Over The Rainbow

This is my personal story, but it is relevant to all human beings . . .

A few months ago I was in the shower and my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa began communicating with me. This often happens when I am in the shower – I think water is a conduit for more than we realize.  What prompted this communion: I had been playing “What If” – what if I had not followed my life’s work with the Akasha and “channeling.” What if I had instead pursued a career as a singer, like I had started to do in my teens? Or maybe something else, like a service directly related to helping people in a very real and tangible way?

I am 64 years old. I began conscious dedication to the life path I am on at the age of 17. I have done nothing but this work since then, with the exception of  a 6 month period at the age of 18 working in Dairy Queen, where I dropped the red ink pad into the cherry syrup. The manager fished it out and then drawled, “Well at least it’s the same color” and he continued to serve they syrup! I promptly left my promising career in the fast food ( I use the word “food” loosely) business.

So in the shower I was thinking this “What If” and wondering how many people really were being helped by my rather high-faluting and far-out information that I cannot even say with absolutely certainty is REAL? Yes, I receive kudos from persons every so often…but I reach so few and is it even that important? Most people can’t understand much of what I write. I have been unable to make a living at it, despite all my efforts (although blessed to somehow have what I truly need anyway – one miracle at a time).

As I submerged myself into this morass of doubt and speculation, so Thoth entered my realm. He spoke to me of “timelines” first. He said that there are the major planetary timelines, but then there other kinds – right down to the sub-atomic structure. We as humans, change the timeline of our personal soul direction several times in one life experience. He then revealed to me some of these changes in my past.

When I wrote my manuscript Red Tree  (as Christine Hayes) I was 20 years old and living with my mother in San Antonio, Texas. We met the editor-owner of a  local publishing company. Her company, “Naylor” published Texas history and lore. However, she was so taken by Red Tree (on Lemuria and Atlantis basically) that she decided to publish it.  She was not really into New Age stuff (this was 1969) but she seemed to have an awakening moment with this manuscript. So we began with her the process of getting my book into print. During this time (she later told my mother and I) she was sitting in her office one day and her secretary said there were two people she did not know who wished to see her. She had them come in. She relayed that at this point, her sense of reality seemed to blur, but she did remember that a young-looking man and woman sat down opposite her and said something to the effect that it would not be a good thing for her to publish my book. She was not to do this. Then they got up and left.  She was shaken by this experience. Who were they and how did they know about my book – we had just begun the process of getting it ready for publishing. And then there was that strange non-reality of the whole episode.

Some days (or maybe weeks) later, the same thing happened again, only this time it was a different young couple. These two seemed to fill the room with a good feeling the moment they walked in, Still an aura of unreality seized her. Once again she could not remember much about it afterward, except that they told her it was very important to publish my book, It was the right thing to do. When the editor relayed these happenings to us, the look on her face was reminiscent of a person who was talking about an otherworldly “visitation.”

After the book was published, the editor instructed her staff to contact the Mike Douglas Show in Los Angeles  to see if they would have me on the program. This was standard procedure for Naylor. They had a contact phone number which they would call and give a pitch for the book over the phone. If the person on the other end liked it, they would tell the Naylor people to send them a copy to review. The same person did not always answer this phone, but it was the right office to call. So this was done. A person answered the phone saying “The Mike Douglas Show” such-and-such department and his name. The Naylor representative gave the pitch and the Douglas guy told him to send a copy of the book. So a copy was sent. A long time passed. The Naylor person called back the same phone number and another man answered. Naylor asked if they had reviewed Red Tree. This man said that he didn’t know anything about such a book. When the Naylor rep gave the name of the person he had previously spoken with about it, this man said that no such person worked there or ever had! They had never received the copy of Red Tree.

The editor of Naylor was so dumbfounded, she just let the whole matter drop. Not much was done to promote my book after that and only a short time later the Naylor Company went bankrupt. The editor gave no reason for this to us. It just happened.

