Adam Kadmon & Peter Pan

Adam Kadmon, art by Maia

Gathering with ThothHorRa on the New EarthStar Island of Second Life

STARRY (starheart.erdhein): The Records of Thoth record the animiotesh, or seven creational stages through which the Adam Kadmon Light Body or prototype created the Adamic Race. These are as follows:

1) Diethopas – the ‘Bringing of Fire’ or command of Spirit

2) Mythegaris – the ‘Issuance of Presence’

3) Kyithos – the ‘Whirling Pillar’ or establishment of foundation

4) Esoshaktes – the ‘Developing Thought’

5) Kasemel – the ‘Plasticity’

6) Endoshek – the ‘Breath’

7) Lotii – ‘Duality’

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): ~|~ ANU KA

Do you perhaps remember in the story of Peter Pan…when Peter lost his shadow and Wendy took a needle and thread and sewed it back onto him ? In this allegory we can see various aspects of the Divine Feminine at work with the Divine Masculine. When Peter…the adventurous one…who rescued and defended Wendy, her brothers and the “Lost Boys”…lost his shadow…he represented the masculine loosing his ability to be “reflective” in the truest sense of the word. I speak here of deep  reflection of Self – now both men and women carry the Divine Masculine and Feminine – so I am not speaking of men loosing this and women not…but the “charge” or “presence” that the divine complements. In male incarnation it is usually more difficult to be inwardly reflective and for women, they sometimes drown in their reflection.!

Dru (drucilla.karu): ㋡

Yara Ragu: !!

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): So what happens then when Wendy sews back Peter’s shadow? He becomes very happy and full of masculine pride…because now he can see himself as a being who casts a shadow…who “matters”. Yet this is not really the intention…for Wendy gives him insight he is yet to discover…but he will

Spirallll Magic: one reap what one sow, reflection of self

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): yes

Paige Fairweather: you have to be in the light to have a shadow

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): One has to have a sense of true self in order to become wholeat least here in this terrestrial world. So what does Peter Pan and his shadow have to do with Adam Kadmon (so Starheart is asking me). One may see the Adam Kadmon as humanity’s Light shadow…in other words not a dark shadow but a matrix of light dots – pixels if you will…that aligns to the energy bodies. When you move your arm UP…this Light Shadow registers it in the “reflection”. It is the blueprint…it defines the human being in form…and energy…it keeps the vessel steady…as it were…from the DNA through the cells.

As we see the remarkable process of all life for human beings the AK (Adam Kadmon) is the MAP…the star map of the living being. It also connects that living being with the ALL on an energy level when one leaves the body…in “death”….it still retains its AK Light Shadow…for that is the map it will follow in forming a new vessel for the soul

Now let us return to Peter Pan for a moment…Peter told Wendy and her brothers they could fly if they believe it…but also…there was an added ingredient. Now “children” can you tell me what that was?

Rex Mumblewood: fairy dust

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): Yes indeed it was

Faustorian Mavendorf: Most likely in the form of the light body, how the “dust” can be those aforementioned “pixels”.

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): The fairy dust is that Elemental Power in the very stardust of which our bodies are composed. When we activate this stardust of our bodies…and become AWARE that we are doing so…thus “intention” is involved…we then can “fly”…we are free from time and space…it is still there to accommodate us but not something that contains us.

This is how I exist and many, many souls in “body” on higher dimensions. I AM one of the original AK souls  who came into the Earth’s SUN for this purpose…yet I AM also here among you as a BEING who is of your Kindred.

How much SPACE is there between you and I?! NONE…none at all…there is a difference in AWARENESS only…that that yes – that is some distance…however…in the world of Quantum…one LEAP is all it takes to walk beside me

Yara Ragu: ::❤‧::

Rex Mumblewood: °͜°

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): We are all NOTES in the universal chorus as they come together in harmony, so we create together a Symphony of Light.

