A Brave New World

A re-blog from my Tribelight Station.

Tribelight Station

Responsibility and bravery are inter-linked.  Often fear tempts us to ignore our responsibilities to ourselves and others. We are now being required to step up to the plate and truly announce ourselves to the world – and what we stand for. Not in an oppositional manner, but as a proclamation of our integrity and an act of pure deliverance from the masking of truth.

Simon Parkes is an active Whitby (UK) Town Councillor .  His mother and grandfather worked for UK military intelligence (MI5/MI6). I certainly place Councillor Parkes high on the list of the Brave at this unprecedented time for humanity.

Please watch this short video in order for my comments below to make sense.

Some points:

* I am told Simon Parkes is genuine in his public declarations.

* What Parkes states about there being  two types of “Illumanati” agrees with what my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa.

* There…

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