The Ice Canopy

The above photo has been circulating the web. It was taken during the time of Hurricane Sandy. This scene gives a slight glimpse of what the skies of the “New Earth” will reveal perpetually, as is true also of this planet’s Inner Earth realm. Although the Inner Earth and the New Earth that awaits us, demonstrate far more spectacular displays.

The following is an article I wrote for my then publication, THE SOURCE in 1981 (issue 3-81).
MR. ISAAC N. VAIL (1840-1912) developed a concept which he anointed as the “Canopy Theory,” postulating the presence of a high atmospheric cloud covering and encircling the Earth in prehistoric times, consisting of ice crystals. To quote from the publication “Earthfire 2” on the subject:

Just how plausible is the idea of a water canopy once existing at such a high level? There are several likely altitudinal candidates which even today exist as possible ‘remnants’ of the prehistoric canopy: at the 22 mile and 50 mile levels, thin, pearly clouds of ice crystals are sometimes seen, called nacreous and noctillucent clouds, respectively. Atmospheric conditions are right at these altitudes for the creation of much larger suspended ice crystal formations, if water vapor could somehow be ‘pumped off’ and ‘held’ in those regions. Still higher, above the stratosphere, is an area called the troposphere, which borders on the edge of space, and here, between 80 and 85 miles above the Earth, is a specific layer called the thermosphere. Here, the temperature reaches well above the boiling point of water, and remains constant day and night. This layer has the potential for holding indefinitely a vast quantity of water vapor, and there is evidence that it may have done just that, for traces of water-cluster ions have been discovered at that altitude. As to what happened to the ancient water canopy can be found in the Genesis story of Noah’s flood. Genesis 7:11-12, 19 reads: ‘On that day the windows of the heavens were opened and rain fell upon the earth forty days and forty nights.’ Clearly, no normal rainstorm in the atmosphere could have created so vast a quantity of water, the only answer is that the ‘windows of heaven were opened’ refers to a collapse of the old water canopy and the sudden and tragic precipitation of what would have been perhaps millions of tons of water from high in the sky onto the surface of the Earth.

SUBTERRANEAN RECORDS confirm the existence of this water canopy in what the inner inhabitants of this planet call the “crystal veil” above the surface of the Earth in ancient times. For the dwellers of the interior, the canopy is not so removed from them by time, for their atmosphere still harbors a similar canopy… a crystal veil. In Issue 1-80 of The Source is stated…While the solar orb is without atmosphere, suspended in airless space, the Central Atoma (central sun) is within a field of density at the very heart of a matter-sphere. Within a few miles of the corona the atmosphere is so heavy that a thick hydrogen vapor is present which bursts into illumination. As the Earth rotates on its axis, variations occur in the density of this vapor, or Helia, causing different intensities of light.

Between the Helia and the interior surface of Subterranea, there exists a form of ice crystal canopy, which interacts with the effects of the Helia to create beautiful geometric impressions in the ether. However, the inner canopy is somewhat different from the ancient outer crystal veil. The inner version is not as consistent a layer, but forms more in circular patterns in the sky, like giant lenses placed in grid fashion throughout the inner heaven. As the Atoma pulsates, so the intensity of the inner veil canopy increases and decreases. The clouds of the canopy consist of a different composition than the ancient outer in that there is a greater etheric charge and more hydrogen and oxygen contained within the crystals. This, combined with the vastly different polarity fields and gravity-constant of the central cavity, create unique properties not present in the ancient canopy. Yet, the basic conditions and effects of the two canopies are the same.

Continuing from “Earthfire 2” on the ancient outer canopy:

…if the ‘heavenly’ covering was composed mostly of hexagonal-shaped ice crystals (just as ‘remnant’ clouds found very high up in the atmosphere are today) it means that the sun’s and moon’s rays passing through the crystals have been refracted, creating halos and other spectacular atmospheric phenomena. Today we see these ‘light shows’ on rare occasions when conditions are just right, and they take the form of ‘mock suns’, rings, light circles, arcs, ‘sun pillars’, ‘crosses’, and ‘sun-dogs’; but thousands of years ago, with a crystalline sphere in place overhead, such halo phenomena would have been an every-day occurrence, and prehistoric man could not have failed to notice them.

