The Holographic Universe

Arc of Metatron 777

As many of you know, I consciously began my akashic-channeling in 1967 at the age of 17. My inner-planes mentor, Thoth (now called ThothHorRa) entered the picture for me in 1977. Around 1978 I was told that what I did (receiving from the Akasha) was to be called “holocrystal translation.” Well, I tried using that term but nobody had a clue as to what I meant by it, so I started calling it “channeling” as it was more easily understood by others. Of course what we call channeling is holocrystal translating from the Thothic view. Now I more often refer to this process as akashic translation.

So why does Thoth refer to channeling as holocrystal translation? Because this form of “thought” vibrates through the hologram of the universe as crystalline packets of energy, which Thoth is calling “holocrystals.” The energy is in essence, recording waves of all that is or ever has…

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One thought on “The Holographic Universe

  1. Contemplating the idea of the God Particle, or Tetratryon, (the vehicle through which energy travels between different dimensions) brings me back to the subject of Dragons once again, for I re-visited your site discussing Melchizedek’s arrival here in Lemuria as the Dragon Star, “the one who came upon the fiery breath of the dragon to Earth. This was the ancient description of the brilliant merkabah that descended to Earth transporting the being Melchizedek from Venus to this realm, a story which was still remembered and told after all those ages had passed.” I realize that I have dragons on the brain, but is that significant? Are these things connected?

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