Star Gate in the Sun

For many years my inner planes sources have informed me about the fact that stars – what Thoth refers to as “Living Lights”- are among other things, portals to other locations in this universe, other universes and other dimensions.

Recently observations of our sun have supported this fact. A few months ago I wrote an article concerning these findings (link at end of this article). Now even more startling NASA videos are coming forth, one revealing a triangular-shaped portal into the sun.

First, watch the video. Then I have asked Thoth to address it’s nature, which I share with you below.

ThothHorRa (August 8th, 2012): This portal (the triangle on the sun) is more than a single “portal” as you might understand it. It is the Aph’thatu or Becoming. It radiates OUT as well as opens inward. It will soon begin to stream the signals / codes from the EYE OF RA or Telos.Aakhara directly into your solar system. These codes are the first stage in the actual Ascension process – of Earth and Venus – but also will transform the whole solar system as you know it.

Now that the Sha’alura cosmic event has seeded the core of the Earth, this planet is prepared to reach out to other dimensions as a collective whole – rather than in fractured sub-realities as is it’s current status.

Indeed, the triangle shape of the Aph’thatu portal is precise to the sacred geometry of the Telos.Aakhara EYE OF RA.

The Aph’thatu is in the process of transforming your sun into a Flame Merkabah (so we shall call it), which travels the universes and is not trapped in space and time. This will be the merkabah that will transport Earth and Venus back into Rigel (in Orion).

Maia: Thoth can you speak about the tethered sphere seen in NASA photographs?

(first watch this video before reading Thoth’s reply – pay special attention the the last few frames of the video)

ThothHorRa: Stars are living beings. Your star-sun is awakening now to its birthing time…creating seeds of new stars, sending forth into the universe. These pods contain all the information of the parent to create a new yet more advanced form of that parent.

Maia: This reminds me of the information you gave me on the birthing of the White Crystal Star from the star-sun Rigel.

ThothHorRa: That is a much more expansive event – where the actual star-sun birthing the secondary star is eventually usurped by that new star. It is liken unto a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.

Maia: What about the stripe across the sun?

ThothHorRa: Another transforming configuration. Many will begin to appear.

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One thought on “Star Gate in the Sun

  1. Great work yet again Maia, perhaps your readers would like to visit another web-site where Thoth has played a part in modelling the ‘Crystalline Solar Lightbody’ (using the Eye of Ra geometry). Your readers will no doubt recognize the ‘golden Flashing Diamond’ form which is the template for this ‘Collective Lightship’. We will inhabit/become this ‘Photonic Crystal’ to explore the coming era.

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