We begin by quoting from a past transcript…

Se’Ra’Fana Adu Ra (Twin Flame of Thoth Hor Ra) transmission in Second Life on December 10th, 2010:

 I welcome you all here today, in this place dedicated to and installed with the seed – consciousness of the DWELLER Crystal skulls.

From the SERAPHIC ONES so the Light Codes for the NEW Heaven and Earth are given forth. They enter the 72 Crystal Skulls and are awaiting activation through the grouping  Starheart (Maia)  referred to as the 12. We shall call these 12 now the LOTUS – as previously there were 11 LOTUS but now another of the Dwellers has been added to complete the wheel. In La’ketch is the 13th. SHE is the Living Crystal BEING who shall come among the Kindred of Earth before the Ascending Time.
The Earth is now beginning to enter the edge or rim of the Black Sun, which is the invisible counterpart of this solar system’s sun, each star has this invisible counterpart I use the “term” invisible” to imply that humanity cannot see the light emanating from a Black Sun. It does not give off “heat” as does it’s flaming counterpart. It is not a Black Hole, but a realm of transverse energies (to that of it’s counterpart).

This “Black Sun” contains the reference points of every living thing within the solar system of its Being. As humanity of Earth begins to shift its reference points, so it’s Black Sun records these shifts…IT IS TAKING HUMANITY AND ITS PLANET DEEPER INTO THE REALM OF THE DARK SUN’S RECORDING. This concept is difficult to place in human language or thought, but I shall say that what is RECORDED in the Dark Sun is ACTED in the “LIGHT of DAY.”

Many things within the living nature of humanity are not “acted upon.” They remain dormant…waiting. As humanity shifts its reference nodes to SEE more so the Black Sun feeds back to this world the triggers for activation – for ACTING on those energies. So when I say that Earth and Humanity (the World) is now on the rim of the Black Sun, I mean that the World is now just beginning to receive “feedback” from it’s Black Sun and the feedback delivers triggers for humanity to act upon.

The “action” will take each of you – all humanity individually and collectively –  into opening up and revealing and being RESPONSIBLE in an immediately way, for their actions. In the past, you act and often you wait for the universe to respond.

The “act” is only a small part of the whole development that caused that one act. As things progress you will find more and more that your action will bring a quick and clear response, and as a result you will be called to act again and again. You will not be allowed to disengage the original act until the whole process is completed, one movement after another. Whereas in the past “completion” could span lifetimes. All the momentum you have been building –  most of which you have been holding back, will come rushing out now by simply opening the door a tiny crack!

The Dweller Crystal Skulls contain the Living Thought Streams of Illumined Ones who guardian the Vaults of the Dark Sun. As Guardians, they will aid humanity to fulfill its destiny in the New Earth. Every human being incarnated contains a SKULL and within it a central operation system of ACTION…the brain. But the brain is only a manager for pure intelligence, as it is portioned and strained into the incarnated being.  Human brains are now becoming entrained to more fully receive the Pure Intelligence Streaming from Source. A major key to this entrainment is coming through the Crystal Skull Beings…the Guardians of the Vaults of the Dark Sun.

Of course there is more to this story…as My Flame ThothHorRa has said…


Know however, that your brains…minds…are changing…will continue to change rapidly.


Do not fear the new feelings and thoughts, but also realize that adjustments are being made in your DNA…which in turn are changing the cells in your body and BRAIN. During this process there will be energies that are needing to be brought forth and transformed.

NOW in May of 2014, more from ThothHorRa on the “Black Sun” . . .

 Maia: Has anything changed in these last few years regarding the Earth’s and humanity’s relationship to this solar system’s Black Sun?

Thoth: The Threshold of 2012 has been crossed, and many aspects of cosmic alignment within the world domain of Earth and it’s Kindred have advanced toward the first stage of New Earth Awareness and Reality. The Back Sun Effect is flashing GOLD off and on now…that is, it is feeding the non-active consciousness recordings of ALL on Earth more rapidly into the active Consciousness state, what we could call the GOLDEN Sun.

Picture in your mind SEVEN Suns Lighting Earth and Humanity’s New Earth Journey: BLACK, YELLOW, GOLD, RED, BLUE, VIOLET, and WHITE.

BLACK: The Recorder of the non-active or UNMANIFEST within the Earth-Human condition

YELLOW: The visible Solar Sun, Giver of Life, Seed of Seeds for Earth-Human sustenance

GOLD: The FLASH POINT through which the Black Sun-Unmanifest presents into the Manifest World

RED: The Dissolution of All that is not transferable into the New Earth Domain, including that which is within the Human Element

BLUE: The Sun of the First RAY of New Earth LIGHT seeding Earth-Humanity

VIOLET: The Moment of transfer into the New Earth State of Being

WHITE: The Full Receipt of the New Earth Christic Mantle

Understand that I AM not speaking metaphorically using the word “Suns” for these are seven stages of energy relationship coming from the dynamo of the Solar Sun as it feeds and transforms the Planet Earth, carrying that charge through TO the WHITE SUN of the New Earth!

The Gold Sun flashes are registering in the newly formed PYRAMIDIS RADIUS MATRIX. There will be seven pyramids brought forth in this Matrix which are the Seven Pyramids of the Sun – or the X’AL CHIRHUM.

The X’AL CHIRHUM is the New Calendar of the Seventh World – Numi OM (first stage of New Earth).


Aluna Joy on the Fifth World (the one we are now entering):

The Prophecy of the Fifth World . . .

The Prophecy of the Fifth World is yet to manifest. But when the ancients ones looked ahead, this is what they can share that we can understand at this time. The Four Worlds, that we are moving from, were all on the same level of time, space and dimension. The Fifth world is a step above previous worlds and marks an enormous transformation that we have ever experienced in the first four worlds. The Fifth World will be a blending and harmonization of all four worlds, but taken to a different level. These four worlds together, in a cosmic equality, will bring about a new kind of life. Mineral, plant, animal and human will be looked at as being equally alive. There will be a type of intelligent communication between each world. The ancient ones know that it is hard for us to imagine this right now. complete article

So, Thoth…we have a Sixth World yet to traverse and then we enter a Seventh in the New Earth?

Thoth: From a linear current World perspective, yes this is so. The Sixth will move quickly – very quickly. It is suggested however, that you view the “Seven Worlds” as an alchemical multi-dimensional experience outside of space-time. Then you will be able to comprehend it’s true Working.


Maia: There is so much to what Thoth is showing me here, that it is overwhelming for me and I honestly don’t know how to present it in words at this time. I am going to “be” with it and I may develop a Teaching-Activational video as a result.

Also read: Seven Suns: Adendum


6 thoughts on “The Seven Suns of X’al Chirhum

    1. This post makes me vibrate from toes to head! Thank you very much to share. I felt that these vibrations awakens something deep in me!

  1. Sistar, the article by Aluna mentions we are in the 4th Sun, entering into the 5th one, and yet Thoth mentions we’re headed to the 7th sun (I resonate much more with that information, but ‘m not sure why). What sun are we in according to Thoth? In your opinion, does these suns have something to do with chronological time in human terms?

    Also, Aluna mentions that for her the suns are stages in the physical evolution of Earth, and yet, for me, they sound more like stages of human consciousness evolution related to the different spiritual bodies we possess. For example, the First Sun she mentions (mineral consciousness) sounds to me like the first Lemurian stages (you even mention in your own material humans at that time were very much like plants). What is your perspective on the matter?

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