The Original Article (2013)

A few days ago, a friend was sitting in my living room and speaking deeply about something. I suddenly saw her as a 10-year-old child standing in a clearing in the woods with a glow about the area like intense moonlight. There was a woman with her, an otherworldly woman. I knew it was me – my “other” self as Kyi’Ra. I knew in that moment that Kyi’Ra was another embodiment of my soul.

Ky’Ra opened her hand and a small luminous sphere floated from it toward the child and into the little girl’s heart. My friend, as this child, seemed very blissful about the receiving of the light sphere.

This experience lasted only moments for me, Maia. Yet it was very profound and “real.”

When I discussed this with my friend she told me she would have been ten years old in 1977. This was a very pivotal year for me in my spiritual work and life. Among other things, it was when I consciously connected to Thoth. My Ultra guardians had been telling be for some years that I had a “mentor” who I would come to know consciously in time. that time was 1977. I was told to go to Mt. Shasta for initiation with the Illumined One, Thoth – who was my “benefactor.”

As for my friend, at the age of ten she had a serious accident that caused her to have a near-death experience. She feels it was at that time her current soul “walked in” to the embodiment. None of this was I aware of until I related to her the Kyi”Ra experience in the woods.

I have since received…

Kyi’Ra is the most expanded aspect of my soul that is currently in an incarnation, ie a physical body of some degree of substance (there being many levels of “matter-physical”). Her physical genetics are a mixture of Blue Star Rigel, Pleiadean and Sirian.

She is not an Illumined Master, she is simple “me” – my soul on another level of my being, yet she is a separate incarnation from “Maia.” She can travel inter-dimensionally and is sustained in that power and presence by the Star Merkabah of Al’On.

A Star Merkabah is a generating field of superluminal LIGHT that has an ordered circuit, a specific energy display and manifestational parameters, It is liken unto a “spaceship” but it is not in its intrinsic form, a physical object.

The Ali’On Star Merkabah is projected from its host, the ASHA’RA’EL To quote from a previous transmission:

These are the Asha’Ra’El – the Blessed Ones of the Shining Eye of God (meaning of Asha’Ra’El). They are living beings and of the same basic substances as are the Lotus Loci, but their purpose is different. The Asha’Ra’El have come now to aid in the re-genesis of Earth. In this context “re-genesis” meaning a re-birth into a New Earth Star and thus World System II. (Earth is currently in a World System I.)

The Asha’Ra’El as with the Lotus Loci, contain many parts to their whole and can also host other life forms within them. In this sense the Asha’Ra’El are “spaceships” or more accurately, Merkabah – some containing whole communities of  human star kindred.   read complete article here

So I was shown that Kyi’Ra was me in another body within the Asha’Ra’El in the specific Star merkabah of Ali’On. Further, it has been revealed to me that my entire life mission as “Maia” is the same as “Kyi’Ra” – and it is this “life mission” which I began when coming out of the womb in this life. Kyi’Ra was already over 2000 years old (in linear time) by the time “Christine (Maia)” was born.

It is important to realize that my dual incarnation in this manner is not rare. We all have multidimensional and alternate incarnations in some for or another. This particular format of the Star Merkabah “expanded consciousness aspect incarnation”…Kyi’Ra and the down to earth Maia is one of over 2,000 souls in the Star Merkabah of Ali’On who are incarnated both n the Merkabah and here on Earth.

Then the Ali’On is only one Star Merkabah within the Asha’Ra’El. Not all souls incarnated on Earth are of the Asha’Ra’El (meaning being hosted within it), but what else is “out there”? So you can see that all humanity has other incarnations in other dimensions, same dimension, or something we can’t even contemplate.

It was requested by Thoth that I share this about Kyi’Ra, as she is the key part of “me” that streams my life mission into Maia and gives it definition and purpose. Those who are resonate with my work then, will have a better understanding of it and perhaps greater insight into why it attracts them.

Now I am to share with you more about the “Life Mission” dynamic. Even though this is attendant to Kyi’Ra / Maia, it is a global project which affects all humanity. My Life Mission cannot be separated from the information and teachings coming through me and now is the time for the whole hologram of what I deliver to be understood as “whole” – as what it is and why it is.

The Program Assembly is the RA*STAR 2000, which represents an entire 1000 years of fulfillment – from the year 2000 to the year 3000.

The Activation Corridor is the PTAH THRESHOLD, a universal gateway energy amplitude through which souls will interface with the recapitulated Adam Kadmon,

The Controller Node on this planet is the PTAH HOLD within the labyrinth near Lake Moeris in Egypt (which is also the command center for the Giza Plateau).

The “target” which creates the time-space accelerationn field is a large etheric crystal – the Mu’Amid – underneath the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, beneath which lies the Temple of Solomon, and under that temple is a more ancient Temple of KU. In the center of the Temple of KU is the Mu’Amid Crystal.

The Pyriethum Labyrinth, Giza Plateau and Dome of the Rock are the key nodes in the Mu’Amid Vector . Of interest I also see that this vector includes a portion of the White Desert in Egypt, I wrote about this region several years ago.

Muamid Vector

So altogether what IS this dynamic and how does my Life Mission / information and teachings which I have channeled and translated for 45 years now (as of 2013) nest into this?

