The Mysteries of Osiris

Recently I received the following in an email. I feel the questions are relevant to all interested in this topic, so with Christine’s permission I reprint her comments and questions here, followed by my reply.

To begin, I’d just like to thank you for all of the wonderful information you offer on your websites, including your beautiful artwork.  I’ve combed through many, many pages of Spirit Mythos and have read your new blogs, too.  What you’ve channeled from Master Thoth has given me far greater understanding of what this ascension is all about and also the technical aspects of it.  I appreciate that more than I can say simply because it’s something firm to work with — rather than trying to ascend from vague and perhaps inaccurate concepts.

I’ve also enjoyed The 7 Miracles of Light and the 11th Gate of the Star videos immensely!  Thank you for these both… and the production of each is itself outstanding.  If you have a chance to consider — or perhaps you already know — I was wondering what the 14 measures of Osiris are?  What do they correspond to?  I was a little confused, too, that these 14 measures correlate with the astrological wheel (in the part where the 14 measures = 14 apples on the Osiris apple tree) since there are but 12 zodiac signs.  Could you explain that further?  I saw that you followed the Tarot sequence for the ‘significants’, yet placed the “Fool” and the “Magician” archetypes toward the close.

I have viewed both videos several times each.  Thank you so much for your amazing work!  I understand the responsibility involved in channeling the kind of information and artwork that you channel.  It’s no small thing, yet especially now (on the threshold of planetary ascension) it means so much.

Wishing you well and with greatest grace, Christine

In addressing Christine’s questions above let us begin with the 14 measures of Osiris…

These “measures” are symbolically represented in the 14 parts of Osiris’ body which after having slain him, the God Set dismembered and placed these parts in different locations. Isis whom you might call the “Twin Flame” of Osiris, went about to gather the 14 parts of Osiris in order to regenerate him to life so that he could then “die” in appropriate manner and enter the Afterlife.

From Wikipedia we read:

The original form of the myth states that Osiris was killed by a wooden sarcophagus secretly being made to his measurements by Seth, who was jealous of Osiris’s position as Pharaoh, and so plotted to kill him and take his place. A party had been held where the coffin was offered to whoever could fit inside. A few people tried to fit in, but to no avail. Osiris was encouraged to try, but as soon as he lay back, the lid slammed on him and was locked. It was then sealed with lead and thrown into the Nile river. Upon hearing that Osiris was gone, Isis set out to look for him. She was afraid that without proper ceremonies and burial Osiris would not be able to go to the place of the dead. She later learned that the coffin had floated down the Nile river up to the coast of Byblos (now in modern day Lebanon) and became embedded in the trunk of a cedar tree. She also learned that the cedar tree had been taken and used as a pillar to support a palace for the king of Byblos. When traveling back, along the Nile River, she left the coffin in an area of marshland. Seth, while hunting, found Osiris’s coffin and dismembered him into 14 parts, scattering them across the land of Egypt.

Once again Isis set out to look for the pieces and she was able to find 13 of the 14 parts, with the help of Nephthys, Seth’s sister-wife, but was unable to find the 14th, as it had been eaten by a fish. Instead, she fashioned a phallus out of gold and sang a song around Osiris until he came back to life.

Osiris was resurrected. He could have proper ceremonies and burial.

Due to this experience, Osiris became Lord of the Dead, and the Afterlife.

I won’t go into the symbolic translation of this entire myth as I wish in this article to stay focused on the questions presented by Christine – the first concerning the 14 measures of Osiris.

These “measures” are permutations of cosmic forces – star systems – which bring order and cyclic balance to the universe. These then, are the 14 “apples” (spheres of creational movement) on the Universal Tree. Osiris is the representation of the Keeper of the Heavens – the cosmological Saint if you will, who creates and guards the Bridge into the Stars. The “Underworld” to the ancient Egyptians was the labyrinth one had to go through in order to be found worthy to cross the bridge into the Greater Life.

Osiris also lived as a man…just as did Thoth…but these beings who walked the earth were associated with the cosmology they embodied to the People of the eras following their departure from this world.

Let us look at the zodiac as we understand it, for a moment…

There are 12 signs or houses – yet one awaits revelation (well, it is already becoming noticed) – Ophiuchus – which creates the 13th. The Mazzaloth is the realm of the 12 house zodiac we operate within as a planetary entity. Yet beyond the Mazzaloth / zodaic is the Mazzaroth or Greater Heaven which includes the 13th “Heaven-House” of Ophiuchus, which will take us into the Greater Universe Thoth refers to as the Attasic Universe of non-duality – it’s “doorway” being the Golden Star of Mazuriel.

It is the 14 permutations or movements of the cosmological clock which will activate the 13th Heaven-House, Ophiuchus – within the Earth’s field of Creation. When this activation occurs, the bridge will be opened for our passage into the Attasic Universe. However this passage is no what we are calling “Ascension.” That is just a first step on the bridge…leading us into a World System II program of Light (ie, the New Earth Star). Yet even so, entering the System II of our Universal Family, we quicken closer and closer to accepting the non-dualistic GOD-RAY of the Attasic.

In her email to me Christine states: “I saw that you followed the Tarot sequence for the ‘significants’, yet placed the “Fool” and the “Magician” archetypes toward the close.”

The Fool is the “Hidden Christ” – that Christic Being in all of us we have yet to truly recognize and often see out-pictured as something out of place…not making sense to our rational mind and therefor “foolish.”

The Magician is the Reckoner – the One (Wisdom through Divine Law) which brings all into order – “making sense” of things through deep inner perception and the ability to truly understand and abide by Universal Law and Principle.

According to my channeling from ThothHorRa, as THE Thoth of ancient times, he created the original “tarot.” He also gave me or at least over-lighted the 11th Gate initiation. He is therefor following HIS “tarot” and not the more recent versions. In the original, the Fool and the Magician are the Ones who leads us to and over the “Bridge” into the Realm of the Gods, metaphorically speaking. In this perspective, The Fool could be seen as Osiris and the Magician as Thoth.

References in my material

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Mazuriel / Attasic Universe

Oisiris Mysteries: Osiris Family / Osiris artwork / Osiris and the Solar Crosses / Osiris-Rem-Nebket

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