Thoth on the Ancient Ruins of our Moon and Mars


Before discoursing on this subject it is important to understand the following from a previous blog posting:

Understand that all inhabited worlds where humanoids exist are each in their own frequency that allows for that existence. In the Earth’s frequency, Venus is uninhabitable. In the frequency of the humanoid world of Venus, Earth is not the inviting green world Earthings live upon. In order to visit the inhabitable world of Venus, a human from Earth would need to transcend the Earth dimension and enter that of the dimension of Venus that is it’s equivalent (more or less) in the stages of physical evolution..

Earthings have never really left Earth when they travel to the Moon and send probes to other planets in the solar system. They are seeing and experiencing these planets within the envelope of their earthly dimension.

ThothHorRa: When we refer to the “ancient ruins” on the Earth’s Moon, Mars and other other moons, planets in this solar system this term is used only to allow linear thinking a path to referencing it. In actuality, these “ruins” are still active in other dimensions. “Past” and “future” are only relative to the individual observer and that observer’s perceptions.

Concerning the Moon and Mars it must be realized that just as on earth there are structures created by more than one culture, on the Moon and Mars they have been created by more than one species. There is still active occupation within many of these structures as well as within the interior of these two spheres (also Moons of Mars). Again, outside the box of linear thinking, if you were to “go” to the core frequency of any of these structures, you would see them differently.

When ships are observed flitting by these spheres – or into them – it is only a briefly skipping on the waves of the universe and into the depths of the core frequency of the planet-moon, which you cannot see.

The structures you see there as ruins are on the Earth’s frequency (in the form you see them in) in order to be visible to you. They are present on the Earth’s frequency for a reason.

None of the visible structures are indigenous to the moons or Mars. They were placed there by other species. The most prominent presence is that of the Earth’s brethren of Sirius, the Pleiades and Orion. The most visibly active however, come from another star system which is not spiritually or genetically aligned to Earth…those who have created a form of the “greys” to do their bidding. Since the Earth’s Star Brethren exist on a highly etheric level of physical composition (although appearing human – for they are your relations), they are not generally visible to the “Other” – although the Other certainly knows they are present. Of course they can appear to any vibrational level being they choose.

That clarified, let us now focus on the Light Program intention of the Solarius Triad (Sirius, Pleiades and Orion) and their presence on the Earth’s Moon and Mars.


In the area of Mars called by NASA “Cydonia” where is located the “Face on Mars” and the pyramid complex there.

This “city” is the main complex for activation of various energetic portals on the Earth, These portal lead to specific zones of formation in the universe, where cosmic “stuff” flows through into the Earth’s ethers to maintain the TRUE Gaia being. Understand that the Earth as a World System is enhanced and guardianed by The Solarians (Rigel and certain other systems in Orion, also the Pleadies and the star system Sirius). There have been and still remain the “Other” who intervene with Earth and it’s kind to benefit their own agendas. The Solarians stay their hand of darkness to some extent, but they will only go so far in doing this as it is the responsibility of the Earth humanity to vibrationally rise above the frequency of the Other…to EMBRACE THE LIGHT OF THEIR TRUE NATURE.

Q: Are there trees and and other vegetation on Mars:

Thoth: There is.

* * * * * * *

(Maia) I have been You Tube searching for valid images of the structures on Mars, the Mars moon Phobos and our Moon.  Below are the videos that show clearly these structures. Thoth assures me they are genuine.

excellent full professional documentary (although it does not address possibility of current activity)

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