Thoth on the Transcension Hypothesis

Before you read further, I suggest that you watch this 2:26 video on the Transcension Hypothesis…

…the transcension hypothesis, also known as the developmental singularity hypothesis (Smart 2000, 2008, 2010) proposes that a universal process of evolutionary development guides all sufficiently advanced civilizations increasingly into inner space, the domain of very small scales of space, time, energy and matter (STEM), and eventually, to a black-hole-like destination, censored from our observation,”John Smart writes in his paper, “The Transcension Hypothesis: Sufficiently Advanced Civilizations May Invariably Leave Our Universe…”  messagetoeagle,com

Thoth would you please comment on the veracity of this theory?

ThothHorRa: Indeed the basic hypothesis is correct. However, the missing piece of understanding lies in the fact that “inner space” as it is being called here is a product of the interaction of many dimensions converging or compressing at certain nodes in the fabric of a universe. Wormholes are only one out-picturing of such a convergence. This “compression” registers not only on the nodal points but traces back through the “ley lines” of the universal matrix, creating a constant flux in it’s “nervous system.” A universe then, is a living being – not as a human, animal or plant is a living being – but it does live, as it has a body that responds in complex ways to outer and inner stimulation.

Thus, living humanoid beings advance through this system in two ways: intellectually and spiritually. Those humaniods who advance more intellectually than spiritually, will be able to manipulate space-time and thus move through “inner space” but no further. Those who are more spiritually advanced will become omni-universal, That is, such beings as myself go beyond space and time in our present…encompassing it all into one singularity. Yet we are able to operate and focus upon any one moment within the Eternal.

In this manner so we are not contained within any realm such as outer space or inner space – or any space-time continuum, and yet we can move freely inside it.

In order to reach this level of advancement however, humanoids must tap the root of the tree – the ability to move from outer to inner – not only is space-time but more importantly, in awareness.

Understand that all inhabited worlds where humanoids exist are each in their own frequency that allows for that existence. In the Earth’s frequency, Venus is uninhabitable. In the frequency of the humanoid world of Venus, Earth is not the inviting green world Earthings live upon. In order to visit the inhabitable world of Venus, a human from Earth would need to transcend the Earth dimension and enter that of the dimension of Venus that is it’s equivalent (more or less) in the stages of physical evolution..

Earthings have never really left Earth when they travel to the Moon and send probes to other planets in the solar system. They are seeing and experiencing these planets within the envelope of their earthly dimension.

In conclusion, while the Transcension Hypothesis is basically correct, it does not encompass the much larger picture…yet it is a very good beginning in glimpsing into the reality of transdimensional existence.

6 thoughts on “Thoth on the Transcension Hypothesis

  1. Extraordinary explanation! Although of great complexity,Thoth helps here to clarify some aspects which now seem to take more accurately their place in the weave of Life.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH, MAIA! I appreciate very much your initiative asking him on that matter. It opens new and very interesting perspectives. :*:♥:*:

  2. Thank you Thoth and thank you Maia. Found all of this very helpful in clarify much that has come to me intuitively since reading the Thoth material you have so graciously brought through for years now. Connecting to it energetically I have envisioned EArth and Venus as faternal twins such as my faternal twins born in 1986. I have seen us both being catipulted through galactic center to the next universe onto the next pahse of our evolution. I also felt it with every nano particle of my being. This will be great to share in love with those I have shared this vision with to help support their understanding. I do not have to digest things intellectually which helps me to just know however most do need some sort of ntellectual basis to allow them to believe or trust what is being shared. Thank you again and may we all be blessed with the peace that passeth all understanding. Much Love,

  3. That is that Earth and Venus within an embryonic fluid of sorts, universal water, catipulted together as one. Was guided to clarify. Many Blessings, Rakael

  4. Thank you for this post! I agree, it’s very clarifying in many aspects and it contains a great teaching: our problem is not that we don’t have the right technology…we actually don’t possess the spiritual awareness needed to travel outside our “sphere” (a word that acquires a completely different meaning to “planet”). Our technology is only a reflection of ourselves: as a human race we are not willing to travel outside our own perceptions, judgments and established hypotheses. No matter how much technology we have, we are not willing to leave our sphere of existence. Under that statement, we are a very primitive civilization, and peoples with less technology like the Hopis or the Maya were extremely civilized, because they were able to expand their awareness to other dimensions using ceremonies or crystals.

  5. Whew, Not familiar with this subject, so this video & explanation were confusing to me. Maybe later I’ll look into it; just doesn’t seem important to me right now. 🙂

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