Tepoztlán and the Ships of Light

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Tepoztlán is a town in the Mexican state of Morelos. It is located at 18°59′07″N 99°05′59″W Coordinates: 18°59′07″N 99°05′59″W in the heart of the Tepoztlán Valley. The town serves as the seat of government for the municipality of the same name. The town had a population of 14,130 inhabitants, while the municipality reported 41,629 inhabitants in the 2010 national census.

The town is a popular tourist destination near Mexico City. The town is famous for the remains of a temple built on top of the nearby Tepozteco mountain…

Tepoztlán was named a “Pueblo Mágico” in 2002 but its title was removed in 2009 for not complying with the rules. In 2010 Tepoztlán fixed the problems it had and recovered the Pueblo Mágico title.

According to myth, Tepoztlan is the birthplace over 1200 years ago of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent god widely-worshipped in ancient Mexico.

It has not yet been possible to determine who first inhabited the area. The earliest findings of pottery and other ceramic utensils date back to approximately 1500 BCE.

By the 10th century CE the Toltec culture was predominant in the area. Tepoztlán is said to have been the birthplace of Ce Acatl, a very important Toltec leader, later known as Topiltzin Ce Acatl Quetzalcoatl, and who may be the possible historical basis of the Mesoamerican god Quetzalcoatl. – Wikipedia

According in my inner planes mentor, ThothHorRa, the Valley of Tepoztlán and most specifically the area of the town of Tepoztlán or “Pueblo Mágico” is a major inter-dimensional node on the planet. It was here that the being Quetzalcoatl. Had his most sacred temple. He was not born there, as he was not born on this planet. Thoth told me years ago that his soul was an incarnation of Quetzalcoatl.

It is in the Magic Valley that Ships of Light are sighted in dramatic close-ups on an ongoing basis. The most famous of these are the experiences had by Tepoztlán resident, Carlos Diaz.

Thoth speaks to me of the Alma’Retu – the Atlantean vault beneath the Temple of Panchu. Within it are many wondrous artifacts and books. In another chamber of Panchu is a golden statue of Quetzalcoatl.

I do not know the exact location of the Panchu Temple, as it is not the small one near the town.

The portal is quite active and has been since before the time of Quetzalcoatl. The Light Ships seen my the residents of Tepoztlán are mostly from what Thoth calls the Unimanity Confederation, which includes Rigel in Orion the Pleiades and Sirius.

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4 thoughts on “Tepoztlán and the Ships of Light

  1. My name is Roy Fox of Townsville Australia, email: rodifox@ymail.com in March 1973 at Perth, Western Australia my wife and I and another unkown witness had a very close encounter with an identicle orange /red ufo which had a black rectangular panel? window? at the front. This ufo interacted with us for a unkown length of time. in 2002 I came across a photograph of this same ufo taken by Carlos Diaz in Mexico finally after 6 years and with the help of Sr Jamie Maussan I visited Carlos Diaz in Mexico and spent a couple of hours talking with him at his home. We discussed our shared common experience regarding our encounters and the ensuing ongoing results of this amazing and beautiful experience. I made another trip to Mexico 9 months later. I assure you absolutely that the ufo is real and I am willing to undergo any scrutiny, polygraph etc regarding our ufo experience.

  2. Hello Roy, I`m from Berlin, Germany and my name is Friedrich. – December 1970 I went
    to Mallorca, Spain, to partake in my teacher training course with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on Trancendental Meditation. We have been asked to do as many “Rounds” as possible. (Round = Yoga Asana, Pranajam (breathing technic) Meditation.) After about
    3 weeks, I wake up at night and the room was filled with light. Outside in the sky I saw
    something like the full Moon, but a little smaler. Every night for about 2 weeks, always by around 2 o`clock, the thing took place. Then the next night I`ve been waken up,
    standing on my head, arms and legs in very complicated Yoga position, afraid how to
    come out of this, somehow I managed, and again, my room was floodet with light, from
    this smal Moon in the sky and me always in wild yoga positions standing on my head.
    After this it started during the day, when I did do my Yoga Asana`s, the body was taking over and doing asana`s in a way as if I´m a snake!!
    At this time I was hardly understanding or speaking english, but during the day when
    Maharishi was giving lectures, it started happening, that I compleatly understood what
    he said and I was hearing me talking with him in english . . .
    Later I understood that “This smal moon was a Ufo” … I know it, because in the late
    70th and 80th I`ve had many Ufo`s visiting me and one time a mothership came and
    I`ve been invited inside, which was beyond anything I`ve experienced in this life,
    eventhough I`ve been in very high states of consciosness for some years.

    In 2000 to 2001 I`ve been in Australia.
    My love to Australia and to you.

    Friedrich Schewe

  3. Friedrich Schewe thanks for your reply to my posting (August 13, 2013) your experiences are very interesting and I would like to communicate with you further on this matter, if you are interested please email me “rodifox@ymail.com” Thanks for your interest. Roy Fox (Townsville, Australia)

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