previously that:

The ‘Serpent Path of Quetzalcoatl’ is a wave-form that naturally extends from the central sun atoma of this earth, connecting to the sun of our solar system, and from there into the Blue Star of Rigel in Orion. This wave-form moves constantly, flowing outward and inward from the earth’s atoma, moving here and there like an electrical current in a sphere following an attracting current outside the sphere. The ‘attracting current’ in this case is the fluctuations of the geo-magnetic energy of the planet. . . most especially at it’s poles.

There is now a circuit in motion which defines the way the earth traces this galaxy’s “Cross” into its eco-system through it’s electrical and magnetic currents which is not the same as it was before the date of 11/23/06. Whereas before the earth reacted to the “Cross” as a ping-pong ball bouncing off a paddle, now it is responding to the deep, inner codes of the “Cross” as the Christic phases of the Yushuda passes it’s rotational movement across the planet. Previously, the Yeshuda could not reach the depth of the atoma – the “black hole” at it’s center. Now, with the new “responding” signal of earth to “galactic central” (cross and black hole at the center of the galaxy) the Yushuda can penetrate and expand the creation codes to match the universal rhythms that it would not “see / feel” before.

Maia: Thoth, What does this mean for us, as individual human beings and as the human race of planet earth?

Thoth: It opens a path that was not there before. It allows matter to transcend it’s previous “limits” with the phase of reality you as a species dwell within. Yet you must come to recognize that this barrier (if we may loosely call it that) has been taken away from the mass consciousness. It is still a phantom and the phantom will fade, but as it fades some incarnated souls will become so fearful of the new paradigm in it’s place (the New Earth Hologram) that they will attempt to re-create the flesh and bones of the “ghost.” This they cannot do, but they will try, and in trying so they will erupt so violently from their own illusions that they will reveal the monster within. Once exposed, the monster melts in the sunlight, for monsters are only undefined emotions which have been hidden so long they devour themselves when finally they are unveiled and exposed to truth.

Humanity must release it’s mass paradigm that they are impaled upon the cross, and see that they instead, are united through it. The Galactic / Universal Cross is the impelling force to unite – to create a point of gathering for the purpose of expansion and thus creation of new universes of being.



One thought on “The Cross of Quetzalcoatl

  1. Sooooooooo beautiful! I have seen myself take the form of the winged serpent and asked “What is this being?” I received clearly “Quetzalcoatl”. I then rushed to look up info online. Nothing I found truly resonated completely. This, however, gives me goosebumps! These symbols in the cross, I have recently seen and they are such a transmuting force! Such Christic Love here! Thank you! Thank you Beloved Maia!

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