The EL’OR’HIM, Dragon Lords and Crystal Skulls

Dragon Lord - collage by Maia
Dragon Lord – collage by Maia

The following is excerpted from my 2009 Numis’OM publication…a vision experience.  Some NEW information follows this excerpt.

I then traveled to Tibet once again, arriving on a high plateau. There I found myself surrounded by monolithic dragons! Twelve of them to be exact. One I knew was the soul of ThothHorRa in dragon form. It was revealed to me that all these dragons were the original ‘donors’ of the 12 Dweller Crystal Skulls in their ancient past human embodiments! This included ThothHorRa when he had been another being – not a ‘Thoth.’  ThothHorRa called me to him and I drew close to his loving warmth. There was nothing fearful about him in this form… nor were the other dragons. They all exuded a LOVE that was like a Foundation – a strong Pillar of Fire.

ThothHorRa showed me how these twelve Dwellers served the Earth in Dragon embodiments – holding the Gates open in the primal core of the planet for the 12 Crystal-Fire Pillars – the EL’OR’HIM – to feed back and forth into the central sun ‘Hunab Ku’ of this galaxy and beyond, to the center of the universe. All 72 Dwellers were Khat’Hor’I El’ohim of the Earth – Creator Lords under the seven Ma’hor EL’ohim Ray-Beings that created the entire solar system and everything within it at a causal level. The Khat’Hor’I El’ohim had taken human form in their process of Creation and were able also to become any creature at will. The Dragon Ones are their primary path for the core energies of the planet – the creational furnace.

As the EL’OR’HIM Pillars slowly rotate like a giant wheel connecting into the central sun atoma of the Earth and OUT into space-time, so they BEND space-time in the dimensions in which they appear. The flash in and out of different dimensions in their constant adjusting and calibrating of the Earth as a multi-dimensional field.

The Twelve Dragon Lords gathered together then, and I saw that they were creating new Flame Codes for the EL’OR’HIM Wheel – evidenced by changing the colors of their skin and eyes! It was a rainbow language as they “spoke the encoding through their flesh into the planetary core.

Seeing this gathering of Dragon Lords in their communion with the EL’OR’HIM, brought me to the attention of a gathering we had with ThothHorRa on the New EarthStar Island in Second Life, in which he spoke of the 12-13 of the Dweller Crystal Skulls and related topics:

ThothHorRa: Offer every human being the WAY to become In La’kech… I AM ANOTHER YOU… which is another way of saying I AM THAT I AM. Here on NESIE we are reflecting becoming the “Other”… the Mirror of the planet’s transformation and in doing so we are aiding that transformation. How can this be? Just such a small community and modest “estate”? But it is not about the number of people. It is about the INTENT and the consistency of that intent.

As HE said… “whenever two or more are gathered in my name…” Why not ONE? Because more than one creates a FAMILY. A unit of progression. His “NAME”… the Christ… the PRESENCE of the Universal Christic Consciousness, is that which is COMMANDING the process. It is calling upon the NAME… the WORD… the LOGOS. It is the God Command. It can be any sacred NAME that contains the God Command. And so… by bringing the 12-13 of the Crystal Skulls vibration into NESIE, preparing the way as a MIRROR for SHE who is the 13th – the Grail Herself – so we call upon the sacred GOD NAME… in this instance, IN LA’KECH.

Maia: I was back again in the circle of Dragon Lords atop the Tibetan plateau. ThothHorRa Silvercloud (his dragon name given to me in Second Life) spoke to me about the history of the 72 Dwellers and how they came to give their skulls to the Earth; and more upon the purpose for this…

Thoth as a Dragon Lord: In the time before Time we, as the Khat’Hor’I El’ohim Creator Lords working within the causal field created by the Ma’hor EL’ohim Ray-Beings, created the Earth in stages of evolution on various levels of existence… or what could be called ‘magnetic zones’ – for ‘supra’ magnetism bends space-time and creates other dimensional realms. These “realms” can be layered together as one dynamic field and that field can be a planet. the Earth was intended to be a point of access for many universal planes (dimensions) to use as a staging ground for building “new worlds” in the process of Return to Source or what I have referred to in the past as the Attasic Universe. Yet there was much dissonance it this evolving field, due to the types of processes involved which were in some cases not compatible… yet we intentionally brought them together, as this was part of the Greater Hierarchal Plan, to bring together dissonance and create from it coherency. Thus through many stages of this planet’s evolution (on the various levels of it’s creation) much took place.

It was eons after the original 72 Khat’Hor’I El’ohim Creator Lords moved out of their cycle as such (El’ohim are continually ‘passing the flame’ from one ‘generation’ to another) that they began to incarnate in ‘human’ forms… mostly of very high subtle light bodies. Now it was their time to help the Earth in other ways, and so they did.

At one point in the distant past, these 72 began to transfer their immense creational Light programs (which they still contained in their being) into living bodies which they inhabited for a brief period of time. There are many stories I could relate about this passage… many. But I say here only that as they left these ‘bodies’ so they turned the skulls to crystal, and that these crystal ‘brains’ contain the co-axial triggers for the Light programs of creation through the Eschaton of Earth and into the New Earth Star.

Maia: So many years ago had I receive the original information on the 72 Crystal Skulls and now I was seeing a much larger picture. Neither had I previously known that the ‘Thoth’ soul had been one of the original Khat’Hor’I El’ohim of the Earth!  I felt myself flying away… up into the clouds on the back of my small dragon Esmerald. As I looked down upon the land below I felt the electric and magnetic currents running through it like rivers of LIGHT, with the higher etheric currents riding just above the electric-magnetic waves. My dragon was automatically riding these currents as well, for as a dragon she was part of that field in her nature and being. Yet so was I, as we all have the ‘dragon’ within us.  – full article


Now, in 2014 I read:

The Milky Way and Andromeda are encircled by twelve large galaxies arranged in a ring about 24-million light years across – this ‘Council of Giants’ stands in gravitational judgment of the Local Group by restricting its range of influence.

Thinking of a galaxy as a screw in a piece of wood, the direction of spin can be described as the direction the screw would move (in or out) if it were turned the same way as the galaxy rotates. Unexpectedly, the spin directions of Council giants are arranged around a small circle on the sky. – source

Could these be the outer cosmic manifestation of  the 12 Crystal-Fire Pillars – the EL’OR’HIM? Indeed, Thoth confirms for me that it is! The “Council of Giants” is the outer manifestation of the 12 Crystal-Fire Pillars.


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  1. How come am I not surprised …? Maybe because I’m aware that ALL THAT IS finds expression at all levels of manifestation.

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