Worlds within Worlds

In the above video physicist Nassim Haramein speaks about mysterious objects – not comets – flying into the sun. They are as big as the earth! He shows NASA video of this happening. Mr.Haramein speaks about how it is theoretically possible to use a star-sun as an inter-dimensional portal. I had not seen or heard of this NASA footage or that any scientists were speaking of using the sun as an inter-dimensional portal (until a few days ago) but it really set me on fire (pun intended) as in the late 1960’s my inner planes sources gave me information that many years later I wrote on my Spirit Mythos website…

The Earth in its new evolutionary form will be within its star-sun. It will not be the old sun of the pre-ascension world, but the ‘Blue Star’ of Rigel in the constellation of Orion. In other words, the Earth will move through the portal of the old solar sun of this current solar system, and travel dimensionally into Rigel. Rigel is the portal of this planet’s (and Venus’) original creation, and thus Earth and its sister Venus must return to that sphere. Thoth tells us that all higher evolutionary worlds exist within their suns. Such a concept is difficult for us to comprehend in a linear fashion. Think of the ‘planets’ of such a sun being as concentric circles, so these worlds are not round globes, but more like spherical toroids, much like the different concentric layers in a large hail ball. At the center of the concentric worlds within worlds is a core sun. In the blue star Rigel of Orion there are two core suns. The core suns are of a higher vibration than are the rest of the sun’s mass which contains them. Thus, living beings on the New Earth will perceive these two core sun frequencies as being fiery and brilliant (one blue-white and one golden-yellow), whereas the remaining part of the star which contains their world will appear as a gently lighted sky, denser in light than our current atmosphere, but not as bright as the core suns.

The Earth will share its star-sun with 11 other planets, including Venus, for twelve in all. These other concentric ‘planetary shells’ will appear as large but faint crescents in the sky. The determining factors as to which and how many crescents are seen from the surface of the planetary ring at any given time, i s dependent upon where the individual planetary ring is located in the matrix of twelve, and where you are positioned upon your own planetary ring. There will be an inner and outer atmosphere which will preclude any ‘night sky’ or the sight of other stars externally. This will be akin to the inner earth domains, where the central core sun of the planet shines continually, but the Light rich atmosphere contracts and expands to create somewhat of a ‘twilight’ experience every so many hours. Being inside a star instead of a planet, there of course will be major differences, but the basic principal is the same.

From the surface of the New Earth, the inner atmospheric sky will vary from shades of turquoise, to lavender and deep violet, with fine golden ‘glitter’ gently wafting through the spaces between. This glitter effect will be caused by the interaction of two core suns’ Light with the greater sun’s atmosphere which envelops the planetary spherical toroids. This interaction will cause a bit of a ‘refraction’ to occur, much like sunlight glinting off of newly fallen snowflakes, although the ‘glitter will actually be particles of subtle matter in its pre-formative stage. These more intense patterning of color and glitter will take place primarily within the period of ‘twilight’. The major portion of the ‘daytime’ experience however, will create a very subtle and beautiful sky, dancing with crystalline pastels, not at all overpowering to the senses.

At times, there will be some large aggregations of the ‘glitter’ particles that may create moon-like orbs. These will come and go, and will not be as long-lived as actual moon spheres. Some of the smaller particle aggregations or ‘orbs’ will streak like comets through the sky when they lose their positive charge and are drawn toward negative mass. The unique gravitational fields of the planetary ‘shells’ will deflect any potential impacts between these ‘comets’ with the star-sun planets, in a unique but autonomous system of self-preservation. – full article

Also from a notation page on Spirit Mythos…

In the late 1960’s I received from my akashic investigations as well as from my communion with Thoth, that the earth and Venus did not originate in this solar system…or even in this galaxy, but instead had been teleported from INSIDE the star-sun Rigel in the constellation of Orion to it’s current position around the sun in this galaxy / solar system. This seemed so fantastic at the time, that I rarely spoke or wrote about it. Now, in 2005 I read the book “Cracking the Bible Code” by Jeffery Satinover, M.D.. In this book Dr. Satinover is writing about quantum physics when he states: “…there is a genuine probability that the entire earth will suddenly jump its current orbit around the sun to another star.”

It was further revealed to me that Venus was the “guardian” of earth and that more advanced consciousness spheres exist within stars rather than orbit around them. In recent years quantum physics also has proven in a laboratory that two (or more?) objects can occupy the same space at the same time.

My inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa has stressed to me repeatedly the deep connection between our DNA and the the “Solar Logos.” In the following video Nassim Haramein explains this beautifully, giving me a picture that illuminates many things I really didn’t fully grasp from Thoth’s streaming to me about our solar connection…

In my article Yushuda – Krystos Whirlwind of the Solar Mysteries…

Star-Suns are what Thoth calls “The Living Lights”. They are in essence, each composed of many trillions of “Angels” and other Shining Ones, which have been given various names by the religions of the earth.

