ThothHorRa on Earth & Venus

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ThothHorRa speaks to a gathering in the 11th Heaven Pyramid above New EarthStar Island within the virtual world of Second Life – 6/10/12

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr):ANU KA ~|~ I extend to you the Ring of Soul Friendship

To better understand the relationship between Earth and Venus…let us go back into time…to the two “planets” as they occupied the SUN of Rigel in Orion. Among the worlds of Rigel was also a planet we shall call “Atlantis”…this world had some karmic difficulties and as a result self-destructed. Many of the inhabitants of that world sought another planet to occupy. The destruction of “Atlantis” also caused a major imbalance in the worlds of Rigel…that is, there was an energy grid imbalance you might say (to use simple terms).Thus (making a very long story short)…Earth and Venus carried the SEED CODES of Rigel to a new space and time…and there (on Earth)…many souls from “Atlantis” would later re-incarnate on the islands of Atlantis…but that is another story.

The Earth and Venus hold a balance for Rigel…here in this point of space-time: this Milky Way galaxy. This “balance” is maintained to hold the Vault of Orion – a large SPACE in space within that constellation – OPEN – energetically as a portal…between universes…there is much to all this…too much to relate here… but…Orion is a doorway in this universal MEMBRANE to other universes. EARTH and VENUS hold a BALANCE for RIGEL / VAULT OF ORION to “hold open” the passage.

Also…in entering this point of space-time these worlds now occupy…they are in a World System I – having come from a World System II in Orion. Thus they must deal more directly with certain cosmic events…so that they are literally sent “into the machinery” – to find the cogs and wheels…and keep these in alignment for the movement…the Movement BACK into World System II.

The purpose? By leaving Orion and going “into the machinery” they are able to correct certain imbalances in the whole system…or rather be a vessel for this function. The specific POINT where Earth is now, moving around its sun…and the galaxy in the Milky Way…and the MW in the universe…this is a clockwork of very specific formation…AS ALL IS of course…but in this case…it is one that will fine-tune the “system” of this entire universe. In a way, the early beliefs were somewhat correct…that the Earth was the center of the universe…as…it holds a very KEY balance point for the maintenance of this universe…and Venus is it’s guardian and guide. Also one could say that every world is the center of ITS universe…in the context of quantum reality.

Maia / Starheart has requested some information on Venus as a habitable world…and its people. They are very close human relations…only more advanced genetically / energetically. They are still in World System I however. So they live and finally die – re-incarnate, etc…! However they live much longer – several thousand years by your time…and even at death have appeared to age very little. They do not die of “illness” – but can by accidents…and simply the running down of the bio clock. On earth it is presumed that if there were not illness – barring accidents one could live forever…this is not so…in order to have an Immortal body…one must stop the “clock” at the level of the neutron in the atom. On other dimensions this is quite possible…I now have an Immortal body. Even in World System II there is an “end time” for the body – however…it does not decay and is not left behind…all the energy is taken at the time of transition…and can return very quickly if desired – no birth or childhood necessary.

To return to Venus however…they give birth, grow up and finally transition leaving a body behind…yet they have means of “disposal” that is to transform the remains into energy…but that energy returns to the earth. The Venusians are not as racially varied as on Earth. They have not chosen that experimentation simply because they are beyond needing to learn about equality and are focused elsewhere. Humans need the experience of diverse outer forms. Venusians have other areas of focus. So most Venusians are fair with blonde-red to deep red hair and light eyes. This is not a preferred racial picture…it just happens to be the one they are working within. In one of the Rigel worlds all the humans skin tones are a deep blue-black. Osiris the man, came from this world and that was his color.

Venusians have a very sing-song voice – very crystal in sound. Were one to be among you now and speak, you would know it not of this world but if they spoke your language you would be able to understand them. In fact there ARE pure Venusians among you here on Earth, but they have learned to modify their voices. There are many who have some Venusian blood. Most are not aware that they do. Venusians come here on Earth to serve in the greater process for which Earth and Venus were placed in this solar system. All Venusians are aware of this. In fact they are aware of the true cosmic history of this universe. There are some Venusians who live there as “Immortals” – able to stop the clock of their bodily neutrons. They assume the role of spiritual guides you might say…but not as “gurus” – for all Venusians have their own acute awareness.

Starheart is asking me how you would “spot” a Venusian on the street *smile* You might look into a mirror and see a small part of one. For as I said, many carry at least some Venusian blood. This comes from the early days of Lemuria – mostly as the Venusian consort Melchisedek (my incarnation) came to earth with certain priestesses to create a Grand Temple on MU and from that, came the mixing of genetics…in other eras some of this has taken places as well. There are other star genetics into the mix on earth to be sure, but Venusian is the most prevalent.

Yes there are many stories – true – and many things misunderstood about the topic of beings here from other worlds. Earthings however are amazing creatures…they have a great mixtures of earth and star races…far more than on many worlds. Diversity brings great capacity for ONENESS…once the kinks are worked out among the tribes, so to speak.

Paige Fairweather: any significance to the recent Venus Transit?

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): Yes…Venus and Earth share an intense BOND at that time…on the Venus transits…they exchange codes in a great streaming…especially with this 2012.

In conclusion are there any brief questions or comments?

Paige Fairweather: yes when will the people of earth be free?

Yara Ragu: I can feel something has changed since the Venus transit, things and moods lighter, more beauty…

Dru (drucilla.karu): I agree Yara..:)

Star Ray (rtada): yes

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr):You are free now…to be as you choose to be. Perhaps the question is…when will humanity CHOOSE to make more graceful choices?

υηα (una.milena): are the crop circles anything to do with the Venusians?

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): Yes indeed the crop circles are part of a greater Light Program for the Earth and very much include the Venusians.

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    1. This is the right blog for anyone who wishes to understand this topic. You realize so much its almost tough to argue with you (not that I personally will need toH)aHa⦀. You certainly put a fresh spin on a subject that has been discussed for a long time. Great stuff, just wonderful!

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