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I collected some excerpts from the LIFE PULSE sessions I have done thus far and compiled them here. Each LIFE PULSE session is brief but very to the point for what the individual needs to know / focus on at that time. Yet within these statements from Thoth he addresses universal principle that applies to all of humanity in the broad spectrum of things.

* * * * * * *

You will gain more clarity in your life when you focus on where you ARE rather than where you have been or may be going. Find that place in YOU that is “home” – the anchor for your incarnated soul. Leave all distraction behind and follow that thread that leads you through the labyrinth into the sunlight of your Heart Stream.

Don’t spend time staring at locked doors. The ONE for you will always be open and welcoming…a gate into a Secret Garden where you belong. This you will find when you take the time to be alone and silent – in nature, in a place of beauty and peace. Cease the racing thoughts and know you are loved and not alone. Then you will find the way before you.

* * *

…the Academy of ORUSHA on the Northern Shore (of Atlantis). Orusha was a Learning Center containing five temples. In one of these students learned to create “healing spheres.” These were like large soap bubbles the size of which a human could sit cross-legged inside.

The spheres contained an energy light form of life called Ur’naga that was summoned by the healer to enter a field of energy the healer had created through the mind-heart frequency. So the Ur’naga and the healer were working together in the energy sphere. The healer would then send the sphere to the person in need. That individual would enter the sphere and receive a balancing of the entire energy bodies.

Your relationship with the Ur-naga can aid you in healing your human relationships by calling on their assistance from a place of pure heart…releasing all feelings of injustice or wrong-doing. Simply BE in the pure light frequency you are and from that place, call upon the Ur-naga…DRAGONS OF LIGHT AND FLAME.

A good “Heart Stone” for you (or anyone working with the Ur-naga) is Tanzanite. You might see it as your “Dragon Riding” stone…for it connects you to the frequency of the Ur-naga travel lines or meridians in the Earth.

* * *

Focus on creating a sacred space for yourself – for your interior being. The energy essence of this is to give yourself space within, time without – to get to know the real “you.” Not through esoteric practice of any kind but by natural communion with yourself – establishing a dialogue each day – “How are you today?” “How are you feeling?” “What are you feeling?” Do you have any wisdom you would care to share with me this day?” “How can I make you feel most comfortable and accepted in the space we share together?” (“We” being the mental self and the feeling self.)

If there is a decision to be made, find some quiet time and space and invite your feeling body to visit you – ask how it feels about the situation at hand. Concerning it…any fears? Hopes? Desired outcomes?

Listen attentively. Then inform your emotional body that it is okay to turn loose of any fears, and while keeping site of the “desired outcome” allow it to arise from the greater good of the experience, rather than try and contain it in the box of your own perceptions.

Fear however is attempting to tell you something you need to know…it is just that you have not been listening, so the emotional body begins to panic as it is not being heard. ASK your fear what message it contains…be with this until you receive an answer. This knowledge will release your fear – for fear is based on the “unknown” – now you have the knowledge so the fear departs and you can make your decision with clarity.

Know that any decision you make in life is not a “wrong” one as all paths lead to the same source. It can be a decision that takes you on a longer and more challenging journey or a short and pleasant trip. Yet maybe there is something you need to gain from the longer route at times.

The important thing is not so much the decision you make but HOW you make it…your frame of mind, your interior position of strength and your willingness to let Spirit be the master of your fate once you make the decision and act upon it.

Your creative talents and intuitions lie in drawing to you what you need, however when this does not occur it is due to needing something you are not aware of – a missing ingredient. To quote Wayne Dyer: “We do not draw to us what we want but who we are.” Thus if it is not coming to you, the vibration within you is saying “not the time” – “not ready” – “not appropriate.”

This would hold true with relationships, as well as any other desire you wish to see manifested.

* * *

The trick is to at once keep your eyes on the summit and the ground beneath your feet. For if you loose site of the summit, the direction of your climb strays…if you do not see the placement of your feet upon the ground, you stumble and fall. How do you achieve both visions? By moving your MIND out of the way and getting in touch with the greater senses of your spiritual nature.

This is based on several key principles – ones you most likely know intellectually but loose track of in focus…

1) All things of the world are transitory. Placing your intention and focus on anything within this transitory state may yield results, but only transitory – like that which you focus upon. Always maintain a higher vision – on that is define in ESSENCE of the heart, rather than details of the world.

2) Life is to be lived as sacred passage…nothing that is given to you is either accidental or a punishment. It always serves the highest good of the soul.

3) You, in the moment NOW are whole and complete – you simply have yet to recognize this and thus experience it fully.

4) No “other” in your life can set the criterion for you path and purpose in this life. You are not set upon this earth to follow someone else’s wishes and desires. It is not serving others to do so. If you do not follow what your heart tells you is right for you, you are not in a position to serve anyone else.

