Rainbow’s End ~ The Ark of Noah

Archeological findings in the region of Ararat, Turkey within the last few years leave little doubt that “Noah’s Ark” has been found. Not on Mt. Ararat, but on the nearby mountain. However, according to what ThothHorRa revealed to me in 1996, there are three arks of Noach, which set sail together, and all three came to rest in the Ararat region. One on Mt. Ararat and the other two nearby.

The following is from issue #3-1996 of my former publication, Temple Doors…

The Keys of Enoch, key 303 verses 65 & 66:

“The Seraphim lifted the ark of Noah and his seed into the heavens and then returned it safely to this planet so that the Kingdom of God could begin again.

“Thus, the work of the Seraphim is to protect the Hokhmah, the Wisdom, and the holy seed by summoning forth the proper ark, and seeing to the readaptation of life upon the land during all Noah-like deliverances where the intervention of higher intelligence is necessary.”

I came across the above passage in ‘Keys’, after having received the following excerpted transmission from Thoth on the incidents around Noah and the ark:

Thoth: “At the time of the sinking of the major portion of Atlantis, Noah’s was one of many ‘arks’ which was carried upon the waters of the ensuing Flood. Noah however, was not on the continent of Atlantis, but in an eastern Provencal island in the Mediterranean. His special place in history is derived from the fact that his ‘fleet’ of arks were assigned by the Solar Legion. (The Solar Legion was a high council of ‘Sun Born’ or humans with strong Solarian genetics, who oversaw Solarian activity on the Earth.) They were to carry forth genetic strains that would break a major Niphilimic hold on the Earth. Unlike the other boat refugees, Noah’s fleet of three ships was guided through a time rift which was ‘open’ due to the Atlantean inter-dimensional tampering which resulted in a linkup of various time nodes during the time implosion. When the waters lifted his vessels afloat it was the year 9,010 B.C.. His arrival on Mt. Ararat was 2,343 B.C., thus Noah’s ships were indeed ancient time travelers. (In the book, ‘The Incredible Discovery of Noah’s Ark’, by Charles E. Sellier & David W. Balsiger, there is a quotation from Nicholas of Damascus in around 30 B.C., who wrote: “there is in Armenia a great mountain called Baris, where many refugees found safety at the time of the Flood, and one man, transported on an ark, grounded on the summit, and relics of the timbers were long preserved.”

Also, in the same book, the authors display a photograph of another ship’s hull possibly buried on the mountain in addition to the more visible vessel remains.)

The purposeful displacement in time of Noah and his three ships, was accomplished in order to bring Noah’s precious cargo of progressed genetics (in the specimens aboard) through the ‘eye of the needle’ past the seals set by the Niphilim. There have been three major floods since 9,010 B.C. E.) the most cataclysmic, which was caused by the time implosion, at 9,010 B. C. E. A lesser upheaval in 5,115 B.C. E. caused by the comet Kemesutra. The flooding begun in 2,345 B.C. caused by further pole shifting. All three of these cataclysms are actually individual components of a larger one.

The time implosion in 9,010 B.C. caused a grid separation at the point in time-space in which the Earth was positioned. Remember this event was not singular in time, but strung out on many points of the holographic time field. Thus, when the time tsunami was peaked with the Atlantean tampering, all these damaged nodes came together and were then flung apart again. This caused a grid separation, which in essence means that various time frames could bleed together in certain ways. Understand that in this transmission, we are giving you a very simplistic picture of a very complex event, containing within its context whole sciences of thought as yet unknown to you or your companions on timeship Earth. Once the grid separation occurred, the Earth’s second moon which was destroyed in the 9,010 B.C. E. implosion, became several comets. Several of these comets struck the Earth, with others coming close enough to greatly effect the poles. These moon fragments came down in several different time frames however. Thus, the comet Kemesutra of 5,115 B.C.E. was actually a fragment of the moon destroyed in 9,010 B.C.E.

The book, The Incredible Discovery of Noah’s Ark relates the disclosure of a David Duckworth, who is now a security guard in Farmington, New Mexico. Mr. Duckworth claims that when he worked at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. in 1968, he came across information which led him to believe the institution was conducting secret expeditions onto Mt. Ararat to photograph and examine the ark. David Duckworth further states that he saw a sarcophagus which he was told contained the preserved body of a male that had been found in the ark. To quote Duckworth:

One of these, a box, was an oblong sarcophagus-like thing that I was told later was made out of alabaster. It had a sliding panel on one end that slid down and everything. Later on, this same fellow told me that they found the body of some fairly important personage from the Bible in it covered with resin. They said they had reason to believe – and I don’t know why – but reason to believe it was Noah.”

The authors of the book wonder if the body was either Noah’s or perhaps that of Adam, since they state that one of the books of the Apocrypha indicated that Adam’s body was aboard the ark. I asked Thoth for his comment on this material:

Thoth: “The alabaster sarcophagus contained the preserved body of a man named Gimel, son of Hershab. There are other such preserved bodies in Noah’s main ark, three in all (meaning there are two remaining). On the other two arks a total of three bodies remain (two on one of the arks, and one on the other).

These bodies contain specific genetic codes that can break the next Nephilimic seal. All these preserved personages were of pure Solarian strain, thus they were all ‘Adam Kadmons.’”

In The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Manly P. Hall quotes Hargrave Jennings:

“In Gregorie’s works is a passage to the effect that ‘Noah daily prayed in the Ark before the Body of Adam….It may seem strange that this orison should be daily said before the body of Adam (but) it is a most confessed tradition among the eastern men that Adam was commanded by God that his dead body should be kept above ground till a fullness of time should come to commit it to the middle of the earth by a priest of the Most High God….This body of Adam was embalmed and transmitted from father to son, till last it was delivered up by Lamech into the hands of Noah.”

According to Thoth then, the ‘body’ mentioned in Gregorie’s treatise on Noah is more than one ancestor, whose bodies were preserved and utilized for the purposes of genetic storage devices for the Adam Kadmon blueprint.

The diagram below is also reproduced in ‘The Rosicrucians’, by Hargrave Jennings and The Secret Teachings of All Ages, by Manly P. Hall. It typifies highly esoteric correlations between the Adam Kadmon through the genetics of Noah and Jesus Christ with the Ark and the Heavenly Zodiac. Manly P. Hall writes in part on this diagram:

“A study of this plate discloses the ark to be divided into eleven main sections, and along the base and roof of each section are shown three subdivisions, thus making in all the sacred number 33. Occupying the position corresponding to the generative system of the human body, will also be noted the cross upon the door of the central section. Two openings are shown in the ark: one – the main door – representing the orifice through which the animal lives descend into physical existence; the other a small window proximate through the crown of the head through which the spirit gains liberty according to the ancient rites.”

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3 thoughts on “Rainbow’s End ~ The Ark of Noah

  1. Maia,hello.This is interesting ,some of it confirms some of my private research ,dreams ,and genetic memories .The rh neg blood seems to have its oldest mention around the Caspian and Black Seas,which was one ocean.Very few of my people are left [Old Ones] and my maternal line is almost extinct.[mtdna hg I1a].
    And ,you know ,new dna discoveries in the Americas.The discovery of various ruins off Cuba and in Iberia.The evidence of a much older culture worldwide .Before the world of modern man.My people are dying ,we go extinct now.Thank you.Eda

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