Mount Hermon – Angels or Demons?

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Mount Hermon, Israel

About five days ago I had a vision – inside my head, but quite clear even if only lasting a few seconds. It was in the daytime and I was at my computer, not doing anything especially spiritual or cosmic.

I saw a man in a white robe, whom I knew was I’shoa (Jesus). He turned to his right and reached down to a large stone at the level of this thigh. He touched the fingers of his right hand upon the top of it and said, “It all begins here.” I did not hear him speak – I simply knew that he did and what he said.

I had absolutely no reference for this, nothing I had been recently thinking about or watching on TV or reading…nothing.

Yesterday I wrote to my Israeli friend, Fredaricka and told her about it…as I also “knew” that the location of the stone was somewhere in the Holy Land. She wrote back and suggested Mount Hermon. I didn’t know anything about this mountain but when I googled it and found it was the site of I’shoa’s Transfiguration and saw photos of the Mount – with stones shaped and the color of the one I had seen…deep inside I knew that was the place. I also knew it was not “a” stone I’shoa was speaking of but the place where he was standing…a place on Mount Hermon or perhaps the whole mountain.

At this point I chose to go to ThothHorRa, my inner-plane mentor consciously since 1977.

He confirms that I’shoa is referring to Mount Hermon. I have some questions, as in my googling I read that not only was I’shoa’s transfiguration there, it is also said to be a place where some Fallen Angels took human women and impregnated them!

First, some mythical background (this from a rather radical website)

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Hermon means “Forbidden Place.” Jerome (4th-century translator of the Latin Vulgate Bible) interpreted Hermon as “anathema.” Mount Hermon was the port of entry for a group of wicked angels, who corrupted the human race in the days of Noah. Moses wrote: “The sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose …. There were giants in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown” (Gen. 6:1-4).

These are Uzza and Azazel, who rebelled in heaven, and were cast down by God, and became corporeal on the earth and remained on it, not being able to divest themselves of their earthly form. Subsequently, they went astray after women, and up to this day they exist and teach men the arts of magic. They begat children whom they called Anakim (giants), while the Nephilim themselves were called ‘sons of God’” (Zohar, vol. 1, p. 186).

“And they took unto themselves wives, and each chose for himself one, and they began to go in to them, and mixed with them, and taught them charms and conjurations, and made them acquainted with the cutting of roots and of woods. And they became pregnant and brought forth great giants whose stature was three thousand ells. These devoured all the acquisitions of mankind till men were unable to sustain themselves. And the giants turned themselves against mankind in order to devour them” (Enoch 7:1-4). web link

From a Catholic website – New Advent we read…

The Transfiguration of Christ is the culminating point of His public life, as His Baptism is its starting point, and His Ascension its end. Moreover, this glorious event has been related in detail by St. Matthew (17:1-6), St. Mark (9:1-8), and St. Luke (9:28-36), while St. Peter (2 Peter 1:16-18) and St. John (1:14), two of the privileged witnesses, make allusion to it.

About a week after His sojourn in Cæsarea Philippi, Jesus took with him Peter and James and John and led them to a high mountain apart, where He was transfigured before their ravished eyes. St. Matthew and St. Mark express this phenomenon by the word metemorphothe, which the Vulgate renders transfiguratus est. The Synoptics explain the true meaning of the word by adding “his face did shine as the sun: and his garments became white as snow,” according to the Vulgate, or “as light,” according to the Greek text.

This dazzling brightness which emanated from His whole Body was produced by an interior shining of His Divinity.  web link

From the divergent mythic history and religious assumptions in these quotations we see that if anything, Mount Hermon must have seen a lot of interesting activity in the past…angels who are really demons (the cause of humanity’s downfall, so the first text reads) and I’shoa undergoing a mysterious transformation before the amazed eyes of some of his apostles. From my googling I read that Mount Hermon is only one of the suggestions for the Transfiguration scene. However, Thoth confirmed to me that this is indeed THE mountain of the “Gloria” of I’shoa before the eyes of Peter, James and John.

ThothHorRa (THR): The two stories – of the fallen angels co-mingling with human women and the Transfiguration of I’shoa are liken unto tiny scraps of an ancient text which scholars of many centuries hence attempt to piece together in a way that makes sense to them and their religious doctrine.

