The Hallelujah March

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In recent articles and videos I have related information on what my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa is referring to as the New Epoch. He has stated that on March 8th,2013 is a demarcation of this Epoch (although really it is not one single date that determines it’s beginning.) This demarcation is attributed more to both an astrological alignment and event coinciding at that time which substantiates the beginning of the New Epoch or Ishoa’Ba into the Earth-Human continuum.

The central node on the planet for this substantiation is Tor Hill in Glastonbury. Beneath the Tor (in an overlapping dimension) lies a sarcophagus containing the body of the warrior-priestess Torhannah in a suspended state. I have written on this many years ago, and will provide a link at the end of this article. Right now, I wish to keep you with me on this train of thought.

Torhannah was / is an incarnation of the soul of the mother of Ishoa (Jesus).

In matrix of the planetary Ascension grid, Glastonbury – it’s power node being the Tor – is the Temple Gate / Chakra of the Brow or Third Eye.

On the date of March 8th, 2013, beginning at 12 noon and concluding at 12 PM (in the time zone of Great Britain) The Magdalene StarSeeds will become quickened in the Earth through the Ascension “Brow” of the Tor. In essence, these StarSeeds are coming from deep space. My video, Rose Mystica and the Magdalene StarSeeds relates more about this event and gives a personal activation with it.

During the window of 12AM-12PM GB Time, a gathering will take place. The sequence is as follows…

  • the soul of Torhannah (Mari, Mother of Ishoa) will enter the body of Torhannah and re-animate it.
  • She will then enter a chamber beneath her sarcophagus. Here is will open the Veil of what is mythically referred to as Avalon. From Avalon will come the procession or “Grand March of Hallelujah” – a Praise of the Becoming of the New Epoch. Many from the Avalonic Realm will participate with those of the outer world who attune to this March.
  • Every individual in the Outer who is present with this March will have their own experience of it. Some may experience phenomena, other simply an supreme joy and lightness.
  • You need not physically be present at the Tor for this experience. Yet you will place yourself there nonetheless (if you choose to participate). However those who are present there at the Tor will be within the envelope of the Shining of the March.

To what greater purpose does the Hallelujah March serve? It is a pronouncement, a prayer, an offering and a PRAISE…it is an ENERGY of CONNECTION to the Magdalene StarSeeds, which shall bring them into fruition.

While Torhannah is the soul of Mother Mari, Mari of Magdalene is the High Priestess of Avalon (using mythic terminology), She shall lead the Procession TO the Tor, and join hands (speaking metaphorically) with Mari-Torhannah in creating a bridge between the two WOMBS of the CHRISTOS! From which the StarSeeds shall become fertile.

To be continued….

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9 thoughts on “The Hallelujah March

  1. Does the lifting of the Veil have anything to do with re-activating the human capacity to interact with the Sidhe and Faery people? I ask this because at the time of King Arthur, it is said that the door between both worlds was closed. So when I ready this I felt as if we could somehow re-open that door from this date onwards.

  2. Maia, for over several months now I have this pull or awareness of going to glastonbury in connection with Mary Magdalene,, not knowing why but the pull is very strong, has this energy got anything to do with the knights of the templer and the plant orion. I had a download some months back of a beam of light coming from Orion hitting the round table of the knights of the templar and radiating out in I wasnt sure if it was 9 or 13 directions and then being shown that not only does the DNA change within the earth but also within our own physical bodies, it was said that it has already happened on another plane but will now happen in the physical. I also have being drawn to go to the Isle of Sky off the coast of northern scotland, does this have any connection. I also have images of our higher selves on the planet Venus and I can feel and see that those parts of our higher self from Venus is beaming light rays down here onto my physical self. It is all amazing and wonderful. Many blessings. Emma

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