The Sacred An & 13th Crystal Skull


Shortly before I moved to Crestone, Colorado in 1994 (where I lived for seven years), I was given by my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa, information on this region – the San Luis Valley – a high mountain plateau in the Sangre de Christo mountains.

 The San Luis Valley, with the major node being Crestone / Baca Grande / Great Sand Dunes region, is the crown chakra of what Thoth calls the “Ascension Temple” of the Earth. The Ascension Temple is the manifestation of Ascension dynamics in the Earth, containing the “Golden Taya” lands – the Light encodings of which will “ascend” with humanity and other living creatures of the Earth, into the “New Earth Star.”

 It was also revealed to me by Thoth that one of his two “retreats” was in a mountain there, which he calls “Crest-In-The-Stone.” The town of Crestone is nestled near it. His other more ancient retreat is beneath Lake Titicaca in Peru.

 In addition, he informed me that the “Sacred An” – the true Ark of the Covenant – would eventually be brought into his retreat of Crest-In-The-Stone to it’s “Thresholding Chamber” awaiting it there. The subject of the Sacred An is a detailed one, not simple to explain in a few sentences, so I have included links below for further information on it. However I will say here that it acts like an awakening / sending-receiving crystal, and is moved to various locations on the Earth at different times. It was brought to this planet from the Blue Star Rigel in Orion to a temple present at that time, where now is the city of Lhasa, in Tibet. Thoth brought it to Atlantis and then to the Sinai. It has been to other locations as well, but is currently in it’s Thresholding Chamber within Mt. Sinai.

 Recently I have been told that Crest-In-The-Stone and indeed the planet Earth are in the final stages of preparation to receive the Sacred An into it’s Thresholding Chamber within Thoth’s Retreat at Crestone, where it will stay until the “Old Earth” is no more.

 ThothHorRa has established the Sol’Ra An Harkharis or SAH to facilitate these preparations. It is an order / energy streaming in which certain persons on Earth and Ultra-Beings work together, creating vortices of substantiation which allow the Sacred An to be activated within the Crest-In-The-Stone, and for future Programs of Light issuing forth as a result, to be carried out to their completion.

 There are two other major points involved in holding the vortices of substantiation in place (in addition to the Crestone-Baca-San Luis Valley). One is of course, Mt. Sinai, which contains not only the Sacred An at this time, but is a repository of the Illumined Master Menon. Menon and ThothHorRa are two shall we say “Regents” of the Harkharis or Solar Seal of the HorRa. We could view Menon as the Keeper of the Sacred An and Thoth as the Overseer of the Divine Plan of the An.

 The third point on the Earth holding to vortices of substantiation for the Sacred An is the Hawaiian Island of Kauai (where I now reside).

 The Hawaiian Islands contain the GemFire Matrix of the planet. Kaua’i is the location of the Phi Gate,

 Kaua’i is the oldest of the island chain and therefor has more actual ground that was of the original MU Land (Lemuria). Mount Wai’ale’ale on Kaua’i was the original volcano (much larger then) central to the continent of MU – it’s font and creation point.

 The Big Island is the Root Chakra of the Ascension Temple (remember, Crestone / Baca region is the Crown). The whole Hawaiian chain then, essentially holds the “root” of the Ascension Grid through it’s role as the GemFire Matrix.

 Within Mount Wai’ale’ale is a cavern containing one of the 72 Dweller Crystal Skulls. SerRA’fana, Thoth’s Twin Ray had previously stated to me about this skull:

 Atu’La Hunuapepe – High Priestess of the last Goddess Temple to stand on MU (Lemuria – the Hawaiian Islands are remnants of this Motherland). Her skull was changed to crystal ( a process of alchemy). With the breaking up of MU, so it was taken to the highest place of the Mother (MU) and there placed into Her mouth (cavern). It survives there to this day.

 Her soul was from among the Star Lords…She is a “Dweller” being. She holds a point for the planetary grid of the Dwellers.

 I had the distinct feeling when SeRA’fana told me this, there was much more about this crystal skull she was not revealing at that time.

 Now she is unveiling to me that the soul of Atu’La Hunuapepe was herself, and that turned to crystal, her skull represents now the 13th Living Crystal Skull! I say “now” as it has merged with the Higher Dimensional Being of SerRA’fana – that one which shall come to Earth as In La’ketch – the 13th Dweller!

 The 13th Dweller and thus her Crystal Skull is intimately linked to the Sacred An. The Spirit residing within the An – the TRUE ESSENCE of it beyond it’s presence as a device, IS the In La’ketch.

 The other night in Dreamtime, I was within the chambers leading to room of Atu’La Hunuapepe’s crystal skull.

I saw many ancient painting and carvings on the walls – pictographs, but different from the kind we are used to seeing in caves.

 I am now being shown how certain areas of Kaua’i and Crestone-Baca are interconnecting and forming a working pathway for future events with and related to the 13th Crystal Skull and the Sacred An Ark.

 ThothHorRa speaks to me of what he is calling “Teacherships” being infused within certain persons on the planet to be able to instruct the Language of Light coming from the Sacred An as it merges it’s energy field with the Host of it’s purpose: In La’ketch, through the 13th Crystal Skull.

 Here is where I find myself as Kyi’Ra involved with the Sol’Ra An Harkharis – the SAH. As my higher self embodiment of KyiRa like many of us now, I find myself peering into the pool of my expanded consciousness, even if “Maia” isn’t quite there yet. But I have glimpses…feelings of “her” / “me” working within the SAH.

 As I was creating my latest video THE HARKENING, I felt Kyi’Ra more than Maia…and I knew SHE had been at the helm within me since birth but just now am I truly recognizing this, and in doing so, “her” presence grows stronger in me.

 THE HARKENING is an activational video which has the potential to quicken one to their own higher self expression in the New Turning of the Wheel. The “You” in the “All” spins unlimited possibilities from the multi-faceted crystalline cocoon of the entire Self Being, in which the identity you claim now is only a particle of the Great Being you are. We have known this intrinsically of course, but now we are beginning to apprehend it as a physical, scientific reality. It is becoming less etheric and more visceral. More internal to our purpose and function as a human being in the here and now.

In a way, the Sacred An is a repository for US as a human history…not Neanderthal spawned but Light engendered. Which history shall we claim, take to our bosom, and through which we shall blossom forth into our future?

 We genetically come from two different cosmic strains and thus planetary histories. One is from the primal tree…but the other, the more ancient, is from the budding of the LOTUS Realm…that full-blown Creation of LIGHT that binds us all together as ONE, eternally. The Sacred An comes to us from the LOTUS Blossom. It carries the keys and codes of simulating those very keys and codes within us.

As of January, 2014: The Sacred An – Update


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