Over The Rainbow – Adendum

rainbow over Kauai
rainbow over Kauai by Faith Spina

I wish to thank everyone who responded in such a heart-felt way to my recent Over The Rainbow article!  It was a personal “movement” for me to write and publish it. Kind of a “bare my soul” moment.

For me, the question still looms – how can we really get in touch with who we are when we are spread out all over the place!  Thoth replies to me that when we are everywhere we don’t have to search very far to find us 🙂

More seriously stated, it is not about “finding” – it is about “being.” If we think we have to go and look for something, then we leave who we ARE. This brings us to how we can be “Light Anchors” (mentioned in “Over The Rainbow”) and not even know it . What is a Light Anchor? Well in the Thoth dictionary it means to hold a point on the Earth or a space inter-dimensionally of radiance with the specific purpose of balancing or amplifying light geometries and frequencies coming through our cells and DNA from Divine Intelligence.

Last year after I broke my hip and was recovering, I decided that I wanted to move back to Crestone, Colorado where Simeon Nartoomid and I had lived for seven years when we were married. According to Thoth, that area is the crown chakra of the planet. I never wanted to move from there and did so only for some lesser reasons. I have more recently been told that leaving there at that time, was another major timeline shift for me. But last year I only knew that I wanted to be not so isolated on this island and that  Crestone was my other (than Hawaii) favorite place on the planet.

However, moving there would be huge for me – in expense, and mostly in physical energy and planning. I don’t have many possessions, but getting Maia from point A to point B is never easy, and I wasn’t leaving my cats behind. Still, I was seriously planning to do this.

Two men I know on the island (Kauai) and consider friends – although we rarely communicate with one another – came for a visit to say in person that they did not want me to leave Kauai. They hoped I would re-consider. They said that I brought so much LIGHT here and they felt I was needed on the island. Well, I was completely puzzled by this. Since I never go anywhere or join in with the island spiritual community in things, how could this be? I don’t meditate (can’t still my mind), or do anything in my “sanctuary” here other than write my articles and make my videos and do some sessions – which I could do anywhere, since it is all over the internet. I do have some visitations and visions, but these come upon me and don’t occur as a result of disciplined meditation.

As it turned out, I realized moving off this little island was not a keen thing to do in my physical condition. Also, I began to feel that I really DID need to stay here – at least for the time-being, Now I look at what my friends said and think well maybe I am a “Light Anchor” here . . . one of MANY I am sure. If so, it certainly doesn’t require much effort to be one. But then what is really going on? I mean, what are we all REALLY doing here? It is the ultimate mystery and we need to be open to the possibility that we are doing and being and living so much more than we imagine for ourselves.

For more about being “other places” I refer you to my article on Kyi’Ra.

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16 thoughts on “Over The Rainbow – Adendum

  1. Maia, I was stunned when I read your Over the Rainbow article. Why? Because you sound like ME. I too live and work with special needs cats and have a limited life due to health reasons. I mainly exist in the spiritual realm and just recently have begun my own blog. My details are on my Gravatar.
    How do I speak to one who is me? So much comes through me, yet to this day, I hesitate to say anything. Lately, I am walking forth and breaking the silence. I like you have been on this journey all my life, born in 1957. SO much to say to you, but yet I find myself tongue tied.
    I so honor you for what you are doing. I bow to you as I see the Divine in you that is me.
    Love, Amy

  2. I understand completely…..I keep wanting to and planning to leave Glastonbury, and very recently, for similar reasons, I accepted that for now, I meed to remain here….Thank you for sharing your own feelings and helping me understand. Love Ashtara xo

  3. Hahaha me too. I live with my parents and two brothers in Singapore and I keep wanting to leave but somehow the opportunity never comes up. Even though I did go to Taiwan to study for 5 years and thought I would never return, my parents actually showed up to bring me home. I keep asking my guides why and the answer is always repeatedly, “Not yet. You have to be here for now.” Maybe the timeline I want to be on doesn’t allow me to leave until a certain right time.