The Mu’Amid Vector is in Rayship with the Ptah Threshold. The “recapitulation” of souls with the Adam Kadmon (link) template means that the souls incarnated in this Earth (and dis-incarnate if they are still within this planetary energy field) must recapitulate with the original template of human form (AK) on this planet in order for the human DNA of Earth to unfold in a firing sequence to create the Pure Gem Body.

I googled the meaning of the word “recapitulation.” There are various definitions, depending on the matrix involved. For “biogenesis” it is stated:

  1.  The principle that living organisms develop only from other living organisms and not from nonliving matter.
  1. Generation of living organisms from other living organisms.
  2. See biosynthesis.
  1. The supposed recurrence of the evolutionary stages of a species during the embryonic development and differentiation of a member of that species. Also called recapitulation.

Then I went to “biosynthesis”:

(Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Biochemistry) the formation of complex compounds from simple substances by living organisms

I won’t delve further into it, but this word “recapitulation” does take on a more dimensional understanding in relationship to transformation of the Adam Kadmon template to produce from its original encoding, a new form we are calling the Pure Gem Body. This “new form” is really only an updated version of the original AK body.

In the last few years, it has become more evident to me that my core work is with the New Earth Hologram and the Pure Gem Body. These subjects nest beautifully within the RA*STAR dynamics as given above (the Mu’Amid Vector, Ptah Threshold / Hold, etc.

It is ironic that my Christine/Maia embodiment has been sickly since birth and yet I am “here” to work on various levels with the Pure Gem Body formation – mainly through information and energetic art and videos, but also I see now, through Kyi’Ra on other dimensions as well.

I consciously began receiving information on the Pure Gem Body in about 1975. Around 1980 I first received transmissions on the New Earth Star.

It seems that the name “Ra” is strongly associated with the Ali’On Star Merkabah (at the very least). I do know that Simeon Chi’Ra and Karen Ani’Ra are from this merkabah as well.

There is also a strong connection between the Ali’On Merkabah and the Temple of Lakina, which Simeon originally received information about.

Simeon and I physically were allowed inside the Dome of the Rock via unusual circumstances in 1997 and we were able to touch the Stone and also go underneath it.

When I now ask why I am given this “Life Mission” insight now in the latter part of my life cycle, when I consciously began my spiritual work at the age of 17, I was told simply that now is the time…the New Epoch is upon us and I (like everyone else on the planet) am beginning an accelerated phase in my Life Mission.


UPDATE: October 2019

I have now received more information about my Kyi’Ra self. While the Rigel, Pleiadean are within her genetics, these come together in a unique way within those Thoth calls the “Hesperus” of Venus. Venus. like Earth, came from the Blue Star Rigel – quantum leaping into this solar system. Not the rocks and trees, but the etheric bodies.

The Thothic Record revealed to me years ago that humans and dolphins come from the same cosmic-genetic vine. They separated upon entering the lower domain of Earth. The Hesperus are a remnant of that original being, which is still existent on Venus.


My artistic rendition of a Hesperus Dolphin Master within the Inner Earth.

11 thoughts on “Kyi’Ra

  1. Thank you for all this sharing and information, quite amazing and special times that we are living through and are part of.
    As I saw this post I knew I should share my dream this morning I believe I saw Kyi’Ra, [Shi’Ra has confirmed via Simeon that it was her] she had beautiful pure white hair , pale silky skin and striking blue eyes, with her she had a white poodle dog who also had the same blue eyes, his hair around his ears was fashioned in a shaped cut. What was noticeabley odd was that his head was oversized for his body, being very slender and with spindly legs.
    She was with another dark haired girl and it was like I was going to take her order for food. Simeon was also there taking orders, the place was full. I remember thinking I wanted to take a photo of them, her and the dog as they looked so wonderful and I was excited as I knew who she was,
    Then I sensed there was a transmission from La’Kina but I could not recall what that was about on waking.

  2. I love what you are saying here and resonate strongly with what you state about the RA-2000, the Ptah Threshold, the temple of Lakina and the Al’On Star Merkabah.
    Thank you Maia for sharing this information……It has triggered many memories for me.
    Many blessings of love my dear…..RayMond Tao’Ra

  3. Hi beloved Maia, great article. You mentioned it during the Skype call with THR we had on Saturday. As one of the people who resonate deeply with your life’s mission, with your work, and who aims to share it to the best of his abilities with other interested people on the Continent, I can only say I’m amazed and thrilled once more by what you write. More to share with my Quarams in Belgium and the Netherlands, great to learn and grow through your light teachings. Much love and blessings, in the Name of Isho’a and Mary Magdalene, Bart

  4. Thanks for sharing this, Sistar. Even if you don’t consider yourself an Illumined Master, you have been a beacon of wisdom and love for many of us, and your work is very inspiring. Now I understand why I resonate with it much better.

  5. Thanks you Maia! My heart leaps every time I see you’ve made an entry and I dive into it with much enthusiasm. It is an understatment to say I feel resonant with the information you express.
    I certainly feel that acceleration you mentioned as I seem to be ‘re-membering’ more every day. Your work is a huge part of my re-membering.

  6. This is beautiful Maia and I resonate with all of it particularly the comment about “We all have multidemensional and alternate incarnations in some form or another ” as over the years I remember this as well .You explain it all so wonderfully, I have been drawn to travel to some of the places you mention and have felt a great longing to return from time to time. Thankyou so much for sharing this with us it has triggered many memories for me. Blessings and Love Sister of Light .
    Dorothy Tara’Ra

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