Thoth on our Reptilian Connection

Thoth as Dragon Lord – Maia image from Second Life

In the article   Secrets Behind Our Reptilian Heart Revealed – A Century-Old Mystery Finally Solved   the amazing biological connection between reptiles an humans is explored. As many know, one part of our brain is called “reptilian.” It controls the more primitive part of our thinking. There are also similarities in the construction of our eyes, heart and other components of the body.

In the past, ThothHorRa has referred to on aspect of his nature as a “Dragon Lord..” He has also many times to me spoken of the Dragons of the Earth now on a dimension removed from ours – not dinosaurs, but a more evolved from of being. Then he has shown me the “dragons” of the New Earth – many as small as lizards but with wings. The larger ones as well.

So now I go to him and pose the question if humans and reptiles are truly related genetically.

Thoth: They are..but then it it important to understand that all living things on the Earth are genetically related to human beings – in various degrees. The reptilian aspect has two very different influences upon the human genome. One is on the level of “fight or flight” – the basic desire and will for the mortal body to survive and…in humans the emotional body. Humans have wrapped mortality and emotions very tightly together. The actual will for that survival comes from the reptilian brain.

However there is a much more highly evolved reptilian connection with humans. This is what we refer to as the “dragon cones.” They are small cone-shaped nodes in the DNA (no modern microscope at this time could see them) that when triggered, allow human beings to move into a fiery state of pure LIGHT – a specific kind of that that is what we could call 1st stage formation– it is pure creative power. From out of this supremacy a human being is bound the the Pillar of Azeroth – the Fire Foundation Pillar of Creation. Such advanced “humans” then, become the transformers of the Elemental World.

Note by Maia: When I googled “Azeroth” I came up with an Assyrian demon and a game called “World of Warcraft.” Thoth explains that “demon” is actual daemon. Which simply means an elemental being. Given the way myths and histories are distorted through the ages – not to mention mis-interpreted via language and cultural differences – one can see why this name “Azeroth” might have taken a turn for the worse on its journey through time.

So the big question is what does Azeroth mean?

Thoth: That which is the root in the earth – defining the mystery of life and “death” – the force lifting one out of the mire, leaving all behind that does not belong to the eternal soul, thus becoming the engine for New Creation.

The Dragon Lords dwell with the Azeroth. They are therefor often feared, as human cherishes what it knows or thinks it knows, and fears letting go and surrender to New Creation. Yet the seed of the dragon is within them…as is the lesser reptilian fear. These two aspects must and will be reconciled.

Note by Maia: There is of course, this whole reptilian ET thing – “Lizzies.” I chose not to get into this here, as it is a whole ‘nuther topic. There are many species of humanoids with various agendas. It is not an area THR encourages me to explore very often (there have and will be exceptions) as he wishes us to “keep our eye on the Star.”

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9 thoughts on “Thoth on our Reptilian Connection

  1. Great article beloved Maia… As to the ET lizzard connection you could refer to your paper KOALA to help people with questions on this? Also, maybe, some more details on THR’s advice to keep our eyes open for All that Is Good and how we can best cooperate and invigorate that in our everyday lives? Many blessings, Nathanael bar Tholmi

  2. And would that be, the Fish, the Lion, the Eagle, and the Snake,…:) Some awesome dragons in the meditation garden here,…:))

    MAHALO Maia~ Tone

  3. This is interesting. For some reason lately, I have entertained thoughts about the reptialian influence/part of us humans. I had a random thought the other day as I was driving and for some reason I linked that as to why some folks like to drive low, sit low, and have their cars low to the ground. It makes me think of a reptile and how it’s belly is always in contact with the earth. I wondered if that’s why some humans feel drawn to doing that. I’m not trying to be funny. I’m amazed to see Maia’s timely article for me. lol

  4. Sitting in some state of light for half an hour after entering from a distance by thought the place Hebron in Israel finding a heart connection to God. Get this mail about a state of pure light. Probably an explanation.

  5. Dear Maia, thank you for that insight. No wonder, that I have gone through all the Dragon Initiations (fire, water, air and Earth – dragons) and “having” my “own dragon”.
    Much love from Karin

  6. Thoth, there are those “ET’s” who say (paraphrasing): if we humans on the earth don’t understand our past, how do we expect to understand our future? Given this, hard questions need to be asked now, such as: do the negative Reptoids still have bases within the Earth and using humans (esp. children) as a food resource? And if so, why are they still here when we’ve been told by certain “ET’s” that they’ve all been removed? And more importantly, why were they ever allowed to remain here, given their behavior, by these ET’s who have the technology to move planets and whose ships can be several times larger than Jupiter? (And please, the “non-intervention” excuse does not hold up anymore). If we humans on the surface don’t know what we are fully dealing with, how do any of the off/in-worlders expect us to change things FULLY for the better? 🙂 Thank you.

      1. Thank you for the response Thoth/Maia. But it is one of the main issues that clearly and completely needs to be spelled out to all of humanity in order for us to “move forward.” No more secrets. No more keeping humanity in the dark. It’s humanity’s right to know as sovereign beings on this planet.

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