The Harkening

The Harkening


My latest video “The Harkening” opens the scroll to the next stage in Ascension Consciousness as revealed to me from the akashic streaming of  my mentor ThothHorRa and an alternate embodiment of mine, Kyi’Ra.

In my work, mythic symbology often clothes scientific principles and cosmic events. The fabric of the story unfolds the true consciousness and action taking place. This format continues with “The Harkening.” Like all my videos and art, “The Harkening” is created as a trigger for deep, personal activation, as well as seeding global consciousness. When you watch these videos, you are not only quickening yourselves, but adding to the creational matrix of the reality being presented.

The following is a review of THE HARKENING by Simeon Nartoomid

The Harkening Video
A Prima Sound-Light Experience

Maia Kyi’Ra keeps producing truly awesome videos! Her skills keep getting better and better and this allows her to bring her highly creative higher-dimensional nature into better expression much to our benefit!Her latest creation is “The Harkening” which is a follow-up to Magdalene Starseeds transmission which occurred on 3/8/13 as many of you will recall. Maia Kyi’Ra outlines a bit more about the unfolding of this new epoch ThothHorRa spoke to in her previous channelings.Make no mistake about it, we are IN this new epoch right now! I love how this video experience addresses and emphasizes the expansion of our awareness regarding our inter-connectedness and inter-relatedness to the natural and animal worlds!Maia Kyi’Ra gives some of the main places on the planet that have specific light-encoding that will act as main facilitator nodes for this New Earth energy!This is something you will really feel deeply in your being as you engage it! The combination of imagery, words and music is truly masterfully done!

The Harkening Video by Maia Kyi’Ra
(requires premium access – subscribe)

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