…relax, breathe deeply and lift worry from you with the healing elixir of joy…open to experiencing more happiness in your life in simple ways – it is not up to you to become an Ascended Being – it is for you to allow it – through relaxing in the sea of Spirit and letting it take you with its currents. You can only accomplish this through inner and outer relaxation and realizing that the Divine is a nurturer and not a commander.

It is time to decide to LIVE the life you were given. Find that place within yourself which knows the truth of your life…that you were born to be here now and experience this world now and thrive in it. Anyone alive through the portal of 2012 is key to the whole movement. It is a priority reason for incarnation at this time.

The more you see yourself as a fully engaged human being in living each day to the fullest – accepting it ALL as a blessing of creation and self-discovery – the happier you will be. Wellness of Mind, Body and Emotions are come from this single font…drink deeply of life and it will renew you.

* * *

There are always many possibilities – some probabilities – then that underlying current of what some people call “destiny” – which is actually the primary ray universal signal (PRUS) of your soul which is part of the ALL and therefor in alignment with the “divine plan” or Source Being Steam.

As a soul adjusts it’s frequency – in the body this would be via heart coherency – so it comes closer and closer to it’s PRUS and is then more empowered to live the TRUE pattern intended for that soul through incarnation.

* * *

…you have been involved on the Inner with a grouping of incarnated souls, being guided by a group of Ultra-Beings. This endeavor (of the two groups) we shall call EXCALIBUR – simply to be able to refer to it. The purpose of the endeavor, being orchestrated by the Phee’Ra (the Ultra part of Excalibur) it is bring the Earth souls group into certain crop circles (in astral body) and show them how to activate these energy fields on a DNA level for humanity. Your Inner self accepted this task and was not in any way “taken” without your full consent.

Now, in 2012 the Circles will begin to move into a new phase of energy – a very powerful one – in which certain people (more and more as time passes) will begin to create their own “Crop Circles” within their energy fields…becoming living Circles. Some will demonstrate this in the Outer through their art…other simply “BE” it.

* * *

[Maia} I have been shown before by THR (only since 2012 have I been shown this – but it has been happening longer) certain groups of people working with very specific was he is calling New Earth Ascension Geometries. Some are groups involved in the frequencies of Crop Circles, for instance…others with the tonal resonances of the cetaceans, etc. All these groups have Utra-Beings assisting them, guiding them.

Now this is outward global work but, it is also INNER personal transformative initiation. For without that, the global spreading of the Force is meaningless, as there is nothing coherent to spread.

It is most important tho, to realize and keep realizing that you are not alone…will individual and unique unto yourself, you are part of a network of humans all over the planet working on the Inner in ways they are mostly not aware of – within groups for specific service – most especially being “designed” now for the New Earth Hologram. The more you keep this knowing within you, the more your own power will become active in your life.

Humanity is now seriously within the “workshop” of tranforming the personal “I” into the greater I AM. Whenever you feeling without power…visualize yourself standing there with the others “warming” your being near the Light Ring!

* * *

You might wish to write down the things in your life that are present – circumstances, relationships, work, play…then take them one at a time and spend a day or maybe even a week, holding that presence within you…feeling it, breathing it…asking “it” for information as to where it fits, IF it fits still within your life. Maybe changes need to be made, or perhaps the whole of it is better falling away.

Once you have gone through your “list” and your emotional intelligence has given you a feeling about each of these things…then set your focus on what new elements are birthing within you – what added components wishing to come forth. Create a new list with these.


Compare both lists and see what needs to fall away and be replaced by new energy which will bring the “new birthings” about. Or perhaps these older patterns simply need modifying. Make this an on-going internal questing. Keep your mental energy at a minimum and invite your HEART WISDOM into the picture. It will lead you through the maze to the center of your Quest.

Speak to your sub-conscious emotions…do this daily…nightly…tell this part of yourself it is okay to have these feelings…but these feelings are not the whole picture. Then show the self the bigger picture – as if you were projecting scenes on a movie screen. Visualize (and project to the emotional body) pictures that uplift and release stagnation, depression and a sense of helplessness. Your higher self will supply you with the images if you open to it.

Understand that what is being suggested here is a dialogue between the higher self and the emotional, largely sub-conscious self. This is an important and indeed essential step in releasing the stagnating energies and breaking the cyclic pattern. Will your outer situation then change? It may…but it may not (in the immediate sense). What will change is your interior landscape. This landscape is the ALL to experiencing LIFE. Not what is going on outside but the experience of it – your experience – being created within.

As you enter this practice you will find aspects of this patterning (which you are in the process of releasing) in less obvious aspects and relationships of your life. This will help you to release all the “strands” which help maintain the central core of the problem.

