My Time Capsule…

If you can’t be with the one you love – love the one your with!

Well it seems I have finally lived long enough to see science uncover things that fit like keys into locks with what I channeled some 15-25 years ago (or longer). I posted some of this on my Facebook page but wished to place it here as well.

This article esp interests me as in 1972 I received a request by the beings I was then working with (this is pre-Thoth) to go to the pyramids near Mexico City to perform a function there, using a series of copper plates I had made esp for the procedure. The star given as the coordinate was…Algol! As mentioned in this article. It was “pointed” out to me by the beings I communed with – on a star map.

* * * * *

This doesn’t relate to a channeling but…I had personal experience with it in the early 1970’s when I was visited by a scientist who had developed a devise to “hear” plants singing. The devise was not as sophisticated as the one in the video on the page below, but it was nontheless incredible. I talked to the plants and through the devise they RESPONDED.

* * * * *

I channeled many, many years ago that our Earth and Venus were not of this solar system, but came (energetically) from the star-sun Rigel in Orion. Now this recent article certainly seems to give some credibility to such an idea.

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In the 1980’s I was taking “trips” into the Inner Earth and also some of the cavern cities..these trips were mostly not astral, but visionary. When I would see the cavern cities they were lit with glowing PLANTS. Well lookie here…

* * * * *

Those of you who follow my work know that my inner planes mentor, ThothHorRa often speaks of the New Earth Hologram. He also has related to me that humans as well as cetaceans, have holographic brains, but ours have receded a great deal in capability since the Ancient Days….yet they still are holographic. Here is an article which confirms this…

* * * * *

Many years ago Thoth referred to another planet in our solar system. I can’t remember what he said about it unfortunately, but he did say to would eventually be discovered…

New Planet Discovered


* * * * *

From Simeon You can also add how Thoth told you trees were cosmic antenna if you recall, he spoke of how they had an auric presence that remained for as long as 100 years (in the case of Redwood trees, less for others) after they were cut down performing this cosmic energy antenna function… I mentioned this is my last webinar and also this science that collaborates with it:

2 thoughts on “My Time Capsule…

  1. This is wonderful Maia!

    Perhaps in time the places Beloved Teacher showed me will also be ‘scientifically’ proved..

    love you!


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