Living in the Hologram

Tree of Souls from Avatar

The other day I had quite an epiphany. Before I share this, let me begin with when I was writing an article not long ago, commenting on The Holographic Workshop by Stephen Davis. In it is stated that since we live in a Holograph, what we see and experience is not real (paraphrasing). My inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa stepped in to say this was not the most refined approach to any reality.  It is important for consciousness – both individually and collective – to embrace reality as “real.” If we do not accept our experience then we are powerless to change it. Once we accept it, it is then up to the individual as to how they wish to interface with it, use it and learn from it…and ultimately, if they wish – to change it.

He further elucidates on this topic that “Maya” – translated as “illusion” is really meant to define a field of quality, reflection, refraction and formation….within the hologram! It not a dreamy netherland of what is not, but an active state of what is becoming; with all the twists and turns of a butterfly emerging from it’s cocoon.

And so now to my epiphany…

I realized that all my life I have not put into action obvious pathways that could be beneficial to me…that I have shall we say, an “inside scoop on” from Thoth and my Higher Self, because I do not believe that I exist “here.”  I am viewing it all as an illusion, so how can I act upon or within it? This has been a subconscious (until now) belief for me from birth, I would imagine. I remember when I was around four and five years old, following my mother around and asking her “Am I real?” She would patiently asure me that I was, every time I asked this.

I always have an under current that I have been aware of, where I must keep telling myself I cannot walk through a wall or drive through another car, etc. Yes, that car one is scary! It is one of the reasons I tend to drive as little as possible.

Now, if this is true for me I believe it is true for everyone on some level. In some it may be less pronounced and in others, probably more so…but we all knew in the depths of our interior, that this is a holographic universe…long before we ever read or were told of such a thing. We knew it in the womb. Yet, when we are birthed and taught what is “real” and “not real,” that false logic collides internally with our knowing that we dwell within a holograph. So the “logic” we are taught melds with the truth which we know, to create the false impression that WE are not really HERE. This I believe, is at the very root of most of humanity’s fears, creating feelings of dis-association and futility.

Everything from depression to wars would result from this inner conflict.

So if this is indeed true, what do we do about it? How can bring our consciousness into the grace shadow of our knowing, where the Tree of Life meets the Wind of the Soul and we can say to ourselves, truly…that we ARE here in the moment with all life…arising from a light spectrum which we call a holograph…changing. swirling, becoming, disappearing and being born again and again, but never quite the same.

Perhaps as you read this now, you are feeling the quickening within you. I am as I write it: to align with this truth and live it each moment. It is like in the motion picture Avatar, when the People surrounded the Sacred Tree, joined hands swaying with the rhythm of the soul…as ONE and knew they were one. They let go of all that was not at the very core of their being to do so.

Each of us must come to that moment when we kneel before the Mother – She who birthed us from the COSOM – and to consciously, with prayerful deliberation, unite our Core with Hers. Once we truly do this we will come to know the Hologram as rich and fertile ground for….EVERYTHING! All arises from creation when we accept the reality of it. In order to do this, we cannot fear the unknown; and if we accept that CHANGE is the Foundation of all Life then we will never be afraid of the unknown.

5 thoughts on “Living in the Hologram

  1. Maia, Thoth, hello
    Thank you
    You may well find the analogy used in…”The Alphabet of the Ark ~ Language of Metatron” Temple Doors, issue 4, and the page headed “Metatron” ( Angel, State of Being and Quantum Reality ) a Spirit Mythos page a good context for your epiphany !

    So, at present I have One question for Thoth given the above context i.e. a Dream, an Illusion [a plane of reality] viewed from the Metatron perspective of the One Source – Why ?


  2. Maia, I understand what you mean. When I was a little girl, I had this constant feelng that my body wasn´t real, I even felt sad and scared to be inside my body, and I didn´t understand linear time. My father actually had really hard time explaining to me why the fact he had been born before me meant he had to be older, and why time didn´t run in reverse… When I was 18 I got sick with arthritis, and this condition, now I understand it, has served many purposes, one of them being to teach me how to anchor myself and fully live in the present and in this 3D realm through extreme pain in my body when I move, negative experiences regarding sex and experiences related to time. I actually received a “prophecy” or “message”” through my dreams once, regarding my current reincarnation: TO CONQUER TIME IS TO CONQUER DEATH, TO CONQUER DEATH IS TO CONQUER TIME. I believe life is a circle, and we teach ourselves how to reach a balanced point, but first we have to experience the extremes. I had been so out of myself that I had to experience a pain that would teach me to be fully present in my body and in this reality, so that I can become multidimensonal and manipulate 3D and linear time once again. I believe my path is similar to yours in that sense.

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