Cosmic Event of 2012

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In 2008 I received the following which I recorded on an mp3 and released. I felt it timely to now place it in this blog…

I was shown that there had been two ‘Nova Events’ in the cosmos, each in other galaxies far apart from one another.  When a nova of a star occurs, in addition to the power of the light moving out from the exploding star into space, there is a very low frequency of sound.  This sound is different from ordinary sound, in that it is created at the neutronic level and travels faster than light.  Much faster. 

I will call this the Neutro Low Frequency Sound, or NLFS.  THR relayed to me that the NLFS of these two different stars in galaxies, almost opposite in our night sky from one another, would collide on July 23, 2009.  They will then merge their NLFS waves and travel a new trajectory toward our galaxy and earth.  When the combined NLFS reaches Earth, exactly 3 years later to the day, July 23, 2012, it will be drawn into the core of the planet, into what THR refers to as the Sacred Atoma, or central sun core of Earth.  None of the stages of this cosmic event are random.  They are all a part of a process, initiated by the Angelic Hierarchies of the Living Lights, abiding within Star Suns of the Universe.

This particular event is intended, among other things, to alter the earth’s evolutionary program, recalibrating it to create a new tone within the Atoma of Earth.   This tone, or Holy Sound, will reverberate through the entire planet, penetrating all elements therein.

It will not be a trajectory of the planet in 3-D space, but within the inner landscape of consciousness and particle evolution.

It is then that many things will begin to occur, one being a major shift in the way we view ourselves as individual human beings.  We will still maintain a form of individual “I” consciousness, but it will begin to radically change.  We will see the “self” in a very different light.  This will have very different effects on different people.

The ancient civilization of Central America, who mixed with the Pleaidian Star Races, called the whole unfolding of this cosmic event the “Sha’alura”, meaning ‘The Coming Before and After.’

For the wave this cosmic event would create, as it penetrates into the Earth’s core, will send a wave out from it’s center in the form of a lemniscate or figure 8.  It will then be pulled back in, flipping in a reversal of it’s path, like a butterfly wing.  It may create a pole reversal for the planet, but honestly, I do not perceive that.  I am seeing more of a reversal of what THR calls the “Logica”, which is a geomagnetic pattern, pulsing from the nerve centers, at the absolute zero point around the Earth’s black hole, at it’s core, that on the inner dimension is also at the core of the Central Sun Atoma.

Before I continue speaking about the Logica, allow me to backtrack for a moment and talk about the molten core of the planet, versus the Hollow Earth and it’s Atoma Light Core.  They are one and the same, but yet operating in 2 different ultra-magnetic zones.

As the extreme pressures apply to what we perceive as the molten core, cause the Earth to have, what could be called an ‘out of body experience’, where it turns, or shifts, it’s reference point inside out, forming, near the absolute or center black hole, another dimension of it’s spatial continuum.  And this creates the hollow, or convex world within the Earth, and indeed within many planets of similar constitution.

Now let us return our focus to the Logica, the geomagnetic pattern, pulsing from the nerve centers of the absolute zero point, around the Earth’s central black hole.  This pattern is imprinted by the Logica identically in the human brain, and to some extent, into the brains of most creatures on the planet.  Altho there are degrees of impression within other living beings, while humans receive the full imprint, the Logica of the planet and it’s human brain counterpart forms the impetus for our logical mind.  What is up and what is down, what is what and essentially, how we see things and operate perceptually in the world, has it’s basis in the Logica.

Now this is not the only thing that influences our reality, and the way we think and perceive.  Both collectively and as individuals, we have many other influences, several of them major ones.  But the Logica is the base line.  It is where it all begins.

When the Logica reverses, it will open a perceptual doorway for all living things on the Earth.  But most especially, humanity.  This has happened before on the planet, along with pole reversals.  This is why we see big jumps in cognitive evolution, by studying the past that cannot be explained by researchers.

The High Maya, or first series of descendants from the Pleiadian Earth-Human mix in Central America, would conduct powerful ceremonies in which they would place a large smoky quartz skull of Maluk, one of the Dweller Crystal skulls, in the center of 24 smaller crystals, formed in a circle, representing the 24 nodes in the planetary brain, the major nodes.  And thus the human brain, which form a single outpost of the Logica.

Thru a process of electromagnetic alignment, they created a microfield of the central Earth-Human Logica brain waves.  As they entered this portal of waves, so they were able to travel into the Hunab Ku, or black hole center of the galaxy.  And thru it’s center, out into this Universe’s counterpart, then back again.  This was an out of body experience, but none the less, very real.  It aided them in awakening dormant centers of perception.

Yet humanity now does not need such a vehicle to experience Oneness with Divinity, the Universe, One Another, or Self.  We have reached a point in our spiritual evolution which is transforming the Logica into a broader bandwidth.  Waiting and receptive for it’s next stage, which will be triggered by the upcoming cosmic wave event  of 2012.

Ultimately the Logica does not determine the way we think and perceive, but rather, WE determine our Logica.  Thru various interactive modalities, we build it block by block, or perhaps more accurately, neuron by neuron.  And it in turn, supplies us with a cohesive field of determination, in which we can operate effectively, if not entirely chaos free.

9 thoughts on “Cosmic Event of 2012

  1. Thanks Maia… we came across this when checking out your DRAGON STAR info, which we are connecting with the “Cosmic Event”; also we are seriously looking at the “Flashing Universe” dynamic as the basic operative driver for the Event. Putting the bits and pieces together with all the new ARK formats is bending my brain… lemniscutating it? Meeting myself coming back before I leave. Whatever is happening, it’s big!
    Yours Aye, Bill

  2. There is a book 2012 and Beyond the Truth by Kellly Hampton, she channels Archangel Michael and he speaks of an event in which all humanity will look to the sky as they hear a sound which comes from the colliding of two universes as they birih a new universe.

  3. The signs are abundant – the will is strong. Earth’s constitution includes the destiny of humanity. Only in the human mind can The Divine experience itself completely.

    Good Journey.

  4. This is a very interesting article Sistar. I believe what you say is true, that the pole shift doesn’t necessarily refer to the physical magnetic poles of our planet, but a shift in our Logica and personal realities. I once read a book by Barbara Marciniak named “Pleiadean Chronicles”. In this book, she channels messages from the Pleiades. I can’t really say if all that she says is accurate, but it’s very interesting that in one of the chapters of the book, she says the Human Tribe forms the mental core or mental body of Gaia. What you write in this article resonates strongly with that information and is a small part of the explanation of how can a wave hitting the Earth’s field can transform our core perceptions of reality. It would also explain that perhaps we also affect the whole planet with our collective unconscious mind, in such a way that the Sha’alura event may have been planned by Angelic Hierarchies, but undoubtedly, we have also been active participants and creators of such an event.

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