12/03/12 Planetary Alignment with the Giza Pyramids

Please watch this short video first…

Thoth is stating to me that indeed 12/03/12 is an important date for planetary alignments with the Giza Pyramids. All is not exactly as has been represented on the internet about it, this is true. But there are multiple alignments occurring with the Giza plateau on that date…the most important one not visible to our current scientific observation.

Recently, I made a video entitled OPENING OF THE LOTUS on the significance of the Great Pyramid (and thus the Giza plateau) with the Ascension dynamics of this planet. Even tho I just created this video, I honestly did not know at that time about the December 3rd alignment, nor is it implied in the video. However, this video does reveal that the Great Pyramid is the major timepiece to activating Light Principle 40 – the “start” button of planetary ascension. It would stand to reason then, that the December 3rd alignments are of great importance in the whole Ascension dynamic of which Giza is so key to activating.

So how do the 12/03/12 alignments fit into the whole Ascension dynamic with the Great Pyramid and Giza plateau? This is a broad topic, but essentially it creates an electro-magnetic pathway from the center of the universe to the Great Pyramid – opening a Gate that has been closed for 2,737 years. This “opening” remains for a short time, but during that time hyper-itons from Orion are drawn directly into the Earth through the Temple of the Risen One (Great Pyramid). This triggers an effect of activation throughout what ThothHorRa refers to as the Solar Maja – a grid of 72 pyramids around the globe (some yet to be discovered in this current Age). It is like connect the positive and negative wires to the right electrodes. Then the charge will be set. Not for some grand explosion, but for a WAVE of energy, creating a non-locality event. This will release our planet and it’s world consciousness from linear time – just long enough to set us on a new course. The December 3rd alignment sets the charge. The energy wave which will activate a micro-second of non-locality will take place on December 21st, 2012. We are speaking here of a micro-second. Few persons on Earth will notice it in any way. But afterward, the whole Light Program of Earth – its template of actualization – will be set upon another course – the hologram of the New Earth will indeed be interfaced with the elemental components of this planet and our physical bodies of starlight.

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