ThothHorRa on Striking the Balance in Your Light Working

ThothHorRa as depicted in the virtual world of Second Life
ThothHorRa as depicted in the virtual world of Second Life

from ThothHorRa through Maia on 1/15/13:

As one engages deeper and deeper into universal energy work it is important to strike a balance with the world around them. They are in danger of loosing perspective otherwise. The mind can tend to focus so intently on what it deems “important” that it looses contact with what really IS important – in fact essential to the incarnated soul…that is to live each day in conscious awareness of one’s surroundings and in daily appreciation of LIFE itself.

Secondly, over-focus on the “importance” of the “work” can lead to a mental and emotional dependency on elevation of self. No one person or group of persons is crucial for any Great Working of the universe. All being is valued, loved and important in their participation in life. How they choose to live it is crucial to their personal spiritual growth and in that way, benefits the evolution of the whole. But it must always be kept in sight, that this does not isolate the individual from the importance of each other individual nor does it elevate them above anyone else in what they do or how they choose to do it.

Focusing so intently on highly esoteric work can by the nature of its non-revealing parameters (ie the aspect of its Mystery) easily draw the ego into a greater intensity and sense of importance. If a heavy emphasis is placed on the importance of the “work” then the ego vicariously connects to that “all importance” and feeds from it.

Maia: I would like to comment on the above…

What Thoth is speaking of here, is something every Light Worker on the planet has dealt with in some degree at some time or another in their current incarnation. There are possible exceptions like the Dali Lama, but who knows, maybe he had a go with it in an early stage of his life as well. This dance with ego is not always obvious when out of balance. It can happen in any path of life. If you are what the New Age community calls a “Light Worker”, ie actively engaged in spiritual processes to aid humanity and the planet – then the possibility of being sucked down the rabbit hole of ego is even more apt to occur, as “saving the planet” tends to take your attention away from self-reflection.  The transfer to over-identification with ego  is usually subtle, but can create frustration, anxiety and blockages in your life.

We tend to think of the “ego” as the Boogie Man, but it is part of US – we need it in order to function in the world. Yet its true place is as a servant of the heart-mind. The ego has a pesky habit of wanting to control the mind and be the top dog, guiding our perceptions of who we are and what we are. But it is smart and sneaky. It doesn’t usually perform it’s maneuvers in a way that will alert us to what is happening…at least not at first.

According to Thoth, the ego over-steps its bounds only when it is not given proper direction. The first step in directing ego is to recognize it for what it is…that part of the incarnated being that wants to feel ALIVE. We go around a lot of the time not really feeling alive, but sort of betwixt and between. To feel alive is to feel the joy of living energy pulsing through the body – the sheer happiness in the moment that comes when the MIND and the HEART are in union, and the body responds with that wonderful, tingling knowing of  I AM!  Now, see there is where the ego resides – in the I AM. Without it, we would be a bunch of zombies in our physical lives, not attached to anything and with no direction.

The ego is rightly in charge of centering the I AM (identity) in the incarnation. It roles up  its sleeves, gets out the planning board and the sticky notes and says… “Okay, what’s next?” If it doesn’t get an answer, it creates its own plan, and that is where the trouble begins. The ego is not good at plans – it is good at following orders. So without the order sent down the loop from the higher self, ego will start creating on its own. Ego is very imaginative, but it likes to build all the stories around itself as the central figure.

The best way to avoid “Egoitis” is not to ignore it or try to shame it into behaving, but to invite it into the program and give it its proper job to do. You are supposed to feel good about yourself – to recognize yourself as a Child of God and a Living, Breathing SEED of Divinity! Your ego will hold that shining mirror up to you. This is it’s “God Job.” The more you appreciate the Divinity in you and in everyone and all that exists around you, the more the ego will be in its true seat of power within you.

An imbalanced ego causes the incarnated persona to isolate itself in “self-importance” – robbing it of a sense of unity with all that is. This unity is where the true power and glory resides. Often, in an attempt to control the feelings of imbalanced ego, a person will feel hopeless and powerless. This will squash the ego, but abusing ego is hiding from the shining Light of the I AM. So a balance must be struck. LOVE the ego and treat it as a part of the whole that is you. Keep communication open with it and let it do it’s God Job.

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8 thoughts on “ThothHorRa on Striking the Balance in Your Light Working

  1. So timely! Balancing out in such ways is a challenge for me given my physical limitations and living in a cold climate; ergo, I tend to focus on my work because it keeps me from getting “cabin fever,” as it connects me to spiritual beings/info I like connecting with…). But great advice. Thanks Thoth and Maia.

  2. Maia, I have posted this outstanding “ThothHorRa on Striking the Balance in Your Light Working” to my local community egroup, my ‘spiritual family’ egroup, and friends. (including proper credit). And it has been posted to others from there. Here is the first reply or comment I received …
    “That’s the best description of the ego I’ve ever encountered. Thank you, Param.”
    blessings …

  3. Thanks Toth and Maia.
    I was getting out of balance and did not get it, what was happening, just before reading your test. Yeeh what an influence a subtle opening I kept for the ego suddenly had. Had to take charge of the ego and say I love you but you have to keep yourself in order, also a good task for the ego.

  4. Thankyou Maia/THR, Very timely comments for me, as I navigate the ‘way’ of truth in my life, often tripped up by my Egoself as I battle for ‘One-ness’… Inviting Ego on the Path with you & taking responsibility for its sometimes misdemeanours, is like bringing a friends toddler for a walk, finding the right balance between allowing the pure Joy of freedom & the care needed to bring the child into ‘order’ if necessary, without spoiling or damaging the experience! Thankyou again, ML Denise

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