  4. Interesting idea you might want to consider about holding ground. Military doctrine is always defensive but always ready to go on the offensive. Special Forces is the highest discipline of military thought, that being the force multiplier. What this means is that a small light is inserted into a dark place and axillary light bearers are trained and supported. Now instead of one soldier in the jungle, there are hundreds and even thousands. As a light anchor with no anchors around you, you cannot move, and should misfortune befall you, the light goes out and the ground is lost to darkness. There fore, you know where I am going with this, be a force multiplier and when you have at least three light anchors operational, then you are free to move on. What you have is real but if you don’t take it seriously and plan for contingencies, the enemy will! I suggest you tap three good souls on the shoulder, bring them under your wing and train them to be the local light anchors, have adopters ready for your cats and always have your go bag ready to go. The time is coming where you will not dare to give out your physical location but move silently like a fish in the sea spreading the light until darkness can no longer function. But until then, keep your wits about you. Why do you think Thoth is concerned about the time we are living in, why did he choose you as a friend, what is his goal, his master plan? I know he does not want to scare you because your a scare-de-cat. If he told you his fears you would be petrified. But know this, Thoth has lost more times than he won, but when he won he was spectacular!

    1. Dexter, being military is about as far as the spirit world as one can get. One cannot train another to anchor the Light. One is born with that ability for it IS who that person is. And I don’t know about Maia, but no one is about to take my cats from me, or I give them to anyone. They are my family and they are OUR assistance to this process we Light anchoresses find ourselves in, just because of who we are. It is like the fact you were born with the nose on your face…..same scenario with those of us who anchor Light. It IS who we are and we could not change that fact even if we wanted to.


      There is no fear except for that which resides in one’s mind. You have two choices. One, choose Love, or two, choose fear. Simple.

      Maia, if I am out of line by jumping in here, just know my Heart would not be quiet when I read Dexter’s words. And so I spoke Truth.

  5. Maia, I have known for a very long time that you anchor one end I the other as ‘Beacons’ of LoveLight. Just BEing.. the Light flowing through us. I was reminded of that recently and when I close my eyes.. I SEE. LOVE is so intense.. I cry in Joy. It fills me and flows out to embrace and comfort all of earth and those on it. We are linked to many other Beacons around the world in a huge gridwork as hubs. Thank you Sistar!

  6. To all Sistar’s who are light anchors ….may our love light manifest into 100% pure light for all that is and will be.

  7. Good Morning Maia,
    Maia, all the personal transmissions through the years I have received from Thoth via you are worn out pages of a book that I read and treasure. They have been a life line for me as I have traveled in this unknown world. If you had not walked the walk you had walked my “what if’s”…what would they had been???? I thank you. My Gratitude is beyond words. As for the recent work you are doing. It is important. A few weeks prior to the sasjimin “Flashpoint” I had this experience. I didn’t know what it was. For weeks I sat with what had occurred. It is a beautiful experience and yet the mind still would like to “Know”…. what just happened here !!!! And, then, there you were with the information. Thank you. A few questions. If I remember right in the earlier Rainbow Thoth said everything is about timing? Is the timing right now for you to publish? Publish in the sense you are making money. I love the short stories you have written about Thoth’s life in Atlantis. Why not write a novel about his life? Or two or three novels depicting each of his incarnations. With time enfolding right now the information is timeless. Let’s include Sekhmet. In an early transmission you and Thoth spoke about how I was in her Temple prior to Earth. Would love to see that Temple and know more. Can’t think of anyone who has really written about her in this way. In this world of endless possibilities let’s see you hiring your own private jet to take you to Crestone..if this is truly what you desire… in a few years after these books have become best sellers !!!! Love you, Cindy (JC)

    1. Thanks so much for your input Cindy! I don’t have funds to publish anymore right now until the book I HAVE published – BLUE STAR LOVE – takes off. It certainly has to potential to do so, but people have to find out about it first, and I am not able to travel around to book signings all over the world like most authors do. The one book signing I had here on the island – I sold all the books I had in my box – several people bought two copies – after an hour talk I gave! But I can’t travel to do this elsewhere.
      MY KAPAA BOOK DISCUSSION: http://youtu.be/S3ZdVNDhE9E

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