Se’RA’fana Adu’RA on the Inner Muse

(My channelling of Se’RA’fana in a gathering on NESI in Second Life – 3/04/12)

SerRA’fana Adu’RA (seraphina.kaur): I greet you all today…How many of you feel “in the air” new potential coming into your life?

Dru (drucilla.karu): me

Rex Mumblewood: yes

 Yara Ragu: I do, greatly!

SerRA’fana Adu’RA (seraphina.kaur): Now with the entry of 2012…Well IT IS SO!  For the greater part of humanity has decided to accept 2012 as a year of positive expectations rather than the END of something they wish to continue. Those who accept this approach of a new and wonderful beginning…you all carry great momentum together for you have anticipated this time for many years…!!! AND NOW IT HAS ARRIVED. All together agree IT IS GOOD…and SO IT IS!

Now let us travel some into the past for some moments…to the Age of MU…when the MUSES – those of the MU’SA Temples – both male and female…held the consciousness of core essence of what each soul had come to offer to the world within their incarnation. And in doing so, they were able to create a stronger acknowledgement of these inherent GIFTS each human possesses.  They held Cu’Ma…or gatherings…which were held once a MONTH on full moons…in which all in the community would participate…with much song, dance and reading of prose and poetry…not just by the Muses.  Then the core muses or MU’SA…the NINE femaleswould creating a circle…and a few at a time…people of the community would enter that circle…and they would receive shall we say an infusion from the Mu’Sa…which would open them up more deeply to their resonating  gifts…so much so, that they would often go into a mild trance…in which their inner planes benefactors would appear to them…and open them further. The Mus’Sa of the Circle would be playing wind instruments and harps very gently during this time and a soft chanting from their voices…all keyed to open and expand the senses…very specifically…for receipt of the TALENTS one possessed that were CORE to their current incarnation…intended for them to pursue in that lifetime. Then after all had “received”…they would be hugged by the NINE…each individually…this was the embrace of loving recognition for who they were and the gifts they brought into the world.

Now let us return to this moment in time…here in the Blessed month of March…a rather mystical month…for the waters of the akashic…the etherium…wash over Earth greatly in that time. And humans tend to be called back to their Sea Birthing…in one form or another. Take a few moments now in Stillness and Quiet…and imagine…that you are within the circle of Mu’Sa…but you do not go back to their time…they come to yours!…for time is an escalator that runs both ways. You come into their circle now…you can feel their LOVE…their calling to you to join them. You feel acknowledged… even the parts of you which you yourself do not acknowledge…and the feeling runs through you like liquid fire…a tingling yet a feeling of coolness…all in one.  Hear the SOUNDS of their instruments…like the chimes you hear now in this room…only more beautiful for the ear to behold. As the power around the circle grows…you feel the Opening being within you!

NOW! NOW! NOW!  it calls to you!





The chanting of the Mu’Sa becomes louder now…and crystal clear as it strikes like a bell in your heart. Now you fall backwards upon the ground…not in illness or being pushed through an unseen power…but you simply TURN LOOSE of everything! and all your muscles relax to the point of allow gravity to take you completely. You feel no discomfort as your body meets the ground…only completeness…you and the MOTHER are one now…no resistance, no concern…no questions throbbing incessentally at the back of your brain as always before. Yet you feel very much ALIVE…a NEW LIFE…one of liberty from mental pressure and discipline. You lie there on your back and gaze up at the sky (the time just before sunset).You feel you are gently moving from the balance between DAY and NIGHT…you are the Earth accepting her habit of Darkness…as she recedes into the Dreamtime. When the Dark Hour arrives…you begin to stir…your body rises from its supine position on the ground…and you stand…a bit wobbly at first…like the new born fawn…for these are NEW LEGS you stand upon…that is a new balance which has come into you…a WAY of balancing and moving with the dance of gravity. It is not so demanding…it is more like a dance…where all comes together through movement. Now you receive a hug from one of the Mu’Sa…it is genuine and deep…she smells of the fragrant earth with a hint of herbs and spices.  So the Mu’Sa depart – gently, leaving a breath of their sweet fragrance behind.

Now, as we sit here with the blessings of he Mu’Sa still upon us…I ask you to reach into your being…what is it that you “knew” was that CORE of true happiness you felt…and how would this feeling be reproduced for you in Real Life?

So now Dear Ones…I ask you to see a clear pool of water before you. Gaze into it…into your reflectionwatch now as your face changes into different faces…both male and femaleof who you have been or will be in your soul sojourn on this Earth.

Come back to your current embodiment now…see your face as you are nowlook deeply…what is he or she asking of you? It is WRITTEN ON YOUR FACE…if you looked at yourself in the mirror with the intention of communication with Self each day…a marvelous conversation would begin 🙂 Right now tho…what is that face you carry around with you saying? Perhaps even pleading with you to hear? This is not a difficult question. You know the answer…it is as plain as the nose on your face! 🙂 The more you engage YOU in the mirror, the closer you will come to manifesting your talents in the world…as you were born to do…in a way that supports your life existence in the body. But understand…that the talent you display…the one which calls you to perform…may or may NOT supply you with your daily bread! But if follow it truly…the universe WILL support youit may come in some other packagebut it will be as a result of taking action on the truth of what calls you. Now this does not mean to act with no sense of physical laws or consequence. It is a balancing act – once againwith the gravity of the momentum you have set into motion for many years. It would not be wise to suddenly step off a cliff yelling at the top of your voice “I CAN FLY, I CAN FLY!” But your talents ,your QUEST , your methodical actions coming from inner design…can build you wings! THEN you can fly 🙂 If you sit by the cliff and say I would like to but…but… butyou will stay firmly on the BUT for the rest of your life !!!

As my BELOVED (ThothHorRa) would say…AND SO IT IS!




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