Both stories are based on actual events which took place on Mount Hermon. The true occurrences…

The fallen “angels” were not angels but star beings who chose to experiment with human life at that stage. They were not “evil” or “demons” but making a choice to create a “new world” in which the two strains of humanity could create a new race. The females involved were willing participants, even tho they may not have realized the full extent of their cooperation. This was not a single mass orgie. It was a gradual co-mingling over a long period of time. It was not the first or the last time the native human species mingled their genetics with star races. Yet let us be clear…humanity did not spring up from the slime of a sodden ball in space. It’s seed originates in the cosmos and was planted into the earth…not by some malicious hand (although such hands would stir the waters from time-to-time), but through an act of DIVINE GENESIS.

The location of Mount Hermon is a major inter dimensional portal on the Earth – a natural one, as most are. Thus it was the chosen as easy access to a region which was already undergoing genetic change in its human population through the cosmo-genesis of certain radiant energies then streaming through this portal (this gate is not currently active as a constant streaming).

As for I’shoa’s Transfiguration, it is assumed by Biblical scholars that this was a demonstration of his divinity, to strengthen his Apostles resolve after his death, carrying forth His Word amidst great challenges and suffering. Partly this is so, for I’shoa brought the three Apostles there whom he knew would be most challenged to hold steady: Peter, James and John. He wished them to be filled with the “Holy Spirit” – the energy radiance of the event – not to prove himself as a “God” above humanity, but as a Way to the Source. So everyone who cast aside all doubt could become a Way to the Source.

The main trigger for this event however, was for Him to receive a new Light Sheath so that he would be able to complete his physical journey here on Earth – for the time was drawing near to his crucifixion, resurrection and ascension. Living in a human body on Earth was the soul of I’shoa (actually two souls in the beginning, one going out of the frame at the time of Baptism). It was difficult for I’shoa to sustain the vibration of the SUN SPIRIT and the Christic ARCHANGEL in the human body. HE was a man. Although his soul came from the SUN SPIRITS, he was now resonating as a human being. Now, as he faced his mortality…so he was given additional assistance with a new Light Sheath about his energy bodies.

This Light Sheath – the Cu’lumon – was a Metatronic sacred geometry coming from the very heart of the streaming of METATRON – the Blazing SUN of SUNS of this universe. Until I’shoa underwent certain initiation his flesh would not have been able to survive this Sheath. In the process of entering him, so it “transfigured” his whole being. Once it merged with this energy bodies he assumed “normality” again.

Maia: In my vision, what did I’shoa mean “It shall begin here”?

THR: So shall the Last Days come upon the Earth at this place…yet the LAST shall be the FIRST, of the New Heaven and Earth.

Maia: I thought the plain of Armageddon was where the beginning of the end would take place.

THR: I do not speak of battles or rumors of wars, but of pure energy and how humanity will respond to that energy. This gate (Mount Hermon) will stream once again…as a dormant volcano comes to life and spews forth it’s contents in the sky and upon the land. So this Star Gate will open wide.

Maia: Ahhh exactly when is this going to happen?

THR: When would you be expecting it to happen? For every man, woman and child will set the time piece, I assure you.

Maia: WHY did I have this “insight” of I’shoa?

THR: It is time to put it forth and you were receptive in the moment.

Maia: You mean I just sort of happened to be on the right frequency?

THR: No. Nothing happens without reason and cause. Many will start receiving such things now. Many will be misinterpretations with gems of truth scattered in-between.

Maia: When I wrote down: “I do not speak of battles and rumors of wars” I wished to write simply “wars” but you held me back and made it very clear to state “rumors of wars.” What do you mean by this?

THR: There will come a time when “war” will become a matter of opinion, and opinion will rage until it starts a flame and the flame a great fire, fanning the fears of many – long before a sword is drawn.

(Maia: Well I am not sure that answered my question, but I decide to leave it at that.)

THR: I ask you a question. What was the feeling I’shoa gave to his words, “It all begins here”?

Maia: A feeling of peace actually – like a sacred reflection. I felt that to I’shoa the word “begins” was at the beginning of time for him, as he encompassed it ALL. Yet I also felt it was like a FLASH – a spark and nothing would be the same after that…yet still the “peace” in his words prevail for me.

THR: Yes, it is so.

Maia: In my googling I read that the Tribe of Dan is associated with the Fallen Angels and the Anti-Christ is to come out of this tribe. Is this so? In the past you have given me info on the Tribe of Dan as being a sacred lineage.

