The Mata Rhu Ha – My Vision

Tribelight Station

My Dream-Vision

I saw two white horses tethered to a chariot. The horses were rearing up in the air and each leaning, straining toward the opposite direction, their legs thrashing the air, manes whipping in the wind and eyes rolling toward the direction they individually seemed to be pulled.

There were waves in the background that were churning, but where the horses and chariot stood, it was as if the sea had parted.

I could not see into the chariot as the rearing horses blocked my view – only the edges of the chariot were in view.

The horses were a shining white, like they were electrified and I could see the slightest bit of blurred white fire coming off their bodies, smearing in the direction each horse was being pulled toward.

Yet all moved slowly- like in very slow motion.

Thoth’s Interpretation

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