Also is suggested to practice “appreciation” – not just as a fleeting thought, but as a daily ritual. Taking the time to fully appreciate your life and all the good within it. This practice will actually create new neurons in the brain that serve no other purpose but appreciation of their existence! (and thus your existence).

* * *

The practice of looking into a mirror and deeply gazing into your own eyes can be quite helpful to quicken more inner awareness. But a roomful of mirrors in which each one is seeing your whole body from a different angle is not only distracting but can cause one to over-focus on the very aspects of themselves they which to transform.

Self-reflection is good, but it should be used as a refreshing shower, the water running off quickly, carrying away the toxins. It is effective as a means to get beyond what you see you need to change and go directly then, to where you would be if that change was achieved.

The process is something like this…

I SEE what I need to change to free myself. Okay I have it in sight. Now I breathe IN the requirements to change it and and LET IT GO…I no longer focus upon it. Instead I look at where I wish to be. Now my sights are on THAT. Next…I no longer see this as something in my future…something to attain, but already within me, to simply awaken with a gentle shake!

Affirm daily:

I AM…all the aspects of my being…those I deem “good” and those I wish to move beyond. They are all part of my divinity, stages of my evolution. I cannot leave anything behind. I CAN transform parts of my being into greater resources for my Spirit by informing them of the beauty and greatness of what awaits them in that transformation.


Placing your focus and energy on the basics at hand – the simple SPIRIT of the matter – seeing how that situation or event is or was formed from basic universal law…unraveling it piece by piece to find the magic nugget that can undo the “knot” and allow the energy to flow properly through the whole…

With Love, cut the chords to those who are not aligned to that essential being. They drain and distract you from who you truly ARE.

Open to opportunities that take you “out of the box” and beyond the scope of your little dreams into a larger and more expansive realm.

Know that you are not trapped in circumstance…you are free to change the energy in your environment by changing your environment..physical re-location or change of whom you associate with on a regular basis may or may not be a part of it…but the greater change of environment is within. FEELING THE POWER YOU COMMAND TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE CIRCUMSTANCE. Without that feeling – that knowing – you will never really change anything but outer forms. The inner will remain the same.

* * *

This incarnation for you is a lesson in seeking balance between “sharpness” and “roundness” – a principle first brought forth in ancient MU. Sharpness was call Angii – it is the cutting edge – bringing things to absolution in a definite way…precise and logical…swiftly and conclusively.

Roundness is Abuta – following the curve to its beginning by moving forward (not backward). Not facing the blade head-on, but curving it into a path so that it leads to an opportunity of a new beginning. Then there is no need to cut away but instead to re-create the journey and thus create a new outcome.

There are times when Sharpness is necessary, but it is always Roundness that is the more complete resolution, altho it usually takes longer to achieve.

Angii (Sharpness) comes to one when that person is at a stand-still and is not choosing either path. For in actuality there is one ONE path…and the choice is whether or not to embark upon it. That is the path of Abuta – Roundness. If the person is not willing to take that first step then often the Blade will appear as a prompt.

Those who have walked the path of Abuta and re-created their beginning then step into Alukama – the Torus – and become Awakened Ones!

* * *

Those who had these experiences of “mingling” with the Devas carried para-genetic associations forward with them into their genetic incarnations.

[NOTE: “Para-genetics” is the transfer of genetic codes through incarnation, even if that particular genetic body was not passed these codes from the parents. These para-genetics – once incarnated, can then pass to offspring genetically. They are not as strong as the full physical transfers through generations. However they are usually incarnated into a host that already has that strain (codes) running and thus the para-genetics acts as an enhancement or booster.]

* * *

It is important in life to hold open in your mind and heart the knowledge that everything and everybody who comes into your life has a purpose for being there. It is part of your soul growth to experience it. But HOW you experience it and how you choose to then act upon or within that situation or relationship determines the development of your soul self.

By placing your self in your CORE VIBRATION (heart resonance) through experience neutrality and not personalizing difficult situations or relationships you are then free to make the choices concerning them that are for your greatest good – and therefor the best for all concerned.

You are not alone. You have souls about you who love you – have always loved you. Their presence touching your life energy is helping you to understand and grow…but only if you are receptive to them. By acknowledging their presence – even if unseen – it helps them to help you.