THR: So the Tribe of Dan is a sacred KEY. It is not the font of the Anti-Christ. The tribes of Dan and Judah must unite once again to form the basis for unity of all humanity on Earth. See these “tribes” at this juncture being strains of DNA.

Maia: I am particularly interested in this statement: Yet let us be clear…humanity did not spring up from the slime of a sodden ball in space. It’s seed originates in the cosmos and was planted into the earth…not by some malicious hand (although such hands would stir the waters from time-to-time), but through an act of DIVINE GENESIS.

The location of Mount Hermon is a major inter dimensional portal on the Earth – a natural one, as most are. Thus it was the chosen as easy access to a region which was already undergoing genetic change in its human population through the cosmo-genesis of certain radiant energies then streaming through this portal (this gate is not currently active as a constant streaming).

Am I correct in assuming that this means “Divine Genesis” – indeed humanity’s creation on Earth – is a production of energy organizational fields streaming out of interdimensional “vents” or gates at points on the Earth? If so, could you please elaborate on this further?

THR: It is so. The Adam Kadmon template for human form (basically a universal design of this type of species) was streamed into Earth through inter dimensional portal on the planet – where creational lines merge to form these nodes or portals. They are turned “on” and “off” as needed. When humanity reaches a stage where dramatic changes are required the portals are turned on again. However, such portals control DNA transformations in localized areas. For global effects of the genetic makeup, the portals send the streaming across the “skins” of all (or specific) Earth grids.

All living things on Earth are given their genetic light programs in this way.

Maia: So just who or what is turning these portals on and off and making the decisions to do so and what changes in DNA to be made? Who is at the controls in other words?

THR: Universal Intelligence works through various Stations of Light and the last stage is carried out by the El’ohim Creation Lords. These are not beings as you can comprehend them. We speak here of vast fields of universal intelligence. Within this “intelligence” are various types of “beings” – Angelic, Genii, many more…then the ultra-human species: Illumanari, ultra-terrestrial, etc. These sub-systems / beings are attuned to the greater cosmology and act accordingly within it. The Earth itself is a living being who also responds in kind to the prompts of Universal Intelligence.

Maia: I decide to conclude here – for now, as this topic is never-ending. I will no doubt come back to it in the future.

related topics from my work: Earth Grids / Adam Kadmon / Christic ArchangelA’Aru Mahalim

15 thoughts on “Mount Hermon – Angels or Demons?

  1. Peace, …. You might want to check into Roswell NM ( Rose well ) being the exact mirror image of Mount Hermon. That is to say it is on the exact opposite point on earth from mnt Hermon… which would make it energetically and spiritually linked to Roswell. I find it facinating that a incident occured there in 1947, since 19.47 degrees is the key energy line of tetrahedonal Hyperdimensional physics… A key mathmatic to the earths kundilinic field. Roswell was also the only U.S nuclear military facillity in 1947. As such, it was the designated operation center for captured German scientists who were working on anti-gravity and time distortion. This was part of operation “Paperclip”. G.P.Custer

  2. I am grateful for your work. This message is being carried through many channels. The message seems to be alluding to the coming changes at the end of the year. Don’t we all expect the dec 21 st date to be of significance? Soon we shall know.
    In and of the light. Jakute

  3. Maia –

    For over the last year I have been consumed with “researching” the Adam and Eve story and have “discovered” some very interesting facts.

    1. No one realizes (unless I have pointed out to them) that when God commanded Adam not to eat from the tree…Eve was not even created yet! The command was to the MAN only, not to woman directly.

    2. Why did Adam not say anything when Eve was being tempted by the serpent? Why did he not try to stop her? Why did he just blame her? These questions took me back…back to the fallen angels (male energy)…there’s much more…too much to write.

    May I suggest “Fallen Angels” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. She discusses two sets of angels coming to earth. One of the Luciferian and the ones who lusted after women. Also may I suggest the new testament of the bible read paying particular attention to WHOM Jesus is speaking to. 99 times out of 100 he is either speaking directly to a priest or scribe or a MAN.

