Seven Suns: Addendum


The following is an Addendum to my recent blog: The Seven Suns of X’al Chirhum.

Kaylasa JaguarStar posed these questions concerning this article . . .

Sistar, the article by Aluna mentions we are in the 4th Sun, entering into the 5th one, and yet Thoth mentions we’re headed to the 7th sun (I resonate much more with that information, but ‘m not sure why). What sun are we in according to Thoth? In your opinion, does these suns have something to do with chronological time in human terms?

According to what I receive from Thoth, we are just now entering the 5th Sun. I don’t know how long it will last, but will go faster than the fourth, and the 6th will move very fast…as if all the Sun Periods are now accelerating to reach the 7th. There is a chronology involved but as Thoth stressed:

“It is suggested however, that you view the “Seven Worlds” as an alchemical multi-dimensional experience outside of space-time. Then you will be able to comprehend it’s true Working.”

Also, Aluna mentions that for her the suns are stages in the physical evolution of Earth, and yet, for me, they sound more like stages of human consciousness evolution related to the different spiritual bodies we possess. For example, the First Sun she mentions (mineral consciousness) sounds to me like the first Lemurian stages (you even mention in your own material humans at that time were very much like plants). What is your perspective on the matter?

They are both physical evolution and stages of human consciousness, as the former is determined by the latter. Consciousness creates and manipulates matter in our Holographic Universe.



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