Got Power?

The power touches me

The power sets us free

The power holds my hand

The power drives me crazy

– as sung by Cher

When we speak of “power” in this context we are referring to a spiritual force. It is not angels and harps it is nature – the primal being, the ascending being, the ascended being…all different modalities of the same Power.

How we channel this power is the angelic part…for as beings of Divine Grace so we can find within us the Rapture – the verse of Ascending SPIRIT that raises us, quickens us and informs us as to the true Source of the Power – and how it can become a full-blown event of Reunion with God-self.

The first step in claiming the natural Power as a state of exalted Spirit is to call it to us as a lamb to the fold. You have heard the expression “a lion in sheep’s clothing” – well the “Power” is a lamb emblazoned as a LION. For they are both Godly symbols… “the Lion shall lay down with the Lamb” – meaning the Flaming natural power of Spirit in matter – the Lion – the Watcher at the Gate – the part of you who rises up to defend, shall find a place of most perfect power by “lying down with the lamb” – offering itself in peaceful repose next to the merkabah of Divine Grace – the vehicle that does not need defending for it is complete in its being.

The entire cultural status of the nations of Earth for eons has been based on the “Lion of God” – not the bad guy – he has his place, but he is a virtue that is being distilled drop by drop into a greater sea of salvation…one no Bible can hold or sermon can preach. Who but the “Lamb” shall find us in the sunlit pasture, deep in clover, nuzzeling us gently to say “It is over. The Aeon of the Lion has passed. Now you are safe in my embrace…and the Lion, King of Kings that he is, shall guard you still, but with a tender gaze, as he is now no longer summoned by every bump in the night. He is called by a Higher Duty, a Greater Voice.”

But let us go back to the beginning of the story – before we reach the “happily ever after.”

You, now. Where are you in the midst of your Power? We are all Lambs and Lions – sometimes they lie down together, sometimes not. Finding that place of poise within, where you begin to grasp the Power itself a a vessel of Divine Sovergnity…your inheritance, your Right to BE who you are. Yes it is a big topic now among many…the “RIGHT TO BE WHO I AM.” It is often buried in pain and anger, only to arise with a fearful roar that does not warm any hearts!

Steadying your power with a peaceful touch is like riding a great stallion, so spirited, so beautiful he takes your breath away! The movement beneath you of every muscle in his body under that silken flesh reminds you of the potential this steed has to either be at your command and carry you to the heights of great mountains in the clouds or pitch you head long into the dirt. So you lay your hand upon him and say…”Steady boy, steady…” in a calm and soothing voice, while your heart is pounding with desire to race him through the wind. Yet it is patience and focus and LOVE that will win you that ride. It will come when you and your mount are ONE.

Remember in the movie Avatar…how the hero transformed into a Navi had to learn to become ONE with the dragon being. It was a bumpy ride at first!

Yet it is so worth the effort and patience when you claim the beast’s heart.

I created a little video “Starheart’s World” – which to me demonstrates my personal journey in this regard as it has been reflected in my experiences within the virtual world of Second Life – which is a part of my Real Life experience and has transferred much learning to me about the expressions of  “The Power.”


2 thoughts on “Got Power?

  1. This is such an inspired and opportune article, Maia… By the times we are traveling through, total belief in our POWER is essential to create the ways and elements of Life corresponding to the higher vibration we are building on. We carry their generative seeds inside our hearts, ready to secure its roots on the physical plane. DOUBT not only weaken but distort them in their growth.

    THANK YOU for reminding us of it! 🙂

  2. For me it is a central theme the right to be who I am.
    I did not expect it to be coupled to the theme of the lamb and the lion,
    2 weeks ago I got a small statue from a Hindu God sitting on a Dragon.
    Looking at it yesterday after a meditation, I saw them both at peace, and just an hour later I got this text in a mail.


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