So I said to Thoth…well what was so important about that book? I mean, it was just history of a long ago time, if real at all. He informed me that it was not this book which was important in and of itself, but the timeline it would take me down, had it been more successful (instead of taking a nose-dive into obscurity as it did).  He continued, humanity for the most part do not realize how they effect mass reality by doing small things in their lives. Obviously such a book would never had been a big hit. But something, somewhere along that timeline (had it not be diverted) would have made a difference in the mass consciousness and thus effected the major timeline.

Then he switched the view to another time in my past.

It was 1976 or 77. My mother and I were living in Carmel, California. I had been asked to go there by the Ultras I was by then communing with. This was just before Thoth came on the scene consciously for me. I knew I had a “benefactor” but the Ultras working with me had said he would not be presented yet. This would happen in August of 1977.  So what happened next was just prior to Thoth’s entry for me.

I had a female friend – I will call her here Dana, who had been living with us in Salt Lake City, where we had previously been residing. Dana had come with us from Texas to SLC, as she wished to be in on the experiences we were having, and take the “journey” with us. However, she had met a man (I will call him Bobby) and had gone to live with him in Arizona. As far as I knew, she was quite happy. We wrote each other letters (no email then) and all seemed well. My mother and I had met him and he seemed like a nice guy. I had not the slightest concern about Dana and her life until Noel (the main Ultra working with me) contacted me one day and stated that Dana’s life was in danger. She must get away from Bobby immediately! Well . . .

I was mortified, to say the least. I replied that I could not possibly tell my friend this! She was HAPPY with this man. But how could I NOT tell her? I anguished over it for it some hours and then finally relented and wrote her a letter (I didn’t have a phone number for her). About a week later I received a call from Dana. She was calling from a phone booth and her voice was shaking. She proceeded to divulge her current state of affairs. Bobby had been very possessive and jealous. He would not allow her to go anywhere without him and would lock her in their bedroom when he went out alone. She had told no one about this – certainly not me. Somehow, she had gotten out and was now in the phone booth.  She asked me what she should do next. . .me. I was supposed to tell her what to do next. Well, I had no idea. So I went to Noel, who translated for me HER guide Ishmael, who said she was to go to Sedona and stay there for awhile. Dana responded that she didn’t know anyone in Sedona. She wanted to come to me in Carmel. I received loud and clear “No, she is not to come to Carmel.” I opened my mouth and said, “Of course, Dana, you can come here.”

She did. My mother and I lived in a very tiny cottage by the sea. There was no room for Dana, so she took another cottage nearby (these were a bunch of tourist cottages).

Well of course Bobby knew right where to find her. She was with us in our cottage when he banged on the door, yelling for her to come out. She climbed out the back window, jumped in her car and took off. Bobby in hot pursuit, but she lost him.  About a week past and Dana had seen no more of Bobby. She now had a job in Monterrey.

Then one night we heard a polite knock on the door. The man identified himself as a detective. He was in plain clothes, but showed us his badge so we let him in.  He informed us that as Dana had been leaving her work place, walking across the street to her car, Bobby had shot her with a shotgun! It had hit her in the hip. She was in the hospital now and doing okay, as it was a light wound.

Then he told us that we should get out of here. When he said this he looked scared. Not a good sign. Apparently Dana had told him that Bobby had always been talking about me, saying I was a bad influence on her. She and the detective felt my life was now in danger.

Well, we wanted to get on a plane and vamoose! But Noel came through and said, no don’t leave Carmel – drive up to Carmel Valley and stay there. We did. The next day the detective called us. Bobby had been pulled over by the police, but before they could get to the car, he killed himself. On the car seat was a letter he had written, saying he was going to the hospital to kill Dana and then to our cottage and kill me and leave my mother alive to suffer. End of story.

