The Oracle of Doors

Mystical Streams

FINALLY! I am now able to upload to my own Kyi’Ra Portal directly. I also have completed and uploaded to the Members section, THE ORACLE OF DOORS. A special thank you to Simeon for helping me do this. It took a lot of effort on his part as well as mine.

I thought I would share with you the “card” I drew for myself from the Oracle just now (see it above).



Enchantment: “a quality that attracts and holds your attention.”

A time to plunge deeply into the sacred center of that which enchants you! You may feel hesitant to do so, lest it throw you off balance. Enchantment is for fairy tales. And yet all life is an enchantment, holding our attention – drawing us deeper and deeper into the Story.

At the core of your being there is that special enchantment…

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2 thoughts on “The Oracle of Doors

  1. Maia, I simply love the Oracle of Doors! Guess which one I “drew” today! Door of the Lotus Blossom!!!! What a joy!

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