Maia’s Visions 0_0

The other night I saw in my mind’s eye a circle of mountains – I thought – but later Thoth tells me this was in a cavern deep inside the Earth – not “Interior World” but deep, immense cavern.

Amid the points of these inner “mountains” I saw what could only be described as Illumined human-like Beings. They were each individually surrounded by a crystalline light field – sort of like a test tube turned upside-down over them. They were standing erect in this crystal-light substance. I felt a building, a synchronizing of energies among them. It was almost as if they were having crystals grown within them.

So I ask ThothHorRa: Can you tell me who these beings are, what their purpose is and where are they?

Thoth: They are the Dubakai or Crystalline Ones from the 12th dimension. They are becoming attuned to the crystalline matrix of your Earth now – deep inside a cavern cocoon beneath the Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. The cavern system they are within is connected to the one of Carlsbad, but running much deeper in the Earth.

Their purpose – when the time arrives – is to inject crystalline fields into Earth’s hyper-matrix of crystalline charge (this created by all the natural crystalline geometries of the planet). These “new” crystalline micro-fields will enable current humanity to integrate them into their DNA – when each individual is ready and personally activates their ability to do so. This is not a force insertion. It is a divine pattern of the Pure Gem, extended to humanity and seeking it’s source (human DNA) when the host opens like a flower, through inner direction.

As the Pure Gem frequency becomes more and more integrated into the Crystalline Matrix of the Earth – it forms the new placenta of humanity. This will then by degrees, eliminate the viral tendencies of the human race and set aside the electromagnetic intrusions of those souls / being who have insinuated their agendas into the mass consciousness of your world.

The Dubakai then, are a major “assistance program” to this delivery. Who are they and from whence do they come? They are the finest most rarefied human element of EARTH brought forth into a hyper-crystalline composite. They were not created in a laboratory, but through the natural connection between the best of Earth DNA and Ultra-DNA of your Kindred in the stars. This was done through willing consent of all involved.

Their processes respond to tone – music as you would hear in the most angelic of choirs. Some humans will hear the music when they are activating with the Dubakai and some will not. But the tones will be entering the body – the DNA during activation.

Understand that all these New Earth / Pure Gem activations (not just the above) are part of a large process – one step at a time and sometimes overlapping.

* * * * * * *

In the past 8 months I have seen 3 “people” in my house. All but one visitation was at night. One was a young Israeli soldier ( I simply knew this). He has been to me twice. Another 2-time visitor is a young and quite striking black woman – she wants to be known as an “Afrikaner.” She wears what you might call designer African clothing. Definitely contemporary. The third appeared to me about 2 weeks ago, only once so far. She is a young oriental woman, dressed in an oriental style, but again I did not feel this was back in time – it was more contemporary style but of the oriental design. She was smiling at me, hovering over my bed and reached her left hand out, with something in it to give me I felt, but did not actually see her hand – just extended arm to the wrist. Thoth tells me that these 3 persons are not ghosts (which I thought them to be), but quite alive. They are part of the Inner Light Network  on the planet and are connected to me in the work we all do together – with others as well. He was not so informative on why they were appearing to me at this time, but only that it was part of my inner-plane service in the ILN on-going now.

This may explain why, through the years I have had people tell me that they have seen ME in their room at night – always the person (whomever) says I am wearing a white robe.

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