So in laying out to me these two examples, Thoth said that in both these instances, by timeline was drastically altered. He then stated that much had come together to bring me to where I was now. I said, well where AM I? I mean, l live alone with my cats and rarely go anywhere due to health. I do a few sessions, put out these little articles and the videos that hardly anyone sees….not a lot. It was then he told me that I would…or have in the past  (this part wasn’t clear to me) touch someone who would touch someone (or several someones), etc to change the main timeline in a way that needed to happen. Wow! Well, okay. So I dried myself off and went to my computer, where I would spend the rest of the day, as usual.

About an hour later I was on FaceBook, when a private message popped up from someone I did not know…and before my unbelieving eyes I read (I have permission to share this):

Hello there from London just a quick line. no response needed. I started reading your blogs and material around 7 years ago and it sparked a burning interest in history and anthropology that I have kept alive since! I was 22 back then and I’m approaching my 30s now. Your blog was literally the gateway to 7 years of spiritual and esoteric studies.

It took me on a true magical journey where I met many good friends and learned loads. I was a young slightly scared unemployed mum back them who was in the wrong crowd. Your writings gave me the strength to straighten out my life and raise my son in a spiritual way. And of course my son knows who Thoth is Now we live in a safe clean neighborhood not far from Saint Pauls.

One day Ill tell you the full story and its a strange story indeed But most importantly I was able to rebuild my relationship with my parents in a way I never thought possible the are very proud that I actually took the spiritual path.

Is this the first person in the chain of people Thoth mentioned? I don’t know. But I do know that her contacting me only an hour after my conversation with Thoth was no coincidence.

Here is the important message of the story . . .

Each and every one of us makes decisions that create new timelines on some level that can, and often do, effect the main timeline of the planet – of our shared human experience. When you desire to do good your connections will work for the good of the whole in ways you cannot begin to imagine! And then there is the fact that we are often LIGHT ANCHORS in the Earth at certain places we go or live – even if we just sit there. But that is another story. All potentials and possibles await us somewhere over the rainbow.

* * * * * * *

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16 thoughts on “Over The Rainbow

  1. Maia Kyi’Ra Nartoomid,

    Hello, and

    Thank you

    So many distractions; we all enjoy the beauty of the flower [ apple blossom above], and indeed the FRUITs that follow.

    Most with no Thought of the workings, or indeed welfare of the sower of fruits. As seen below [ such a small ‘foot print’ ] but the results – are great.

    From one flower to a tree to an orchard.

    As you have said many of your works/writings are not understood (by me) however, that which has been digested, grasped and planted – this new understanding has become an integral understanding to my Life. [ I’m sure you will be able to confirm this ]

    The cascade continues:

    My understandings- coalescence of light and Source is not expressed in my name ( nor is it ever mentioned ). However, I am fortunate enough to have a good friend [ author and orator ] who is able to express my streams of Light – understanding into the spoken and written word which is heard and read throughout the world.

    So, the bee does have a family !

    Yours, with Love


  2. Oh my my, Maia. Your words and videos touch many more than you know. Early this morning on my first day on the Big Island, I was looking out at the spinner dolphins entertaining me with their joyful presence. Wondering how I ever got here. I did the whole “What if’s” scenarios. But this is exactly where I want to be. Could have gotten married, done many other things, I was just questioning those very things you stated above. Thanks for the synchronicity with your post. By the way, you age wonderfully!!! Keep on shining for the rest of us! I am sure there are many more stories like mine of folks who are so inspired by you. MUCH LOVE and ALOHA

  3. Dearest Maia,

    I remember I found your website after a white falcon dived by and almost hit me in the head while watering the garden. That event caused me to google “White Falcon” and find your work. Please know how grateful I am for you being there for us all. Thank you, Maia!
    Love, gwen

  4. Dear Maia,

    Your articles are amazing.I do really get the main point of what you are trying to say.
    Your heart always shines through your work. Iam so grateful you have the courage and determination to do your lightwork for the masses. You have helped me to start remembering an ancient time when I was a healer.Thanks for the teachings,
    and for loving all beings.