Such megalithic stations as Stonehenge were, among other geo-cosmic purposes, observatories for the geometric form evidenced through the crystal veil of the Ancients. At the poles, the light formations refracted through the crystal veil would have been especially prominent, as they are at the polar windows within the planet. In the publication Stonehenge Viewpoint:

The reader will recall the claim made on a former page (of S.V.) that all canopy ‘portions’ must eventually pose in the polar sky as majestic archways; that these forms though fiery and lurid under the blaze of the hidden sun would appear like a great mountain heap of concentric curves, and each curve would conceal a portion of the true sky, and the whole mass, as we learn from the Book of Job, is represented as something ‘stretched’ or arched over a small portion of ’empty space’… a number of these arches would make a stupendous ‘arcanm’ or cosmic depository. The upper portion of this mountain heap, being vastly nearer the observation of southern Europe, would appear to be made up with a congregation of portions whose lower parts would run together and unite as in a vanishing-point in the north horizon, or perhaps below the horizon. A very appropriate name for such a heap would be the ‘Mount of Assembling’ or the ‘Mount of Congregation.

In Issue 3-80 of The Source I state…All manner of habitation within and upon the Earth sphere exists through the inter-penetration of spirit and matter. Thus, as the solar wind of the Earth Atoma moves through the vibra-plane, via the surface Earth chakras, both major and minor, it must pass through a receiving station within the central habitation, and this station is the Sacred Center of all Earthen matter, the great mountain of the SAF-FIRE, which could be analogous to the aorta of the heart (Atoma).

All of the sacred lands of the Earth (especially the high plateaus and mountains) are channelled through the subterranean mountain of the SAF-FIRE. It is within this holy mountain that all Earth’s nature forces are united with the Spirit.

The Mountain of the Saf-fire is composed of the polar concentrations of the inner crystal veil and a density of the ice crystals so matter-orientated as to be attached to the plain of the inner world. The “Mount of Assembling” is seen within the central cavity at both polar openings as a reflection in the heavens, appearing mirage-like at certain periods during the contraction and expansion of the Atoma cycle. Since the inner world geo-symmetry is concave and not convex, as is its outer shell, the refractive and reflective power of the Central Earth’s ice canopy triggers a greater transportation of image through its light-wave medium, focusing its polar light at a common center between the poles.

THE ACTUAL LOCATION of the Saf-fire Mountain – the point where it densifies to attach itself to the inner planet, is in the “center field” or “travex” of the inner plain. The travex is the point which is geo-cosmically (according to all planetary relative fields of association) the center of the terra firma of the interior world. (Not to be confused with the center of the Earth as a hollow spatial cavity – the center of this space being the Atoma.) The Saf-fire Mountain or “heap” is the cosmic surveyors’ golden mark of the travex. In the upper reaches of the inner sky, the Saf-fire is refracted light – haloing, arching, cascading in the heaven – a glory of color, a melody of light as it pirouettes in sun dances with the changing Earth Tides. The middle portion of the Saf-fire is denser, less brilliant and more diffused. The lower region of the Mount becomes more and more solid as the ice crystal lattices bind into closer geometries, forming the glacial heap attached to the Earth. Because this Assemblage is focused through a strong magnetic field (the central sun using the crystal Mount like a conductive coil), temperatures are low only within a narrow radius of the mountain.

Inner Earth ice crystal canopy – art by Maia

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3 thoughts on “The Ice Canopy

  1. Thank you for reminding me about this as well as bringing forth the info about the “light sheath”.

    Both will assist me greatly in the expansion of my heart and unifying with the Son/Sun in order to be one with the FATHER.

  2. A thought came to my mind. Is it possible to travel to other planets through the ice canopy of the inner Earth? Is this sky somehow a veil among dimensions?

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