Crop Circle of Woodborough Hill, Alton Barnes,Wiltshire – 9th June

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ThothHorRa on the Crop Circle of Woodborough Hill, Alton Barnes,Wiltshire – 9th June

The depiction is of three Sk’alia. These are living CELLS, each the size of a large city. They are liken unto sea jellies traveling through space and time. The are animated by Universal Intelligence but are not individual “thinking” creatures, anymore than is a cell in the human body.

They are WORLD BUILDERS. They seed points in space to create new stars, planets and worlds within. They also can re-build already present stars and worlds – changing the energetic fields (electromagnetic and supra-magnetic), giving those fields a new dimensional direction in evolution.

These images at Woodborough are a signature of the Sk’alia. Once the Earth – in it’s current electro-magnetic frequency – shifts into “New Earth” (World System II) bandwidth, the Sk’alia will come to orchestrate the new evolutionary direction. This “shift” will occur at the moment of Light Principle 40 (LP40).

There is another more immediate aspect to all of this…

By placing the image of the Sk’alia in the crop formation (which is supra-charged to be very conductive with mass consciousness through the way a genuine crop circle is created), so “contact” is already being made – appropriately proceeding the Venus Transit by only a few days. This contact is not the big event, but it is a form of preparation at humanity’s cellular level – as with other living species as well.

The Sk’alia are a form or “species” of  the ASHA’RA’EL and are also related to the LOTUS LOCI.

2 thoughts on “Crop Circle of Woodborough Hill, Alton Barnes,Wiltshire – 9th June

  1. Time runs wild. Nothing seems the same to me, as I take in awe a new look at Life. It is transforming fast, in leaps and bounds before my astonished eyes. I ask myself in wonder what comes next, if everything is growing in unimaginable directions? I feel then the exultation of the JOY of living and stand under the stars with arms wide open in a welcoming embrace…!

    THANK YOU, dear Maia, for all your efforts to bring to the thirsty, such a fresh water!
    ANU KA!

  2. I felt today as if I had already stepped out into the new earth, it was just for a few moments but I knew it was happening, nothing is the same, I felt free, light and new!!…

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