ThothHorRa Continues about the Cosmic Event of 7/23/12

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The following takes place in the 11th Heaven Pyramid over the New EarthStar Island in Second Life. It is a continuation of my blog article:

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): ANU KA ~|~

I greet you all this day…and request your heart attention more than mind as I interact with you “here” and “now.” Know that when I speak to you…here in these gatherings…much more is happening…we are communicating on deeper levels. So let us take some moments together…and focus on the LOVE that connects us all…through time and space and beyond. THIS IS GOOD 🙂

When the cosmic “shift” on 7/23 occurs…it will not be a blast but a deep SIGH…as if  a release of air from the lungs after surfacing from a deep place in the sea. What must happen next then? If you expel air from your lungs…the next is to take air IN to FILL your lungs with new breath. Energetically this is what will happen on 7/23. You may find that it is more than a symbolic picture…for the air you breathe is a stimulant of energy…a transducer. You may feel the sensation of breathing deeper or sighing more…not just on that day…but over a period of time afterward as you adjust to taking in  a new energy into your being. Air is constantly recycled and changing but yet containing components of the past…you breathe the air of Gandhi, Jesus, Mohammed… it is all going through you all the time…you see…there are elements in the air that communicate and spread the “memory” of their path…so it ALL feeds you the LIFE-GIVING breath of every creature and oxygenizing… giving and taking source on this planet…that ever has been.

And in that sharing…there is a great power…but also it can cause humanity to repeat cycles better left behind. When the WAVE enters the planet this July…a new path will imprint the molecules. You will begin to breathe “new air”…not entirely new…but the new parts will aid you in developing the “New Earth” within…for the WAVE will break up old thought forms…in the environment…in the magnetic components o the brain…cognition will begin to change. You will see the same things but receive new signals from them…the same people but understand them more deeply with a more rarified sight…a rock, a tree…you will flip your inner vision to enhance your outer vision…like a reversal of a lens. The two lenses are out of sync now…like bifocals…you can look through one or the other…but not both together…yet soon this will begin to change…and they will become ONE SIGHT.

Yet it is good to prepare yourself  for such changes….not only this coming WAVE of 7/23…there is much, much more to come. By prepare it is meant not that you brace yourself for an impact….but that you relax and become ready for free-fall…jump out of the plane, spread out your being and know that indeed the chute will open at the right time to alight you safely on the ground…What a trip it will be then…I assure you. You will want to do it again and again 🙂 But that first step out into space…taking the foot off solid ground and putting the weight of it into “nothing” – that My Dear Ones is the “giant leap for mankind.”. It will take INNER KNOWING that ALL IS WELL. Thus…preparation…is best in the form of contemplation on how it might feel to begin to see and experience things differently…at first somewhat distant from your understanding…but…as you relax and LET GO and fall into it…so you will see with crystal clarity that it is exactly where you not only need to be…but WANT to be.

Most human cultures preach that Wants are bad and Needs are acceptable and necessary…well both can have their pitfalls…If they are not aligned to heart coherency…however…behind every “want” is a need…and behind every “need” is a want. In the near future both wants and needs will develop together into something else…something closer to Source. It will simply BE…a force, a power that does not separate or exclude…does not say “right” or “wrong”…that embraces…balances…nurtures and sustains. It is to receive this Constant that all are born into the world and that all leave the world.

Are there any comments, observations or questions?

Shambala (shambala.kimono): yes…you mentioned preparations..can you discuss that a little further

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): Yes…Every day…take time to LISTEN to SPACE…this is of course part of listening to one’s self but…it is identifying that “space” – in which you move and breathe…is a Divine Essence…you are like a little golden grape dropped into a into a fine wine…and there you move gently to and from.

Shambala (shambala.kimono): this morning in meditation i saw us being in a void space… empty… no longer having anything familiar to hold on to…no longer who we were…not yet who we’re becoming…and the message was to find ways to be ok with that…no solid ground under our feet so we sprout wings.

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): yes…that little grape is really so protected….yet the world it came from it must eventually return to and that world…is the harvest of the SOULS.  Preparation means to be aware… to keep coming back to the knowing.

Yara Ragu: Somehow I feel like being already under this process you are describing…?

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): yes it is so Yara.

Paige Fairweather: what about Dec 21 this year? similar energy?

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): Dec brings a point of global recognition…that a mark is being past…in that lies the power of unity.

Paige Fairweather: UNity…ahh nic

Faustorian Mavendorf: Could there be something potentially “bad” that could happen amongst this shift. And if there is the possibility, how would it manifest?

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): What happens will be a letting go of mass misinformation…the masks coming off. Many will be very fearful and will accept any story they hear…so that they can HAVE a story…humans do not like to be without a story. So there will be some chaos as things fall into place…that is why it is so important…for YOU…here with me today…to keep the VISION of DIVINE BREATH…of the beautiful Fall through space…to a safe landing. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO WRITE THE STORY YOU WILL LIVE…all humanity does !!!

LoGoS Verity: Was this next to happen programmed….so that we would become like Hackers of a New Era with what we KNOW????

Paige Fairweather: how best to write that story? acting *as if* it is real?

Noc Farstrider (nocshadue.balbozar): I am wondering how to best serve others during this time?

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): Well no program is without it’s open-end…that is, it can always be changed…but yes there is a Light Program that is in place….but humans are the conductors of the music they are being handed… it can be played many different ways.  Noc…how best to serve others…is to SERVE YOURSELF…to develop and grow…to be the terra firma…you will send this signal out… and other will be aided by it to become solid ground within themselves.

Yara Ragu: beautiful image…

Noc Farstrider (nocshadue.balbozar): nods…thank you

Faustorian Mavendorf: “Be the change you wish to bring to the world”?

LoGoS Verity: Sometimes I wonder…”IF”…this is all like a video game…where all alternatives are already taken in consideration….but….awaiting..for some kind of Rulesbender to do something about it

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): Ahhh Logos you see the Trickster in the game…the one who steps out and pulls off all the masks before the Bell Tolls. Nothing is for certain except that all will end well !!!

Andre Farstrider: Question for Thoth: These stellar currents of light/sound/energy that the angelic beings have planned to bring in, has this been done before, if so what was the result of that event?

(Maia / Starheart) This question was missed by me so I did not address it with THR at the time…I now do so and include his answer here.

THR: Each time a cosmic event which effects the Earth comes around again (in cyclic return) it does not return to the same world. The planet is no longer in the same dimension it was when the cycle was last upon it. Now what I speak of here is an accumulation of micro-dimensional shifts…yet they are of major importance in their accumlative effect over even a short period of time. Thus to answer your question Andre, the experience for Earth each time brings the same ESSENCE but to a world in a new place in space, time and dimension. There have been times when events of this nature brought upon the Earth a “clean sweep” – wiping away much of the old world. Other times, the effects was barely noticed in the Outer but still major in setting humanity on a new or more evolved path. THIS time all such cosmic events – from 2012 until the “Ascension” – will be carry even more emphasis on quantum evolution regardless of it’s external out-picturing.

ANU KA ~|~ I extend to you the Ring of Soul Friendship

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