Thoth on Various Topics


The following statements from Thoth came from a personal session, but they apply universally.

Q) Kindly explain the Law of Karma today?

Karma is a man-made directive. It is held in place by mass consciousness and the belief that to err is ungodly. Dharma is GRACE – release from guilt and judgement through self-awareness.

(Q) Where does my responsibility towards my loved ones begin and where does it end?

It begins with LOVE and ends with LOVE. It ends when you realize the loved one is entering a path which they must follow in order to grow, even if painful to them. Your responsiblity is to LOVE them and support their life journey decisions in allowing them to proceed without trying to control their actions.

(Q) When are we ready to decide what is right and wrong for others if we do not know their own particular dharma-karma path?

You are never ready to decide what is right or wrong for others…only for yourself.

(Q) If fighting is not allowed because in defending oneself and one’s loved ones, you amass negative karma – what is allowed as a reaction then?

To defend one’s self and family is not dishonorable. It is part of the place in consciousness where Earth human are at this time…it is what is in your HEART when you act in physical defense that is most important.

(Q) What is the best way to pay for my mistakes?

TO LET THEM GO. Place them behind you and not in front of you. Release the object of the lesson, but not the wisdom of it.

(Q) Are my loved ones paying for my mistakes?

No one pays for another’s mistakes…they grow from understanding their own choices and where it led them.

(Q) If LOVE is all there is, how would you define love?

It is a state of Being in which nothing can define you, motivate you, beyond the WAVE of Loving Presence. You carry a LIGHTNESS and cannot become distracted from that field of Grace. Love is the ultimate POWER. Daniel subdued the lions not with a sword but with the heart. THEY LAY AT HIS FEET for he created a vibration of LOVE so strong they gravitated inside it and became it with him.

(Q) What is the real message of Christ and how should we live it, share it, spread and anchor it?

TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER. This beyond all else. You love not by offering what you have to give to another, but by BEING Love and extending that vibration out through every act you make and every breath you take. Then every offering you make is a holy breath. Every action you put forth is an act of God.

(Q) What is heart coherence?

“Coherence” is to be aware, awake, present, understandable, communicative. “Heart coherence” is to center that presence in the heart. Then it becomes a signal, a vibration, a wave form, reaching out through the universe, connecting to all things.

What is OF the world will stay WITH the world. It is the BEING that moves out from the Shadow and into the Light. Be in the moment with your prayers and dedication to the Light and you will see the larger picture unfold. Otherwise, you see with the eyes of the “world” and not the “Being.”ThothHorRa

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