The pulsing energy from the central sun of this universe streams throughout the cosmos. All particles of matter respond to the sacred touch of the pulse. This ‘response’ is an awakening of being. It is not consciousness–not yet. It is a form of attraction TO consciousness. The divine song of matter to it’s “maker” (in this instance, to the central sun of this universe), creates paths of resonance that, in more complex formations of matter, become vessels for consciousness.
full article

From my article Gate of the Sun…

Thoth: Archetypically, the Gate of the Sun refers to the passage of the human soul into Solar initiation (defined later in this article). In other words, the soul receives an initiation of Divine Fire through their solar plexus chakra directly from the Great Central Sun: the Kolob. Historically however, the Gate of the Sun refers to specific formats and / or planetary acu-points upon which solar initiations take place. Sometimes such sacred Solar passages are held for entire cultures as they seek renewal of their Race Spirit within the greater tide of the universal solar sea. (The Race Spirit of a culture is an Archangelic presence which holds the greater design and evolutionary destiny path for that race or culture. There are times when an entire race or culture can go through a quantum evolutionary leap, which many times will require a mass initiation to take place.)

‘And Cumthara came forth from the Shields of Light as a bright and holy angel,
His tempest borne upon the clouds of Orion,
His might manifest in the harbinger star of Magha (Sirius),
Lo, His face was that of the Golden Lion,
His eyes, cauldrons of sapphire,
His mighty form an avenger,
His sword the violet kabbath
Cumthara spoke and the sea unfolded upon the land,
and the heart of the world quivered as in the breast of a rabbit.
Cumthara laid bare his garment, revealing within, the hand of a Man containing the tamseth. From Cumthara was given to us that day, the Law of the Sun, the Table of the Mighty Star-Sea which is embedded as a pearl in the forehead of the Sun Born.’

– a passage from the ‘Shamil’, the ‘Book of the Sun’, originally written in the ancient Lemurian tongue, later to be transcribed in the Mystery School of Onnas by the Dead Sea, 3551 B.C. (source: akashic library as translated by Maia)

Thoth tells us that Cumthara was “a Solar Emissary who came to the Earth at the end times of Lemuria for the purpose of taking up the codes of that Solar period, which was coming to completion, and to give humanity the codes for assimilation of the new dispensation for Light Redemption on the Earth.” full article

Then there is my article on Osiris and the Solar Crosses…

The Seven Solar Crosses are containment fields for solar consciousness. Solar consciousness is a type of collective interactive sentience which is transmitted through the solar or star-sun energy. Human souls migrate through these fields of consciousness as they progress on their evolutionary journey through the universe. Thus, these solar crosses are aligning vectors for an evolving soul in physical incarnation. By means of these vectors the soul may “lock on” to its higher spirit-forms in its efforts to re-alignment to Source.

Understand, that “solar” in this context, is not limited to the sun of our solar system, but encompasses ALL star-sun energy fields. Each star-sun field holds specific dynamics of alignment. The solar crosses we speak of then, are comprised of various “solar” alignment vectors woven into the dynamics of the “crosses.” Below, Thoth gives us the primary locales where these Solar Crosses have been given their field of access. In other words, these Solar Cross dynamics can be accessed by first accessing these differing “domains” of consciousness.

The fourteen Osirian staffs, in their pure energy form, are spiraling yod flames of pure Light raying forth. These yod-rays are created through the interlinking of all seven Solar Crosses. The interlinking of all Solar Crosses occurs as a result of a high level sentient source (i.e. the Universal Hierarchy) threading a beam of collective synchronicity through the seven crosses. From the earth’s current perspective, this is fully realized when this dynamic is initiated within the earth’s Central Sun Atoma, and then “threaded” through all the other “domains” of access to the greater Radiant Heaven, and then back again to the Central Sun Atoma of the planet. In creating this loop, the yod-flame staffs move through each of these domains and penetrate them, thereby anchoring the 14 permutations of Return to Light into those fields or domains as a means to re-orient them to SOURCE.
full article

4 thoughts on “Worlds within Worlds

  1. Hello Maia, Dan Winter has been offering the mechanics involved to allow anyone capable (no point until the individual is ready) to use the Solar portal. He began a group called the solar shamen some ten years ago. The ‘deep connection between our DNA and the Solar Logos’ Thoth mentions is the fact both are consciousness constructs based upon the ‘fractal’ template’ called golden phi ratio. When our conscious self realizes this everything becomes clear. Dan’s main site;

  2. It’s fantastic, Maia!

    Back in the ’80s, I was guided by an aged Brazilian Teacher who had been in the past Mason and Rosicrucian, to follow a series of initations through meditation. In one of them I “went” to the Sun, was met there by Archangel Gabriel who took me to the presence of Archangel Michael. Michael took me to the center of the Sun. From there I “travelled” directly to Sirius, where I was met by other Beings. Two of them scorted me through space, the three of us taking the form of exquisite white birds of Light. They left me in front of an energy vortex, that attracted me and took me into another star. There I was very lovingly welcomed as one of them. After a conversation (whose contents are irrevelant to what we are commenting now) with whom seemed to occupy a prominent place (maybe like a King in our world), I was taken back to our Sun and from there to the place where I was meditating. 🙂

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