Ishoa’Ba – The New Epoch

ThothHorRa has shown me how the Sacred Sites (as we call them) are re-calibrating now with Galactic Center. This process is expanding the energy information which individuals are able to receive from these libraries in earth and stone. In doing so, this “information” in the form of light codes, feeds the bio-system with the New Earth programs on a level previously not possible for most.

Thoth is referring to the beginning of a “New Epoch” for humanity, when the sacred sites, crop circles, DNA, Light Ships…all DANCE together with Gaia and her creatures in the last waltz of our Time here in the transforming world of our creation. He is naming this New Epoch ISHOA’BA, meaning the Bringer of the Dawn or Christic Dawning (Ba: heart, light, illumined, dawning).

Such things do not really have an absolute demarcation line, but Thoth is giving an anchoring point date of March 8th, 2013, due to certain stellar alignments at that time.

Entering the Epoch of Ishoa’Ba or Christic Dawn, so we leave behind much of the Old World energetically perpetuated throughout our lifetimes – both individually and collectively. We come to the Rose Mystica Door and knock…and are received. From this time on, we are given decisive assistance in rising above the electro-magnetic pull of the past and embracing the Rapture of true Heart Intelligence – the Heart Ascension!

Thus, those places which especially hold the equipoise of Light and Dark (dark as the Void and not evil) will offer us a new way of experiencing the dimensions, beings and energy within us, as we come into communion with these Ancients – who lead us now, into our Future.

2 thoughts on “Ishoa’Ba – The New Epoch

  1. Hi Maia,
    What a wonderful quest you are undertaking. I would love to be of assistance although I have no experience in arranging such journeys. One part that struck me is the word Tashsab’va. When I clicked the definition I got recall of a dream I had in 2008 where i was going to be taken on a UFO, but was telepathically told that when the 7 merkabah align, I would be contacted again. So seeing the “merkabic worlds with the 7 jewels in the key of Toth brought me right back to that dream. Cool!

  2. Maia FYI we will be running a 3-day workshop re the March 8 event, the Crestone, CO light group.

    Yours Aye
    Bill Buehler

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