Ultimately, however you are the one who must find PEACE within and radiate your CORE BEING out into the world. This is what every soul in any world is incarnate to do …the major reason for their embodiment…to radiate LIGHT into their world. Yet this cannot fully be accomplished unless that soul is PRESENT with their own BEING…that is accepting of themselves and their purpose to BE. Most souls incarnate feeling this but begin to loose that feeling at the time of puberty or even earlier in some cases. In most adults there is to be found a seed of resentment that they no longer feel that presence which they did as a child…yet that can feel it again…they only need choose to do so. Very young children have little if any self-judgment – altho often at an early age it is beginning to be seeded within them by parents and society. Self-judgment keeps one from full acceptance of Self and thus places them at odds with their true Being. The daily practice of releasing self-judgment is what is needed to move past that block in your life. You may not be aware that it is self-judgment, as such can be cloaked in many feelings.

* * *

You are a flower waiting for that last drop of rain to tenderly caress your petals before you open fully to the sun.

Yet there is never a “last drop,” for you create the Moment when it all comes together from the sun, the rain and the earth. Your “now” time is always upon you. When you simply let go of preconceptions as to how you wish “it” to happen…your life will burst forth in a riot of flowers – a field of fertile ground for you to cultivate.

If you take the time from your busy day to be with yourself – and only yourself – step outside or into a room alone…but nature is best. It only requires some moments in deep surrender to reflecting God’s Power within you.

Life always, always offers the incarnated soul gifts. But they come in many packages. If someone were to hold out each hand to you – closed as a fist and say, “chose one” – and the hand you chose opened and a stone was inside. Then they opened the hand you did not choose and therein lay a beautiful sparkling crystal. How would you feel? Take a moment with this…how would you feel?

Now go deeply into the place of respecting yourself and who you are….feel the love and appreciation of every opportunity in life…every choice you make bringing to you a gift…something of great worth.

Then go back and replay the choice of the stone instead of the crystal.

How do you feel about it now?

Repeat this exercise daily until you can truly feel complete joy at receiving the stone!

* * *

You are a unique being as is each human – you will never be happy if you try to live as others do.

Certainly others may set an example for you: of joy, brilliance, love, unselfishness…but only you can live these things through your unique expression of them.

When you truly love another you are loving yourself – when you love yourself then you can truly love another.


Open and decisive DECLARATION to yourself of this fact is important, as it embeds this knowing into your brain cells, activating chemicals in the brain to aid you in a major shift of awareness. This shift will also create a better physical health for you as well.

You cannot move in any direction in your life without Awareness. For without it, you do not know where you ARE in the moment. If you don’t know where you are you have no reference for where you can choose to go.

Horses symbolize following the “Master” of the Higher Self. The freedom that comes from that experience…the beauty and joy of racing with the lightning of true Awareness!

Every night before sleeping when you say “I am a Child of God, etc…” see yourself riding a beautiful horse as full gallop over a desert plain with lightning streaking the sky. You and your steed are racing into the storm..not away from it…for there inside this cell of power is YOUR power..your connection to Divine.

* * *

When someone knocks on your door it is appropriate it ask them to wipe their feet before they enter your space. In other words, you have a right to define the sanctity of your boundaries to those you invite to join you in your sacred space.

Earth is a place where one incarnates to come to understand and live within personal sovereignty. That is why you are here. Only through truly embracing this sovereignty can you reach a point of then fully embracing the ALL as ONE within you. So personal sovereignty is not a declared separation from ALL – it is understanding the I AM of “you” and becomes so firmly rooted within it that you can then take that Blessed Being into the ALL with certainty and power.

You will come to find your place in society when you find your truthful being in the I AM….which is the GOD SELF in the midst of the Holy of Holies (the Eternal Sacred Heart).

As you experience deeper and deeper clarity of the I AM within – engaging it from all aspects of your daily life – down the the most mundane tasks – remain open to all possibilities and thus all dimensions of your experiential being. You are aware of the most obvious experiences that impact your conscious state…but there are experiences taking place for you on the subtle planes as well – and they are the most profound. Be aware that this is so…even if you are currently unconscious of the experiences themselves. In placing your awareness on the truth that you are a dimensional being and very active on dimensions you are not consciously perceiving – you will begin to draw more awareness of the actual experiences into your conscious perception.

When you develop a greater sense of true Self through this process of engaging the I AM, you may find that people drift out of your life who are not ready to experience the fullness you are becoming – as they are not ready to experience it within themselves (ie fearful of doing so). Do not try to hold on to such relationships…simply allow them to dissolve of their own accord.

Every day, every moment, draw upon the deep well of appreciation – drinking the life-giving waters therein, appreciating the very LIFE PULSE within you!

* * * * * * *

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3 thoughts on “Life Pulse – Heart Speaking from Thoth

  1. ThothHorRa (and YOU, Maia) is showing there some of the many facets of a great truth:

    All WE have to do is to persistently go ahead in the journey to fully meet OURSELVES and express as faithfully as posible the I AM THAT EACH ONE IS.

    THANK YOU Sistar, for the priceless reminding! ANU KA!

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