    Much love and many blessings for all you do Maia,

    E. Marie

  5. Hello Maia, THANK YOU for being the LIGHT ANCHOR that you are. Your story of self doubt and questioning is exactly what I needed to hear. I keep telling myself that everything we do has a ripple effect – like a pebble dropped in the ocean. We have no idea how we impact the whole by small acts. May all our thoughts, words and actions be guided by kindness, compassion and love. Keep shining on, angelic one!

  6. Maia… My precious sister whom I have come to love …. I look soooooooo forward to reading everything you write!!! Maybe, above all, you are my link to my beloved friend Thoth – whom I have been connected to for as long as I can remember. YOU bridge the gap for communication for me since I am not aware of my abilities to make the type of connection that you do. For that, I am eternally grateful. You also have the courage to say and put out information that is highly controversial but so necessary to reveal. You are my inspiration!!!! I have prayed for your well-being from the first time I heard you have health issues (though I know not what) and will continue. Know, I actually depend on you, as I am certain so many others do, as well, for everything you share!!!

    With deep love and gratitude ….. Elaine

    PS. and can’t wait for our session!!!!!!

  7. Your story about time lines hit a mark. When I wrote FOE I realized that my time line changed forever. I became focused, exacting, purposeful and very very careful…

    On page 166 are three verses:

    3:49. But the Eagle of the Future
    From where no time exists
    Has thrown the Ace of Heaven
    Into the Game of Life.

    3:50. And all Heaven watches
    In unaccustomed trepidation
    As the gamble of the ages
    Increases it’s stakes
    To the pivot point.

    3:51. Will it be
    Resurrection or Revolution?
    Righteousness or Violence?
    Equity or Apathy?
    Praise or Rage?

    My dear, have you heard these words before?

  8. My story is different, but the core is the same….I often sit and wonder why, what am I doing here, and if I am making any difference to anyone. My thoughts are often identical to yours in the shower….I found your writings about 7 years ago, quite ‘by accident’, and when seriously researching or searching for some kind of confirmation of my own insights, writings or chanelling, I somehow always end up on one of your websites or pages…….interesting indeed….Many blessings, InLa’Kech x

  9. Dear, dear Maia, Thank you for your integrity and your pure intention.
    What a great heart, what an enormous strength! Your CATHEDRAL prescence is massive. It carries infinitesimal subtleties of light. I know you, you know me.
    Deepest union is yours , never doubt it!

  10. Wow! So Glad You shared this personal revelation concerning your personal life! As you have said, Maia, Your life can impact others across many timelines! I think many “feel” as if their actions in life do not matter,, and the powerful influence “We”, have in every instant of our being! God bless You! Love and Light, Frannie!

  11. Many Thanks for your Thoughtful Words, and your life of service. I, too, continue to share the beneficence of my Higher Self with humanity with little feedback or reward. However my greatest joy is to offer this service, and it is hard to imagine life without being engaged in a manner that does not share these Gifts, no matter the cost. Your example and guidance is a constant reminder of the Higher Path and has clarified much for me since beginning to read your posts. Know that you are deeply appreciated by many souls like myself that are silently receiving your gifting. Blessings to you, dear friend of light.

  12. I found your work through guidance of the One and for that I’m grateful for you and your inner mentor Thoth.
    All Love,

  13. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Maia’s work has always been information I resonate with. More often than not, I don’t understand what she and Thoth have shared but that actually doesn’t feel very important to me. She feels like a kindred spirit to me and I love Thoth. It’s always nice to read something personal from either being and this sharing is lovelier than ever. Thanks, Maia and Thoth.

  14. Maia,
    There are so many words that one can say when it comes to deep appreciation. This is how I feel when it comes to you and your web site.
    It goes hand-n-hand energetically enhancing my inner well-being and strengthening my know-how as I continue to recognize the time lines of inter-communicable realms of loving kindness that take the lead.
    Yes, LIGHT ANCHORS, we can be…feeling the warmth of the rainbow with all the potentials and possibilities that await us right there within our reach as we merge into the frequencies of so many colors. Right here, right now. Sending Love and many Blessings.

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