    I believe we are on the BRINK of a new revolutionary discovery regarding Women’s role in the creation story and focusing on MALES creation of the mess of a world we have today. And holding MEN accountable for what our world looks like today. (and just for the record – I am NOT MAN BASHING! God has blessed me with fresh eyes to see – fresh readings in the bible – just looking at the facts) And holding women accountable for taking our world back before it is extinguished.

    Will be interested in hearing what else you come upon.

    Be Blessed,

    1. I do feel there is much misunderstanding in interpreting the Bible – and of course it has been tampered with in the past. I also feel that there remains a core of vibrational truth within it…which really creates even more confusion in a way, as all this fantasy and fact is co-mingled together.

      Yes I do believe we are on a “brink” of bringing the male and female energies into true balance on this planet. When one considers reincarnation (if one does indeed consider it) we have all been both sexes through the ages. It is one half of us resisting the other half – playing one role and then the other until we are dizzy from the execution. It is only when we have had enough of this, will we finally determine where true values lie and not feel threatened by the opposite sex.

      Thank you for sharing!

      1. Maia – May I offer for your consideration the idea that Jesus came to show us “new agers” how to get off the Karmic wheel of life forevermore. I believe thru his examples he showed us that we are to do whatever spirit tells us to do. Period. This begins with figureing out our own unique way in which we communicate with spirit. Does God/Spirit/etc speak to us in prayer, in meditation, in nature, in our ear, with our eyes, with our physical body, with our feelings or sixth sense? Once we establish our communication link we have commited to do “our father’s will”. Period! That’s why his message was so profound…”You want me to do what!? Talk about you in public, be beaten, hang on a cross? Seriously? Most people would disagree, but I believe Jesus had no idea what would happen to him after his death. He was just as surprised as anyone when he rose again, but was still in complete faith in his father. If we reach a similar place where we know God is leading us in a certain direction, we follow thru in faith and joy, without fear and continue to learn the other major lessons his life taught, (which are really clear in the bible for those that have eyes to see) then we are FREE! Our souls are free to return back home. Free at last.
        Be Blessed,

  4. Dear Maia,
    first feeling was, (like I did many times in other places) just to be at the portal, but it seems to be a ‘job’ for the Higher Intelligence Beings only and it would be useless to be in human form there.Very interesting insight, Maia. Thank you. Karin

    1. Well actually Karin, it IS a sacred place – meaning that the etheric charge is above normal there – very active in that sense. It is just that the portal itself is not open. It is also a very volatile place, for the same reason.

  5. Thank you Maia for sharing this which is one of the most illuminating visions of this time and to Thoth for clarifying the focus. I felt the energies begin immediately after reading this and I know more insight is to come. There is so much we don’t know of our history but what is important is the vision of our future, and understanding that the Divine Genesis is happening and is where we need to focus our energy.

  6. My article I have just circulated and you mauy have “Start all over again” is in line wiht the message from Jeshua as he talks about a beginning Reminding all that His new beginning was linked to Mount Hermon. I feel it is more about the symbolism of the message eg a new beginning and not the actual place of biblical times.

    In the recent crop circle of 2 June in Wiltshire, England their was a polar clock with a date and time shown (4 Auguat 2012) a Polar Clock is in perfect alignment with the POLES and therefore cosmically. Nothing to do with the errors of mand made created time (gregorian calander)… I feel once again as I said in my article that it is more a symbolic message and not to be taken literally that something specific witll occure on 4 August as per say but that the symbolism is from the cosmos about re setting the clocks and starting all over again.

    It also mentions the “Recurrence of the Sangreal”………the Holy Challice that holds the Feminine Light and Spirit. Once more I put out an article about the “Sangreal” just wee or two ago as now is the time that the Divine Mary (s) return and take up the Holyod of Leadership to guide the world. As one of your writers commented and I agree the masculine has not made such a good job of it up till now. Change is afoot.

    Thanyou to you and sharing the experience…..and to the interesting comments and points of
    view shared by your in tune friends. I enjoyed each of the perspectives, the ideas and twists.

    Love and Respect

    From the White & Holy Land of Ancient Alba

    1. Hi Carol, I agree that much of what “we” receive is symbolic in nature, but I do also see cosmic events stirring the planet at certain points on it’s acu-body according to the spinning weaves of consciousness. My transmission from THR stating that the location was in itself a place where specific programming energies have and will once again stream forth I do take seriously. Whether it is fact or not I cannot say…about anything really…even after it happens, given the Strangeness of quantum physics :))

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