Spirallll Magic: Soul is connected to body so long that I am breathing. To get free I just stop breathing. But I want to be in this dualistic time space level. So heavy earthly energies:)

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): Spiralll I say to you…the heaviness is in your heart and not your body…your body is responding to the cry of your heart. You feel the separation and you heart is heavy. So do not have to wait to transcend the mortal coil to lighten the load for the heart is a child who only wishes to be turned loose in a bright field of flowers…. on a sunny  day…in the “field” in your life…and let your heart know the Beauty of it…there is so much in your life NOW to be lived in joy…what is heavy will fall away when the windows are opened for the rays of the sun.

Spirallll Magic: I know that and I love it. I love joy, I love sorrow… I cannot be sorrow in “heaven”… I don’t want to.

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): YOU HAVE THE POWER to become IMMORTAL in Spirit now…for so you ARE. Know that you are never alone…

Spirallll Magic: I am

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): There are those such as myself and the Angelics…around you continually…loving you…seeing you for who you truly ARE. If a fly lands on your arm you brush it away…if an angel touches your arm…do you brush that away as well? 

Spirallll Magic: Never

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): FEEL in your body…SEE with your eyes…they are all around you…and indeed within you.

Spirallll Magic: of cause, all living is like a internet of souls

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): yes a net of STARS cast into an eternal sea…jump into the net! What keeps humanity (in general) from seeing “Spirits” and “Angels”? Fear…fear can come disguised as sorrow…anger…feelings of unworthiness…many things…but it is all fear…and where does fear come from…!?! Being unaware…without awareness the unknown looms. The great soul who lived as Helen Keller conquered fear as much as any human who ever livedshe swept it out the doorshe could not physically SEE or HEAR and thus SPEAK…yet her SIGHT, her KNOWING was acuteshe communed incessantly with her Kindred of Lightshe saw them and acknowledged themthis she did not write about (in such terms)as the time was not accepting thenbut for herthat was her world. One need not be deaf and sightless of physical sight to experience such thingsbut physical senses need be trained to operate with another source of the soul…the ADAM KADMON… for in this template all utilities of the senses on a multitude of levels…can be actualized. Human beings are not meant to be alone…and they are not…but even in a crowd so many feel as if they were. When the veil drops the Host appears.

Spirallll Magic: maybe I am sociopathic or something but I have never feel loneliness

Faustorian Mavendorf: You aren’t alone, for I lack that feeling either.

Rex Mumblewood: It’s not a pleasant companion Spiralli

Faustorian Mavendorf: (Loneliness, that is.)

Spirallll Magic: alone and lonely is different think

Rex Mumblewood: so you are lucky

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): Yes it is. You are alone when you are focused on the Inner…but you feel very much supported…and therefore not lonely.The sense of loneliness comes from a feeling of lack of support.

Rose (txyellowrose): yes

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): Are there any remaining comments or questions before I depart?

Spirallll Magic: yes, I feel that there is always someone with me.. Those are mostly manifested as a crow

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): Animals are often overlighted at times by Spirits – Beings

Spirallll Magic: ppl think crows are some bad, Crow are very neutral

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): Yes and quite intelligent…they are…reflective

Dru (drucilla.karu): very wonderful talk ….encouraging..:)

Spirallll Magic: they dont think bad – good, black – white, beauty – ugly

Rose (txyellowrose): Thank you Thoth – at some point in the future could you speak of the “still point?”

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): They would not wish to !  Yes…the Still point…we will do that.

Rose (txyellowrose): Thank you

Yara Ragu: THANK YOU so much, ThothHorRa! ANU KA ~|~ ::❤‧::❤‧::

Faustorian Mavendorf: Thank you, Thoth!

Dru (drucilla.karu): Thank YOU ThothHorRa…

Elizabeth Spieler: provided I don’t use the ego – at all ! only then can I hear the horse

Dru (drucilla.karu): ANU KA ~|~

Lancelot Seetan: Thank YOU so much

Paige Fairweather: thankskindly ㋡

Elizabeth Spieler: thank you! Have a wonderful day!

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): ANU KA ~|~


Full Adam Kadmon article & art on Spirit Mythos

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