My inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa has stated that with the passage through the doorway of 2012, we have entered a New Epoch, which he calls Ishoa’Bel or Christed Dawn. Before we arrived at this Epoch, Thoth showed me how many things that had been concealed through falsity, would come undone and into the light…and that much of it would create long-denied situations that we, as a world populace, would have to deal with. NOW THAT TIME HAS COME.

We are seeing emerge things many of us had known existed but most turned a blind eye to. Now they can no longer be denied: The concealing of the Extra-Terrestrial presence on the planet, GMOs, the NSA’s nefarious operations, and now…the nuclear disaster of Fukushima looming upon us.

Yesterday, at our Water Consciousness meditation-synergy and talk on Wellspring Island in the virtual world of Second Life, ThothHorRa suddenly “opened the scroll” for me and I began talking about something I had not known before…

All those souls on the Earth who were born between 1945 – 1963 came in on a soul-cycle Thoth is calling sasjamin, which loosely means “the transporting” or “mirroring.” While each soul has it’s individual purpose in life, there are over-cycles or birthing waves that reflect a greater “Yuga” these souls sustain (using the term Yuga metaphorically).

Thoth also informed me that these birthing waves are encapsulated into larger and larger birthing waves, each given a vibrational consideration within the scope of planetary evolution. This whole understanding was developed in the First Land of Mu (Lemuria), but as a universal science, it was brought to Earth from Venus by the first Melchizedek (who was an incarnation of ThothHorRa).

The sasjamin soul-cycle is now being “erased” from the time line. What does this mean? The souls of this cycle are now ready to perform their “Yuga” purpose, which is to vibrationally “leap” from the cycle which brought them into this world, to form another cycle which will carry the “flashpoint” of the sasjamin into the New Epoch.

A flashpoint in this instance, is a light flash coming from the DNA of the infant at the moment of birth. It is activated by the first breath! This flash sears into the crystalline matrix of the planet, as well into the Akasha of that world….for us the Earth. The flashpoint contains all the data – the light codes for the development of planet as a World System and the linage of that incarnating soul – genetic, para-genetic and soul family. This “flash” imprints into the crystalline matrix of the planet the information the planet needs to stay in sync with the souls it carries – their passage and the planet’s in alignment with the Purpose and Plan.

So now allow me to repeat the paragraph above:

The sasjamin soul-cycle is now being “erased” from the time line. What does this mean? The souls of this cycle are now ready to perform their “Yuga” purpose, which is to vibrationally “leap” from the cycle which brought them into this world, to form another cycle which will carry the “flashpoint” of the sasjamin into the New Epoch.

Thoth reveals to me that the sasjamin cycle upheld certain “creation codes” – keeping them incubated so to speak, that would be destroyed in the Earth by the atomic age – the dropping of nuclear bombs on Japan and the subsequent testing of many even more powerful nuclear weapons in the years to come. Included in this picture are other forms of exposure from man-made nuclear devises, most especially the nuclear power plants.

Thus, the sasjamin souls – all humans born between 1945 through 1963 – contain what Thoth is referring to as “creation codes” which have been largely destroyed or severely compromised, due to the tampering of humanity with nuclear energy in such an irresponsible and careless manner. These codes still remain in tact deep within “sealed chambers” of the crystalline DNA from all souls whose flash point fell within the time frame of 1945-1963.

From among those who incarnated during that period and who are still embodied on this planet, will now either transfer their flash point to a new wave – where the codes can be sear into the crystalline matrix once again, or they will choose to leave this world without doing so.

In order to understand this fully, we first need to look at why this cycle is being erased and by whom or what.

As incarnated souls finish their life span and leave the planet, so each cycle is gradually diminished. When the last soul of the cycle leaves, so the cycle it’s as a viable energy wave, leaves with it.

Yet with the sasjamin cycle it is necessary for the flashpoints of the souls of that cycle who are now still inhabiting Earth at this time, to be transferred into a new cycle that is not a normal birth cycle of this world, but a transitional cycle into the New Earth. In other words, this “new cycle” is the first of several which will build the soul platform within the New Earth Star. It’s uniqueness at this time (there may be more like this coming – I do not know) is that these flashpoints from a previous incarnational wave cycle are being transferred into it.

Some souls who were born between 1945 – 1963 leaving this physical state will transfer their flash points before they pass, and others will not. Some will make this transfer many years before they transcend, some will wait until their last breath. Each individual comes to this choice internally, based on many factors of the incarnating soul. There is no “right” or “wrong” in the decision.

The fact that we are coming to a new cycle with our nuclear karma as a world populace is no coincidence in the order of things.

* * * * * * *

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2 thoughts on “Flashpoint!

  1. Hello
    I am part of the synergy group in Crestone with Bill. i was born in 1947 and saw the nuclar tests at the age of 6 in the desert of Nevada from 100 miles away. At the age of 27 my mother and brother both died of cancer. It seems my destiny in this incarnation is as one who hold the portals for both entry and exit from the body. This information is very helpful to hear to say the least. I am now turning my home into a center for conscious transition and transformaton as a result of this unusual destiny. I work with both infants to release their birth traumas and adults in their exiting process. And those in between with the transitions of life. I have lived on Cottonwood Creek for 23 years in the same location here in the bush of the Sangre de Cresto Mountains. Thank you, DEANNA Elliott

    1. Wow Deanna thank you for sharing this. A piece of history to see the moment of the beginning of the atomic age. I am so sorry though, about your mother and brother. We are entering a New Epoch now, and the old is breaking up…time for the world to let it go. Your work sounds inspiring. Bless you, Maia

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